Telus Emails Customers About Tour Availability!

Telus Tour Email!
By Bla1ze on 26 Jun 2009 06:47 pm EDT

Not that there was any doubt left regarding the launch of the Tour on Telus but the above is a screen cap of an email sent out to Telus Premium Perks members letting them know they can look into getting the device on launch date--being July 15th. So, Telus customers you all ready to get your hands on a Tour? Thanks to all who sent this in.

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Telus Emails Customers About Tour Availability!


I didn't get no email but no worries. Love my Storm and iskin vibes case. I leave it to all my other Telus brotha's :)

How do you become a Telus Premium Perk member ?

I'm a loyalty member and am a Perk member - but not sure if it's Premium or not...

Can't wait to get the Tour.

just heard the tour is due for vw on july 12th. Any word on sprint yet? i was planning on getting the pre but now i gotta have this phone! please be soon!

If you go to the Rim website there is a section where you can compare all current BB's and the Tour. While it appears to have a slightly better screen, it doesn't seem to have wifi which is a biggie, and the rest of the specs pretty much match up. Oh yes, it has sleep mode, for which I bought a program on Handango for $4.15 that does that, so there that goes. This is like going from, for example 4.0 to 4.2. It's not like going to 5.0, and it certainly doesn't seem like something to dream about. Some minor improvements, nothing that I would break my contract over and pay the higher price. Am I missing something from Rim that everyone is qvelling over? Look at the comparison charts yourselves, it's no big deal.

I'm a Plat Perks client, and got my e-mail this afternoon. It's great, as I've been waiting to dump my 8830 for this - even though it still has way too little on board memory, it's better than the 84mb (or whatever) that my current one has.

Waited for what seemed like forever for the Bold on Telus. Nope, not happening. The Storm finally arrived. No Wi-Fi WTF. Okay next. No Curve 8900 on Telus #@%! Wait for something called a Tour. Finally... oh wait no Wi-Fi again. WWTTFF!

Am off to Rogers to get an 8900... and I hate Rogers.

Anybody know when this may be coming out for MTS, and why their phones are always so much more delayed? The storm took like 5 months to be released.