TELUS drops pricing on the BlackBerry Z30 by $50, now $600 outright

By Bla1ze on 17 Oct 2013 01:28 am EDT

If you live in Canada and have been a little on the fence about which carrier to get a BlackBerry Z30 from the folks at Telus are making it a little bit of an easier decision for you. Initially, Telus had set the off contract pricing for the BlackBerry Z30 at $650 but now they've gone ahead and changed things up by deciding to reduce that pricing by $50 making the grand total $600 outright. 

For comparison sake, Bell, who generally prices their off contract devices higher than other carriers anyway, still has their BlackBerry Z30 sitting at $700 and while the Rogers pricing has yet to be revealed this makes Telus the best carrier in Canada to get a BlackBerry Z30 from in terms of pricing. Ultimately, you can use the saved money to unlock that sucker and put it on whatever network you want.

And finally, if you're not really interested in the Z30 and would rather pick up a BlackBerry Z10 Telus also has dropped pricing on that device. You can now pick up a BlackBerry Z10 from Telus for only $450 outright. Bell still has their Z10 set at $650 outright while Rogers is offering it for $650. Interesting pricing game there. Only problem now is, convincing retail locations to actually sell you those devices outright.

PS: You can buy a factory unlocked Z10 in either white or black direct from BlackBerry for $400 so buying one from a carrier is a bit daft anyway.

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TELUS drops pricing on the BlackBerry Z30 by $50, now $600 outright


$50 plus tax in Canada. Adds up. Take Nova Scotia for example, $650 + 15% tax = $747.50.... however, $600 + 15% tax  = $690. Not a lot of difference but to consumers, not seeing that 6 turn into a 7 means a lot.

That's why I live in Alberta! :).....It's about the only thing this province has going for it...grr why did I move here?

Government always has its hands in our pockets. Yet Nova Scotia is deeply in debt.

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Couple more months of Frank, Thor and team shitting the bed and should be able to pick up for quite a bit less near Christmas.

Imagine if they shut the bed with the BBM launch.. AGAIN... will be able to pick a unit up for cheeeaaaaaap.

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BlackBerry is doing what it should and getting the phone into people's hands. These are great prices for a top line phone. Truthfully, there is no such thing as a premium market anymore as margins are dropping for everyone. Even Apple is now considering a price drop as 5s sales have been sluggish. The days of a 700 dollar phone are over and it doesn't matter what fruit you buy.

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700 for the base 5s. The 64 gig on my carrier MTS is 949.. that is a lot of scratch. My Z was 700 and has NFC and dlna and HDMI and I bought a cheap ass memory card that bumps it up to 80 gigs for way less than that 949...Apple sure isn't worth that much.

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Just call them and explain, they'll likely credit your account rather than take the device back, make you buy another at $600.

Not relevant to the topic, but when crackberry app is going to be adjusted to z30 screen? The end of the rows are not visible. Is update on the way?

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This happens on all devices. Just back out of the article again and open it again. It should go back to normal.

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Can you buy it without activating? I'm on Bell network with Z10 and want to switch to Z30 but don't want to swap to Telus.

Someone said you can order the BlackBerry Z30 on line from Telus and during checkout remove the SIM card from the shopping cart.

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I love in Ontario and I have be very surprised at how nobody will sell me a BlackBerry 10 device off contract. I tried best buy, future shop Telus stores X3 Walmart, the source the telephone booth and others too and as I talk to the salesman and he says no I can't. Sell you that device over his shoulder is 5 brand new z30 devices sitting behind glass 650 now or spread out over two years with Telus who I have been a long time customer something is wrong here?

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If you go to a corporate store, they are not allowed to refuse to sell to you. If they do, contact office of the president to bitch then out

I have bought Z10s, Q10s and just yesterday a Z30 outright from Future Shop. They can and do sell outright.

Off-contract and SIM-free and not necessarily the same thing. Does Bell allow SIM-free purchase?

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The Bell / Source stores I checked with won't sell off contract. This is in downtown Toronto though. And no one seems to have a working display model, just the paper mache ones.

Still waiting for a way to get this in the US without resorting to eBay like I did for several Z10s. I can wait a bit, but not much longer...

Does Telus ship to US :( Or someone want to trade Z10 + $ to Z30 in US? I want Z30 with the model STA 100-5 because I want to use LTE in US

Then the STA -2 from UK still cannot get LTE in US, too? Or do you know when carriers in US will bring Z30 to us :(? Christmas or year-end, I want to hand on the monster Z30 right now :(((((((((((((((((

Nope, it will come locked. Hence the article stating “Ultimately, you can use the saved money to unlock that sucker and put it on whatever network you want.”

You have to put all relevant info in the first paragraph. In this day and age one doesn't have time to make it 2 paragraphs in :)

And it seems if it was an interesting enough article for you to take the time to ask the question, get a reply and then criticize the authors format about wasting time writing too many paragraphs........ pretty sure you could have read it 10 times over.

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So buying from BlackBerry is really $100 cheaper.
You save the $200 plus the extra $50 to unlock it
(provided you have an address in the US you can have it shipped to)

A trick that some Canadians have who live by the boarder is to have a mailbox just inside the US. You get your stuff delivered to that address, then drive or walk across the boarder & pick it up ;)

Good, this the price I figured it should have been to start with. Stupid Bell, everything is damn expensive. Z10 should be 400, Q10 should be 500

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That's too much for a Q10 even. Should be at most $450 or even same price as Z10. Q5 should be $250 to $300 range but that's not even listed.

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While I stand by my thought that a radical across the board price drop (aka for all models) is not smart for Blackberry...definitely nice to see this. Actually as of a couple days ago Z10 direct from BB was $449, so price drop there too. Why aren't they selling Q5 direct I wonder?

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I'm really frustrated that BlackBerry won't ship their factory unlocked devices to Canada. It's only in the States. That really narrows the number of devices you'll sell. D:<

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The pricing of the entire BlackBerry 10 smartphone family remains at premium levels for a struggling company. Sad they never seem to learn from each failure.

Got mine from Telus today - was surprised to find it was $600.00.
Awesome device!
Just sittin ' here loving it!


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Dunno how credit works in the US and canada. But over here all you need to do is fail the credit check then they harress you for pays you go

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Step 2: Find a guy on the inside

That's how I got my plan with Telus. I understand the reason for the "credit rating" system but I also hate it. I made mistakes when I was young and it shouldn't affect me now when I'm older, got tens of thousand in the bank and you think I can't pay $60/month...

I can speak from experience too. On launch day for Z10, Future Shop refused to sell me outright so I had to go to Rogers store to pick up mine and then later that day I got another at Wireless Wave because the Rogers store didn't have white in stock at the time. Future Shop's explanation was that they had an agreement with the carriers not to sell sim free so even if you were to buy at the "outright " price you had to sign a service agreement which made no sense. Anyway I'm waiting about two to three weeks this time and I'm sure I will save a healthy sum.

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Your average person isn't looking to drop $500+ on a device. Anyone looking to buy this device outright is already in possession or in the hunt of one. The current $129 on contract price is good as well.

The BlackBerry Z30 should be CAD350.00 off-contract to entire smartphone users to buy it. The previous BlackBerry 10 smartphones should be CAD250.00 at the most off-contract.

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I purchased a Samsung Intensity, full price in the middle of a contract for $190. I think the z10 is a much better piece of hardware than to be priced only $60 higher than what I paid for a 'feature phone' three years ago....

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Phillip DZ. You're like an ugly weed in a beautiful garden. Shutting up when you can't make a positive contribution is not a crime

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$600 is a decent price. I hope that Bell and US carriers follow. Pricing it too high makes no sense.

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I saw this yesterday so I contacted Rogers yesterday to see what it would cost to buy it from them. The person I was chatting with had no idea when the Z30 will be approved for sale or what the price will be.

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Rogers will PM.

That said I hear the Telus models are unlocked if you don't want to wait.

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Never owned an unlocked device....will a Telus unlocked phone work with a Rogers sim? I was told it wouldn't work because the networks are different.

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Christmas is coming... I have a feeling that Santa Claus is coming to town... with a huge discounted Z30... ;-)

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Picked mine up on first day paid $650 plus taxes went back to the TELUS store the next day and recieved my $50 plus by ages back! Plus not sure if anyone realizes this but my Z30 is already unlocked!

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Ordered from Telus @650 on Tuesday with still no shipping confirmation.. are they really that slow?

I guess I can ask when I inquire about the $50.

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Im a Bell customer and bought a Z30 off Telus website yesterday great savings, just be sure to enter ifo exactly as on CC statement or will be declined

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Well, after being disappointed on launch day by Telus refusing to sell to me off contract... today my new Z30 is arriving from my online web order.... now to just get $50 refunded!

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Canada is a bit weird that way!!! Retailers, big box stores and dealers will not sell you the device outright and wants you to do a 2yr. Oddly it never used to be this way but it's definitely not easy to get via a retail channel outright pricing!

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Interesting to see the price comparisons at Telus with this one arguably being the best value. Let's see how many people notice.

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You have to be really strong handed with the Telus reps. After 10 minutes of talking I finally told them to go into the back and get the damn phone.

They're never "sure" if they're allowed to sell them off plan, or when they are allowed to sell them. Got me Q5 the second day it was released and they had to lookup the release date.

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Luckily here in South Africa the law prohibits carrier locked phones...

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I checked the link to buy a Z10 direct from BlackBerry and they ship to US addresses only. I guess buying from a carrier isn't so daft after all ;-p.

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I'm loving the Zed30, go out and get it people!!!

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I am with rogers, and when I went to the first Telus store, the employee told me the cant sell them outright for a month or two, At the second store, which was located in a larger city, I received it with no hassle for $600 plus $78 tax so it came to $678. I just ordered my unlocking codes, and hope to get it running with my Rogers SIM soon! If it wasn't for the $100 discount at Telus, I wouldn't have gotten the phone there, so they just earned some business!

No Telus store I've called in Ottawa will sell me a Z30 off contact. I contacted Telus support and this was their reply:

"Hi! Most stores have a policy not to sell high demanded new devices outright for the first few weeks due to limited quantities"

Has anyone in Ottawa found a Telus store that will sell one without a 2yr contract?

You can buy the Z30 outright from Telus "online" anytime. I believe it only takes two or three days for delivery.

Went to a Best Buy Mobile store today and was pleasantly surprised that a BlackBerry rep was there answering questions and giving a hands on demo of the Z30. I was really encouraged by that. He told me that he will me present in the Telus store at Fairview mall from 5:30 pm on Friday 25th so check it out if you're interested. Think I'm going to go with Telus and unlock to work with Rogers.

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