TELUS confirms upcoming availability of BlackBerry Z30

By Simon Sage on 18 Sep 2013 01:19 pm EDT

Though the UK and Middle East were the first confirmed regions to get the BlackBerry Z30, TELUS in Canada wasn't shy about chiming in with today's announcement to say that they'll be picking up the big-screened beaut eventually as well. Rogers told us they didn't have any info on the Z30 to share right now, and Bell is all in and will be offering Z30 soon. Most regions should likely have access to the Z30 by the holidays, in any case. 

For those unfamiliar, the Z30 promises a slight bump up in processing speed and a significantly bigger screen than the Z10. It also has a new sound system that I'm eager to try out. Of course, there's a whole bunch of new features coming in BlackBerry 10.2 as well. It's shaping up to be a fine choice for those that have fallen in love with the phablet form factor made popular by Samsung's Note lineup. 

Anyone interesting in grabbing a BlackBerry Z30 on TELUS can keep tabs on their landing page here.

Canadians, who would you like to sign up with for the Z30? One of the Big Three, or do you want to hold out for WIND, Mobilicity, or someone else? 

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TELUS confirms upcoming availability of BlackBerry Z30


lol you didn't get your "first"... and enough with the first thought... you weren't first and your lame first thought is even lamer trying to be first...

Love all these people getting so angry at the 'first' comments, you're probably the reason they are still doing it!

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Already have the Z10 with Telus. I don't plan to upgrade my phone, but the Z30 will probably be my next phone.

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I'm not into phablets but I'm really diggin the z30. Idk if its the specs or cuz its sexy or what. But I'm really leaning on it.

The Rogers sales rep for our company last week didn't know what the z30 was. Today he emailed me and will call as soon as they receive them. So something must be happening at Rogers.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Hope it comes to Rogers...I love my Z10 but I'd outright buy the Z30 and give my Z10 to my brother if it is available on Rogers.

Is the Z30 really considered a phablet in the same vein as the Samsung Note? I thought it was more in line with the S4 in terms of form factor.

I wish there was some sort of trade-up kind of deal. I would love to give in my Z10 and pay the difference to get a Z30 (granted the amount is not too much)

A 'phablet' has a screen with a diagonal of at least 5", the Z30's screen is just shy of that at 4.91". So technically, it's not a 'phablet'. Physically, it's almost the same size as the S4.

Nice idea, 'half price Z30 when u trade in', would keep a lot of people happy but..........never gonna happen

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It better be on bell soon or I will give my money to someone else. I need this blackberry now

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It'll be interesting to see how it's priced. I'm expecting the up-front cost will be higher than usual now that Telus is only offering the 2-year contracts.

Yes. Waiting to see pricing. Bought my Z outright. No contract ,so it will get a good look. Not sure about the size, one handed on my Z most of the time.

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Surprised that we haven't heard from Rogers. I thought they had the best relationship with BlackBerry of the Big Three. They better have it cause I'm ready to sell my Z10 and upgrade early.

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Yes I work very close with bell's messaging environment. I would have to agree with that


It's not just a slight bump in power. It's very different. Look at the side by side video comparisons

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I'll be extremely disappointed if BlackBerry releases the phone in the UK very shortly as announced and makes Canada wait till Christmas. That's a slap.

By the time this finally hits Canada and the US, the new Nexus 5 with better specs and a much better app ecosystem will have been out for months, with an off contract price of around $300. That can't be a good thing for BlackBerry...

Don't care!

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

"Most regions will likely have access to the Z30 by the HOLIDAYS, in any case."

You mean the Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend in a couple of weeks, right?


I was one of the early adopters of the Z10 and then switched to Q10. Then I had to face a nightmare with restoring my data from my Z10 back up to Q10. This is a known issue and it has been discussed in the crackberry forums with no one being able to give a proper solution. Having this in mind I am bit skeptical about switching to Z30 or another model BlackBerry may introduce, unless they come up with a good back up application. The blackberry link is nothing but a poor excuse of a device management apply . Being a loyal BlackBerry fan, all these years, I am quite disappointed with the way BlackBerry is treating it's customers at a crucial stage in their battle for survival.

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Link was just updated. Don't know for sure but you would expect improvements from the last version

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There is no doubt that Link needs some serious work. Not only for backing up/syncing but for transferring data from OS7 devices as well. Must have lost 100 contacts in the transfer.

And I truly hope and pray that 10.2 brings a massive upgrade/fix to various obvious issues with Contacts.

DilBit Powered Q10... 10.2 where ya 2 bye??

40% layoff will definitely fix Link. So, no worry, the first working Link will come 3 months after the 40% cut. Recently work with BB. They often have several people working for one thing. And out of the several people only one person knows what he is doing. The others just keep dragging. So I would do 60%, even 80%. If they leave one B player, then A players will soon become B players. Not too late to cut.

I'm with Telus and got 2 Z10's on launch day and I love it but I will be buying a Z30 off contract eventually. Probably around the holidays. Maybe the price will also be lower by then. It looks great and it's nice to see that they have a white one too. #ichooseblackberry10

BlackBerry for life. Kick'n it with my Z10.

Sweet. Just put on my TMO Z10, after the official TMO update got hung up on the start at reboot, and it works well! Lots of new features! Faster and smoother experience!

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Thanks goes to BlackBerry for confirming that I will indeed be one of lucky ones to have possession of Z30 from Telus pre-launch. Must love the star appeal and the fact I was one of the lucky DJ'S to spin at several TIFF13 closed set parties. Ahhh the connections of a true global DJ. BlackBerry forever! Telus Forever!

Only a fool thinks they know me.

I'm looking forward to playing with it but I'll end up just giving it to my dad seeing as the z10 isn't large enough for his aged eyes.

Only a fool thinks they know me.

A slight 'bump' in processing speed?
The Z30 is packing the very same SoC as the Motorola X (Qualcomm MSM8960DT), with the same Contextual processor!!
This is the best smartphone produced by BlackBerry to date!!

I need a strategy for convincing wifey I need a new phone. Man the z30 looks hot!! Love the dual speakers

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I started with the Storm. Wife got that when I went to the 9860. Was going to get a Z10, but just wanted to wait to see how things were with it. Then news of a Z30 arose, and I PAINFULLY held out longer, so thankfully now I'm getting the Z30 and I will upgrade the wife to the Z10, so we can both
experience the goodness that BB10 has to offer.
Oh and I am with Bell here in the Great White North.

May check it out at the Telus Store when it arrives there. Will stick with my Z10 though.

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I will upgrade from my z10 as soon as my local store has it and I will try to be the first one with it

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Buying one outright. Staying away from the big three. They love foreign companies to much. They should have the title of "Canadian economy busters. " next time a foreign company tries to enter Canada, don't wave your Canada flag and try to keep them out. The big three need to be thrown out. They want to much money for nothing.

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It's off topic but have to address your misconceptions about big foreign company entering Canada. If Verizon were in Canada, their prices would be comparable to the big three once the new equilibrium had been reached, with each big player getting roughly one quarter of the market. Consumers wouldn't get benefits. Canada would have a quarter of the wireless profit siphoned out of the country. The big three would have to lay off their employees to match their smaller market share. So how could Canada economy benefit?

Another reason to buy outright -- with the switch to 2-year contracts the carriers have eviscerated their data plans and raised the price of their phones considerably! The plan I pay $70/month for on Rogers gives me 2GB. Now the $70 plan gives 250MB. They advertise "double your data to 6GB" then will tell you that's $105!!! I advise if you have a good data plan to keep it and buy the Z30 outright. You just KNOW you'll use more data on it! :D

A lot of interesting stories here about carrier service, the best thing I ever did was buying the Z10 outright and sparing myself the contact

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I want one, damn. And our American friends, seems you guys won't have to wait forever like you did with the Z and Q10.

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I hope blackberry has smarten up and release this phone with aggressive pricing

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I have a Z10work phone on Bell, and a 9810 for my personal phone on Rogers.

If it doesn't come out for rogers, I will get the z30 on Bell, and unlock the z10 and replace my torch.

If it's available on both... Maybe I will get 2 z30, and replace my wife's aging iPhone 4 with the z10.

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