Telus confirms BlackBerry 6 coming to the BlackBerry Curve 3G in January

Telus confirms BlackBerry 6 coming to the BlackBerry Curve 3G in January
By Bla1ze on 29 Dec 2010 10:39 pm EST

When it comes to openly discussing device updates often times carriers tend to be rather slim on details. Not Telus though. Least not in this case. Telus Twitter support as you can see above has confirmed the BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300 will see a BlackBerry 6 update although, the BlackBerry Bold 9700 remains a mystery. Good fur Curve 3G owners. Not so good for BlackBerry Bold 9700 owners. Of course, you could always just load a leak for either device if you're impatient.

Source: Twitter

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Telus confirms BlackBerry 6 coming to the BlackBerry Curve 3G in January


Exactly Telus style. I wouldn't be surprise to see Rogers and Bell having OS6 for the Curve also in January :)

I have bold 9700 and still waiting to hear anything about 6.0 but I do know that bell will be releasing early on 2011.

Well... At least we have the 9700 os6 418 leaked - been running it for a while and find it to be great :) - no memory or battery leaks, very few bugs...

Wow I like how the 9700 is basically being thrown in the back burner because of the 9780... I don't care I'm still keeping my 9700...

Your link is cut short by the web management system. Can an Admin of this site post the telus link here on the website please? I am a Telus customer and I am dying to get a good news on my 9700.

Can anyone please post a link to Telus news site on 9700? The one above is cut off and the link is incorrect because of that.


9700 OS 6 is coming in January also. Got word from one of the popular theme developers that they have been informed by RIM that the official OS6 update release for the 9700 will be in January.

it would make sense that its gonna come out for the curve next month then it should come out around then for the bold also, I want this update so bad.

I hate how us 9700 owners are basically being sidelined because of the new 9780 ! I hate RIM for this. There has been no info on an official date for OS 6 for 9700 and I personally think this so wrong! It's almost as if we are expected to go out and buy the 9780 if we want to experience the new os. This is what I almost did, but thankfully I was stopped before I signed on to a new deal! I'm glad because I subsequently found a way to get a leak on my phone and am very happy! The os is gorgeous and it's just like having bought a new berry. I really don't see why RIM are dragging their feet other than a marketing ploy to make ppl buy the 9780. I guess we do live in a capitalist society. *sigh*

Telus has confirmed that the 9700, 9300 and 9100 will get OS 6 updates.
Check here

Just click on your appropriate province.
Just wondering why 9700 owners are still complaining, RIM confirmed a while back that the 9700 would get OS 6. Now if your service provider takes longer then others, it's simple SWITCH! There is no perfect provider! You will always find something wrong with the provider you are with.