TELUS branded BlackBerry Bold 9780 caught on video, set to launch October 21st?!?

By Bla1ze on 15 Sep 2010 02:33 pm EDT

While many of us are still holding out for our BlackBerry Bold 9700's to get BlackBerry 6, it seems TELUS is already moving beyond that and prepping the release of the BlackBerry Bold 9780 for an expected launch date of October 21st. Information suggests they have even reached the point where they have put the BlackBerry Bold 9700 on their EOL (End of Life) list.

As well, the above video shows that the devices are already floating around out there, TELUS branded, flashed and have been in field testing for quite some time now. While we'll take the launch date with a grain of salt for now, it does seem fitting that an October - November release date would be the most beneficial to carriers as they head into the holiday season.

Source: Mobile Syrup, TheCellularGuru

Reader comments

TELUS branded BlackBerry Bold 9780 caught on video, set to launch October 21st?!?


Oh no the 9700 is on the end of life list. Man you sign up for a 2 year contarct and the phone is on the end of life less than 2 years later. That sucks.

That is what happens in the workd of phones and electronics. You know that a refresh/better model is going to be released and usually within a year.

That video sucked, and it sucks that the 9700 is about to take that long walk to cell phone never never land.

Man f Telus and their EOL(End Of Life) list. If a phone is out of style before the 2nd year of contract, that is total bs. Not at all feeling Telus but the 9780 on T-Mobile... #Yesss

What's with the 2 year business?

We Canadians are shafted into 3 years plans to get the lowest phone price. Another only in Canada eh?! Nice!

Actually No on some carriers you can grab the 2 year and s till get a good deal if you talk to an employee but i prefer 1yr contracts and if there good i usally extend them by upgrading the device

What's the deal with that dude breathing hard?

Did he just run away from someone so he could film that?

"Information suggests they have even reached the point where they have put the BlackBerry Bold 9700 on their EOL (End of Life) list."

I agree, it's about time RIM puts itself on the EOL.

Just like a suspense thriller. ...that FAILED to deliver. what a wtf video. But man am I wanting a 9780 -_-

...complaining "oh RIM get your shit together and catch up to the competition". So RIM upgrades some hardware and people bitch "oh RIM you suck for phasing out my 1 year old phone". Can't have it both ways. Will your 9700 suddenly stop working when the 9780 is released? They're not even that much different! It's an incremental update anyway did you think your phone would be the flagship forever?

To me, the faster the 9780 is released, the faster OS6 for 9700 will show up. It's a good thing.

I agree most people are just pissed off that they paid for the 9700 and now the 9780 is going to be released and they cant have the top of the line.... Thats why companies sign you to contracts and make you buy phones in the middle of your term so that they can make some profit so stop your bitching you asked RIM for a FASTER phone and now that they deleivered your ripping on them.... Ya real smrt...

Definitely my next phone once it launches. Next question will just be to wait for the 2-year point with an upgrade offer in January or just go for it as soon as it launches with no contract renewal. Learning towards the latter because my old Storm doesn't have much left in it I don't think.

I'll stick to my 9700 and wait until my term expires on december 30th 2012. I have 2.3 years to go. So i'm not so hyped at all.

Personally, i'm not going to throw away my desktop computer and netbook for a new re-re-re-re-re-re-re-release just because something "new" comes out. I'm NOT willing to get into debt while doing that. I don't make allot of money and bills are high enough as it is. I learned from my mistakes of wasting money and abusing credit cards. I won't do it again. I'm flying out of that ring and landing in the Money Saving zone. It'll take a long time, but you know, it sucks not to have the latest tech.

I'm fine with what I have, no matter how old it is, (my desktop will be 11 by this year's end, netbook will be 2 also, YAY!), as long as it works, DON'T COMPLAIN. Just be GLAD you have something you can use daily rather than nothing at all. Look at all these computers and phones you see in the landfills and trash. What ever happened to the good old days?

Just because they are release a slight upgrade that doesn't mean that the Bold 9700 is going to the dumps. It's still an amazing phone.

The main differences between the two are the camera and operating system. I think the 9700's camera is great so that just leaves OS, with any luck they will put out an update for OS6.

being that i am not from canada, i did some research on this device cause the line "...TELUS branded, flashed and have been in field testing for quite some time now." caught my eye. i only see the term flashed when a mobile phone is CDMA, so i found that telus is a CDMA provider for Canada, while offering HSPA+(whatever that means) as well. so the point im trying to make or ask, is would anyone give insight to whether or not the new Bold 9780 is going to be CDMA or GSM? cause im sick of the tour/bold 9650 being the only blackberry offered on CDMA carriers. and the 9670 is UGLY IMO.

I don't see the 9650 on Telus' site.. I've been waiting to upgrade my first gen Tour, are they getting it?

Probably not.

I'm pretty sure they are trying to push everyone over to their new GSM network. That's why you only see Clear Choice plans on their site for plans.

I bought a 9700 a month ago... and now they are going to release a 9780 with better specs... I hope they have a Bold replacement thing of sorts like the do with the iPhones.

Tough Luck they dont have an upgrade program best option since its only a month old sell it unless its a work phone and wait for the 9780 (probably released a month after suspected date-which is October 21st)

I actually got my 9700 on Telus a couple months ago, after trying to hang in there for one of the new bb's (namely the 9780). My phone at the time was falling to pieces and giving me about 15 minutes of battery life. I must say though, I'm actually pretty happy with the 9700 and am not really feeling any buyers remorse, even with this new one announced. Then again, I'm far from a power user. phone, e-mail, couple of news apps and I'm good to go. I'll probably even wait a month or so after OS6 comes out on the 9700 before upgrading, just to get some opinions on how it runs.


Is it really so surprising that Telus put the 9700 on their EOL? They already did with the 9550 and why would they bother offering the 9700 when the 9780 becomes available?

I personally don't agree with the concept of "refreshed" devices, but if you're a subscriber switching to Telus and BlackBerry, you're going to get the 9780 over the 9700 any day... Seems that it makes sense for Telus to make that move.

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I don't give a sh?t if it goes on EOL, just as long as they support OS 6 for it.

Otherwise, I'll jump ship at the first chance I can do so when I can get off the contract.

Funny how [most] ISPs have killed off contracts and yet not for the wireless devices even though they all sell both.