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TELUS BlackBerry Z30 pricing revealed - $129 on contract, $650 outright

By Adam Zeis on 11 Oct 2013 04:13 pm EDT

The pricing for the TELUS BlackBerry Z30 has been revealed thanks to a leaked internal doc. Much in the line of other carriers, the Z30 will run you $129 on a 2-year term from TELUS. Good news for those of you looking to buy one off contract as well as the TELUS model will fetch $650 - a full $50 less than that of Bell

Keep in mind these prices aren't set in stone though they do look to be legit. You can expect most carriers in Canada to hover around the same price range when the Z30 officially launches next week. 

Still no word for availability in the US but fingers crossed that we'll hear some news on that soon as well.

Don't forget - if you haven't yet be sure to check out our full BlackBerry Z30 review.



Cool :)

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^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
You are First!

Plazmic Flame

I'm pretty sure he noticed...


Adam cares for everything. You could tell from just looking at him during the Live Podcast.


You are second. Which is not that important.


Sweet. Can't wait for Rogers!


Rogers better be quick because I'm buying this launch day with or without them.

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Always without.

Don't lock to a carrier it encourages them to be morons. Especially in Canada.

Posted via CB from my LE


Agreed my days of contracts are over!

Posted via the best Keyboard in Existence my Mo Fo Z10


You mean especially in the United States. Obama has legislation on the table that would make it ILLEGAL to sell locked phones. That's how bad the problem is across the border.

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Do you mean illegal to sell unlocked phones?

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Wow that's an awesome price for a two year contract

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Yes, I for sure thought it would be around $199 with the new 2 year contracts.


Now that's more like it!

BlackBerry 10 United


Considering you will have to pay $100/month (taxes in) for your service that only gets you 1gb of data....not so hot deal after all.

Better to keep your current plan and payout right. Won't take long to be ahead. Of course, YMMV.

Z10 example taken from Telus website

BlackBerry® Z10 (Black) $0.00
2 yr contract
SharePlus 1GB. $85.00
Taxes HST

$96.05 due monthly
$11.30 due now

Posted from my awesome Zormtrooper....or was it from my Nexus 4?


Yikes that's not very good.
I get 5 gb data with my plan for $50 plus tax etc...

www.livingtruth.ca www.carm.org


I also get unlimited for 30.

But telus fights tooth and nail to keep competitors out of the market to 'protect canadians'

Thanks telus.

Posted via CB from my LE


Is Telus still allowing contract renewals, or pulling a Verizon by dangling lower price phones in exchange for a move to these expensive plans? If it's the former, it's a pretty good deal for grandfathered customers.


I have a $65 for 6gb plan from last year, and they will only allow me to get a "Smartphone Lite" if I want to keep the plan.


Ya telus is scamming right now. I have to increase my plan to a 70$ a month plan to upgrade my device now. I'm on a 6gb promotion for 30$ on top of a bare minimum 30$ talk n text plan.

I'm planning on waiting another 2 months till the 3 year contract is completely up and leveraging my renewal for a cheaper monthly plan. Ignore the phone costs guys, get a good plan

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That seem very high. I get 1 GB, unlimited Canada wide calling, unlimited text and pay 65 after tax.

Posted with my Zed via CeeBeeTen


Agreed. Very decent price. Better than what I paid for my Q10.

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Yeah baby... Off contract here I come!

Aljean Thein

$130 with 2 year contract? Weird number, but great price

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It's roughly the same price of the iPhone 5 and 5C.

Expect the Z10 to drop down from $100 when the Z30 hits shelves.


Will be going off contract on this one though. Bring it "on" Telus!!! Z30


Wonder if their new model will work with rogers then I can get it say of release :) as rogers is still testing it since they only just announced they'll carry it. :) all the huff and puff worked. Lol

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Should work with any Canadian carrier, plus those like AT&T.

Posted via CB10


Yes, it will work on Rogers' network (once unlocked.)


Wow, I paid more for my z10 with 3 year contract.

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Dave Bourque

Ya... makes me cry lolZ

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Maybe if they priced it like that they would be in better shape right now ... Obviously.


You have no idea how right you are....

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Posted from CB10 via Zed10.


I got my Z10 free a few weeks after it came out on a 3 year contract.

Still love it... but the Z30 looks very nice!


www.livingtruth.ca www.carm.org


Very nice. I know it's too late to complain, but I wish they had this kind of pricing for the Z10. Things might have been different now?

Posted via CB10


I thought about it but I'm sure the Z10 would have had the same outcome sales wise despite any price.

The Z10 has been free with contract now for over a couple of months now in the US and I'm sure sales have not picked up any since launch. I tried to convert a few of my friends over to bb10 after the price drop but they would rather pay for an iOS/Android device.

Posted via CB10


Is BlackBerry insanely out of touch with reality when it comes to pricing the BlackBerry Z30 after lacklustre sales of all preceding BlackBerry 10 smartphones? Yes, the question is rhetorical.

Posted via CB10 from the BlackBerry Z10


They can't afford to lose money on hardware. They can not produce phones for as cheap as Samsung and Google can, they don't have the economy of scale. They are hoping people will pay more for their os. This phone is cheaper than the z10 at launch by the way.

Posted from my Z10


Wth, u wanted less than 130?!

Posted Via CB10 On The Brother Of Future Z30


That's 130 on a two year only even, not those vile three year ones.



$650 outright is too high considering the Note 3 is $700 and far superior


The 2 people I know with a note 3 think it's okay but not thrilled. Not sure it is superior.

Posted via CB10


Note 3 is not $700, it is more, check your resources.


The Note 3 takes from 15s up to 2min and a half to open the pictures gallery. Plus the stylus seems so cheap it looks like a disposable one.

Plazmic Flame

You lost me bro... can't detect sarcasm...


That's not a bad price for Z30. I have not been very happy with Blackberry pricing but $129 on a two year contract is not bad. $99 could be better and I bet many people from iPhone, looking at other alternatives would have at least given some thought to it. IPhone 5C (plastic junk) cheap phone is priced the same in Canada. I think if Blackberry had not made the stupid announcement for strategic/selling moves, it would have been in much better shape right now.


i think you are not in touch with reality... They also can't afford to lose money on every device sold. Look where they are at. Especially because their hardware is more then Samsungs and better quality.


Wonder when rogers is gonna be available? People may not want to wait, I planned on getting on ASAP. Now we have to order online and wait for certification to go through. Could be 2-3 weeks. I need a z30 fix Tuesday. I'm was all pumped to pay full price, now I have to wait?


Hurry Rogers please, I'll pay 650

Posted from my Z10


that's smart for a phone worth $400 at best


If you think the Z30 is only worth $400 than your on Crack. What $400 phone are you comparing the Z30? Please supply specs

Posted via CB10


just ignore him, he's troll, bashes BB always. I wish he was banned.


I so wish I had waited for the Z30...

CB10 on my Z10


don't be too hard on yourself. You didn't know about the Z30 then. I didn't know about it either.


Me too. But parts were falling off my 8900 and I do love my Z10. Might splash out on the Z30 anyway if TMO ever gets it.

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Terrific. Early Z10 present for the kids!

Posted via CB10


Good idea

BlackBerry for leaders, not followers.


be at the door opening tuesday morning, moneys in the bank


I'm really enjoying the Z10... It's a "great" phone... The Z30 is just "BETTER"!!!


$129 on a contract is very decent.

Posted via CB10


Agree. $129 is very decent. Paid more for the Z10 on a 3 year contract.


The 2 year contract price shocked me a little I didn't quite expect it to be that low. I paid 149 on a 3 year for my z.

The outright price is good, but I still think it should be 599 to make the price point attractive to potential buyers.

Posted via CB10

Plazmic Flame

Remember, it's just being released. I'm sure it will drop to $599 with in a month or two.


For me, a more attractive price outright would be 550.
650 is still too steep for me to buy day one off contract unfortunately. so, will have to wait.


you took the words out of my mouth.


I think the pricing reflects the fact they want to get these into consumers hands quickly, as do the write downs and new pricing on the Z10. The Hub is a terrific feature. It will sell itself given exposure. After prevaricating my 20 year olds now want the Z10s.

Posted via CB10


Is that $650 CD or USD?

Posted via CB10


CD...Telus is Canadian, they don't price things for Canadian prosumers in USD.


I wonder how much monthly plan will go up with 2yr contract..

Posted via CB10


2 year monthly plans have been live for a few months. Just check your carrier's website.


then could Koodo be even less???


Considering the Q10 was 199 at Launch I like how this will appeal to the people who will be picking the Z30 up. It's a good way to have people want to buy it if they were thinking on a new BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

nature boy

what would the chances be of fido carrying this phone? they just discontinued the z10 and q10, right when my contract is about to end...


But but they said it was going to be $700??? How dare they make it cheaper =/ And $129 for a brand new recently released device on contract??? Cmon now =P


I am waiting for the review roundup post for the Z30.



Read this there is also a video review

Posted by the Zed of rockivy


Finally some pricing sense...would have preferred a 550$ off contract

Posted via CB10


bananagrams and I tend to agree with you. Especially I just bought 2 Z10 three months ago at $530 each.


They are in a tough loop. Price it high to make money and sell few or price it low to sell more and make less or no money. I think it's more important to break even right now to seed the device/OS than to make money. Look at the nexus. That has to be break even or at a loss. But that's what a lot people are gonna look at. 200 bucks ish less. Then there are people who are thinking about trying bb10. But they sure as heck aren't going to lock on a 2yr contract just to try. Nor are they gonna shell out 700 after tax.


Let it settle for like 2 months.

Posted via CB10


That a a great on contract price!

Posted via CB10


Great price, whether people buy it or not is the question.

Posted via CB10


To buy or not to buy, it's the question...


Buy or not buy, it question.

Posted via CB10


Nice pricing for a two years contract!

Posted via CB10

Sergio Gambini

Wow great!

Posted via CB10


I'll never pay $600+ for a phone again...I got burned with the Z10 and lost a couple hundred when I switched to the Q10 (on contract for $99). Google has it right with the Nexus pricing. Unless BB 10.2 is released first and solves all my gripes with the BB10 platform, then the Nexus 5 is likely to be my next device.


I will be going with a Nexus 5. From reading the rumors it will be at least $200 or more cheaper plus superior specs.


Google's Nexus subsidization exists because they mine your information and generate those very targeted ads. So they're not much different from carriers offering a $129 phone tied to ridiculous monthly rates.


This means all handsets using Android. I'm using a Nexus 4 at the moment and have yet to see my targeted ads. You can opt-out from most of their service offerings. I'm sure most people on here use Gmail or other services Google offers so this isn't any different. So yes, $200 or more is actually better than paying $129 upfront and being tied to a 2 years contract.


Outright price is kinda crazy but $129 on a contract isn't bad for a release price!


the contract is not bad. I hope other carriers do the similar. I would have liked to see $99 with a contract for this phone, really get it out there.


Good price to buy why go on contract

Posted via CB10 from my BlackBerry Z10


$129 sounds great on contract, until you read the fine print and realize that's based on a $70 monthly plan BEFORE taxes!

Posted via CBZ10 baby!


Exactly, the Z10 pricing was just before the CRTC ended 3 year contracts, and the Verizon entering Canada kerfuffle, at which point all of the Canadian carriers promptly reshuffled all of their packages effectively raising their prices to account for the lost revenue.


So what about existing customers who want to renew their contracts? Are they being forced into these new plans to get the subsidized price? I guess it's a unique situation because there is no 3 year contract to renew, so will everyone basically become a new contract customer?


How much does it cost to buy out a Telus two year contract ? Plus the $130 for the contract price. Verizon is $350 to buy out of contract.

Posted via CB10


I believe it's $20.00 per month that's left on your contact.

Posted via the best phone ever. The white Z10.


$480 +$129= $619.???

Posted via CB10


It's device discount balance + $50 fee.

world traveler and former ceo

excellent! good pricing too ..off contract good!


Right now $650 and $129 Canadian dollars = $628 and $125 USA.

-aBBuser on .1791 STL3


I think that's a reasonable price for on contract. The z10 should have been $99 but I digress.


Hehe, I just got to play with one!!!
The local store has them in already, but they didn't have a price or any knowledge of how much it would cost.
Even my wife the die hard Iphone lover said that it "looked good'!!

Posted via CB10


which store was that? I got to see one yesterday, saw a BB employee with one.


I'm liking Telus more and more these days. They even have the Z30 featured in an ad on their mobility home page.

Posted via CB10


Telus being very aggressive with that pricing. Kudos to them $129 is a wicked deal on 2 yr contract. Rogers get your bloody act together!


hmm...$50 less than the GS4. That is good, especially since the GS4 has been out a while now.


How do you go about getting a Canadian plan when you live in the us lol!!!

Posted via CB10


Now that's more like it, but once again will I be investing in a...."dead fish in the water" so to speak?

Posted via CB10


Good for you guys in Canada. Can't wait for it to hit in the US.

Trusted Member Genius


Keep waiting, waiting, waiting.....
The USA carriers dragged their feet and knuckles so long before they ok'd the Z10 and Q10 it wasn't worth their effort to market it. If BB's head office was in Cupertino, California the Z30 would be on every carriers shelves and displays already.

Posted via CB10


I wonder if people will buy the z30, with all these problems with BlackBerry

Posted via CB10


129 is not bad at all on a 2 year contract. I'll likely wait until February however just to get my wife and my own contract in sync.

Posted via CB10


I'm surprised at the price, although I still think they should have priced it at 50 dollars or 0 on a 2 year, hope it sells well.

Z10 with OS


U S A, U S A!

Posted via CB10


I realize that Bell and Telus use the same towers and tech, but will I need to unlock this to work on Bell?

Posted via CB10


I wonder if Koodo will be $100 cheaper than everybody else like they were with the Z10.

Posted via CB10


If Koodo were to price it at 550-600 that would give me a very compelling reason to upgrade from the z10 to the z30.


Nah, I would suspect it's either the same or at most $50 cheaper. But I believe it will be the same.


I remember the Z10 was 550 at launch. Hopefully the Z30 will be the same.

Posted via CB10


USA, USA show me and I will run to get it today. I agree, if the carrier want to luck us into 2 years contract then. Zero, Nara down payment. It make sense. Shoooooot, I love Z30 Muah!!!!!!


Will this work on wind mobile?


Not too shabby

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I was not able to wait for my Z30. I bought it from a UK fellow for twice the listed price in Canada. You know what ? No f******* regrets. I tried every phones on the market. The Z30 Is stellar, faster than anything I ever had in hands. It Is the weapon every BlackBerry fans have to own. It will replace without a tear my beloved and ''old'' Q10 and Z10. If the Z30 is going to be the last BlackBerry phone to be lined up on the market , then, I will be happy (against all odds) to finally own the phone I always dreamed of.

I leave you all, got to play Robotek right now...

Posted via CB10


Can not wait Sasktel!!!

BB Z10 Rocks!


Toilet hooch.

Posted via CB10


Oh man...I am going to be so jealous of my wife when I get her this!!!
Waiting on Verizon though!

Posted via CB10


Very nice, I paid $150 on a 3 year deal for my Z10. This looks like a great deal

Posted via CB10


Got to figure out a cheap way to upgrade from my Z10. Really want one but it's going to cost and and leg to get one now.


Posted via CB10


That's an awesome price! People will definitely get it at that price! I got a Z10 free with new 2 year contract and free was what made me want to grab it! I would have got it anyway but free is great too!

The Z30 is an awesome device though from the looks of it. The Z10 is awesome! I can only imagine how great the Z30 is..


Great price but :( no white for now only black listed on site

Posted via CB10


You make me laugh. Just looking for the cheapest price. If you want crap, go get an Android at 25 bucks for a 2 years contact. Go get anything you want, but leave CrackBerry.

Posted via CB10

Ferdinand Rn

650!!!!!!! I'm gonna get one!!!

Posted via CB10

Shadberry Bold

If the price is that low, why was my Q10 $200???? Z30 appears to be a better phone. Also the Battery life on my Z10 is EXPONETIALLY BETTER than my Q10.

If I start my day at 9:00am, by 5 or 6 I'm down to less than 20% on the Q10

From 9-6 on my Z10 I still have 40% or more.

Completely let down the the super amoled display, dark theme, and battery efficiency of Q10. These feature don't play nicely together as advertised. I keep my brightness turned all the way down and use wifi and bluetooth when applicable.

Just being honest. Should I wait for the Q30 or go ahead and sell my Q10 and buy the Z30?

I currently have Z10, Q10, and 64GB playbook.

Posted via CB10


I think you needa check your battery my Q10 keeps me moving all day long and into the night! Super happy with it easily one days use. Bring the phone back to the carrier and request a new batttery!

Posted via CB10 (My amazing Q10)


Too rich for my blood. I'll have to wait for used ones to hit eBay and Craigslist.


Lucky guys. By the time it reaches Europe, the 650 Canadian dollars would have somehow morphed into 650 euros. Which would be about 920 Canadian dollars.

Who ever said a strong currency is anything good lol

Posted via CB10


In Belgium we can get it for 579,99 euro !
That is 50 euro cheaper than my z10 when i bought it :)


Why the price is always so high when those idiot executives know that demand is low. It's like telling your biggest fans we will throw it away but won't sell you cheap.

ChannelX C000D3759 We feature top channels


And the Z10 is still $650...


Speakers and battery are far superior to anything on market today. Not bad price.

Posted via Q10 using CB10


Telus is expensive!! Cost me 90$ a month for 1 GB of data and Nationwide calling. I'm changing providers this month, cause I can get the same plan with 2gb of data for $60+tax.

Posted via CB10


GodDamn! How bout 325 outright!! Then I could have 2 BB10 devices. :)

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In the swiss can buy the blackberry z30 for 750€ or 650 on http://www.swisscom.ch/de/privatkunden/mobile/devices.list.blackberry.html

Posted via BlackBerry Z10

Ian Robertson1

Decent price, let's see free z10s on two year terms.

Himanshu Mehta

If bbry starts giving phones on contract in india, trust me there z10 inventory would have never been created.

Just because no one wants to spend $700 it was a total failure, it makes sense selling hand sets with contracts and keep a tap on inventory, wake up bbry and offer z30 on contract a million device will be sold just in india on launch, as everyone is fed up of similar looking android compass boxes ;)

Posted via CB10


Ouch! Reading all these comments, 1GB for 60bux or more? I'm paying 65 for 6GB and unlimited texting, CD, VM and unlimited nationwide calling to any 10 numbers, PLUS free eve/weekends from 6pm and 200 daytime minutes. I'm thinking I'm not going anywhere! LOL. Aside from that I will still with my Q10... I loves me my physical keyboard!!

Posted via CB10


The price of this phone is totally and utterly ridiculous however good it might be. The problem with BlackBerry is that they STILL think they can steal business from Apple with an equally high priced phone.. unbelievable... oh and yes because crackberry highlighted z30 on sale in UK I went along to Vodafone and car phone warehouse and another couple of broker type outlets yesterday.. none had the z30 and non had even heard of the z30. One young lady looked at me sympathetically and said was I sure I was not thinking of the z10.. at which point I showed her my z10. Ah well I stick with blackberry.. the z30 interests me but not at £600+

Posted via CB10


Your rant is ridiculous it's 500 dollars for this phone, the equivalent iPhone is nearly 800, stop complaining, the phone is a great price and their is probably little profit considering the size of the screen.

Posted via CB10


Sprint= $199/$699,,, available around Nov. 1...


Outstanding contract price! Have to buy it outright though. $70/month - all in. 1GB, unlimited txt in Canada, 200 l/d min.(Canada), Caller ID, Fav. 10, Blah, blah, blah. not going to give that up. Plus, the wife LOVES her little Z, when she sees the Big Z she might change her tune. I bought 3 Z10's off contract the day I got back into country, have not been happier. (update bricked my Z, but BB came through and sent a new one. While mine was "in for repairs" I tried going back to the 9860...NOPE!!! Bought the daughter a Q10, took her Z10 and got a new one from BB, uploaded all from backup and - BOOM... Bob's Your Uncle, Good as gold again). Daughter loves her Q. Again... will see what happens when "The Big Z" comes home with me.
Would like to have seen $500 off contract, although, $650 is better than I thought it would be. Hopefully Telus has a renewal program going like for the Z10 OR I can buy it outright from BB. That would be the ultimate. Unlocked at purchase b*tches! It would be a first for me and BB.
As many here, I have faith in the brand, OS and good people at BB creating the magic... The upper echelon of under achievers... In a word NO.

Give 'em Hell!

world traveler and former ceo

Z30 looks like a big winner . finally Blackberry .. getting one next week!!


Better than $700 but would prefer it to be cheaper. Wonder what Koodo/Virgin will sell it for outright? Hope for $550/$600.


Very interested in the model designations and which one will work on AT&T LTE in the US. I hope that BlackBerry sells an unlocked Z30 on their website very soon since I'd rather buy from them directly. If not I will look to the models in Canada. The lack of news of US carriers about the Z30 says it's time to bypass them to get it in people's hands faster.

Posted via CB10


If T-Mobile US offers it in their upgrade program for 150 or less I would be so happy.

Posted via CB10


I would like to have one , but I don't think I'll be able to give up my physical keyboard

Posted via CB10


I am so happy, my wife's contract is up in February and I can get this beauty, she already uses my previous Z10 and I use the Q10. Now the Z30 will be the new addition to the family :)

Posted using my Q10 workhorse


Should be priced at $300 outright

Posted via CB10


This phone is therefore less expensive in comparison to the Q10, which is $700 at Rogers... I don't really understand that. it looks like a great phone! :)

Posted via CB10


Vq gw,ra

Posted via CB10


U.... .. .... . . . . .. .r. .r

Posted via CB10


Sign me up!

Posted via CB10


Too much for a device that doesn't have any super cool technology in it.This device is like going one step forwards two steps back. No wonder BBRY is in so much trouble.

Kapil Kaul

When in India?

Typed With thumbs on BlackBerry Q10

Tracy Daken

With that price, you have to think greed. I am perfectly happy with my Z10. That is 1.5 Nexus's 5's. One G2, or Galaxy S4. They obviously are only going through the motions of selling these. Only an idiot would sell a phone at this price, in this kind of market, and expect any return numbers. I will wait and see though. I won't pay over 400 bucks though.

John Timothy

@ tracy The Z30 is not a $400 phone by any means. This is a better phone than the Z10 or Q10 so i don't think $650 for an introductory price is off the mark. wait 2 months and it will be around $550 which would be a good deal for a beast of a phone like the Z30!

Tracy Daken

It is a great phone. However, that was a pre coffee rant. I always return to the OS. We will see man. I will be probably waiting until end of November before I upgrade. Either way, I will be keeping my trusty Z10 onhand.


If that's true they need to sell it at $550 now, or $500. The last thing they need is to delay sales.


Woo hoo!!! "Z30" at Telus!!! :) tomorrow... feel the magic.

Huey Newton

When is it coming to America

Posted via CB10


Z30 is an amazing device. I have now the Z10 and Q10 (very happy with Q battery life) and a friend just bought me last week-end the Z30 in Dubai (not yet paid but will be in the region of USD 650-680, I have to check the exchange rate). So I am using it since yesterday. So far so good. Battery was full charged last night. I am using it since 6.30am and it's now 5.00pm and battery is still charged 53%. I've been playing a bit, 2 email accounts (1 exchange and 1 gmail), facebook, linkdin, skype, whatsup and BBM working alltogether and hardly notice on the battery. The screen is great (to be honest I don't feel differences from other phones, S3, S4, you name it). It comes with 10.2 which is good. It's a bit bigger when compared to Z10 but if you had an S3 like I do, makes no difference. No random reboots so far. To me it's the best phone I ever had and it does what I need and more. I still have the S3 which I barely use since my first Z. Too laggy, too unorganized. Definitely, droids are not to me. The only minus: I have to explain to my wife why did I need another phone and pay almost USD 700 when: a) I had allready a Z; b) my mobile operator had offered me the Q10 last week. This is so far the only problem I have to manage with the Z30. Sorry one more: as I live in Mozambique, the Z30 was not yet launched (not even in South Africa), so I cannot buy a screen protector nor a case. Hope this ends soon!


Just to add: although it's a great device I am quite sure it will have the same end as the Z10 (low sales) as BB is not marketing it at all. I dunno why as the company needs more than ever to sale and the price is fair for what you get. Crossing my fingers to be wrong but...

P.S.: Sound is just great. I was on BBM voice with a friend and he was amazed how good was the sound.


You are right on. BB should price these so they make $0. They need to make it so all the negative reviews really say, ya it's not an S4 or an iPhone 5 but hell it's only $99 go buy it! Instead $199 in Canada.

The Z10 would not have been a flop if it came out at $99 or $79. They would have sold a ton, not have had to write off so many and it would make developing for the phone more attractive.


Need some advice here. A friend in the USA wants me to buy one of these, unlock it and ship over to her. Any problems in doing this? She's on T-Mobile btw..

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I'm seeing a price of $600 (no term) on the Telus site. How can Bell still price @ $699?


Ya looks like a sweet deal from Telus.

Posted via CB10


$600 no term at telus mobility in Canada.


In case no one checked lately, it is now 600$ outright at Telus. Still 100$ CHEAPER than the Q10.

Posted via CB10 on my DevQ

Mich Millo

hello im trying to make a deal with my blackberry z10 for a z30 is this deal available if it is then I would like for information about it