TELUS BlackBerry Z10 unboxing

By Simon Sage on 5 Feb 2013 01:10 pm EST

While Kevin was getting all drooly over his white BlackBerry Z10 from Rogers, I got up close and personal with the TELUS retail packaging. Though the contents remain more or less the same, it solidifies a few things about what you get from the store. For one, there's minimal carrier branding, both on the box and on the device. Secondly, there are the bare essentials for accessories; you get a USB cable, wall charger, and headphones.

Though the headphones are admittedly awesome, I was definitely happy that I got an extra cleaning cloth and pouch holster with my review unit. That said, y'all should make sure you stock up on accessories from ShopCrackBerry. The official BlackBerry cases are all really great, and big-name third parties like OtterBox and Case-Mate. 

So, who picked up a BlackBerry Z10 on TELUS today? After looking at our plan comparison chart, which Canadian service provider is appealing to you the most?  

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TELUS BlackBerry Z10 unboxing


I got scammed by Telus for my white z10. Probably a victim of a website error, but sucky anyway. NOW they are telling me another week wait for the white z10... GRRRRRR

Simon, You need to make a change. White is not actually available yet on Telus. Not until the 12th. see my comment above lol

can anyone confirm if this is quad band? The telus site says it has the aws frequency as I use moblicity, can anyone confirm it works? Thanks

Just noticed on my Z10 from Telus that the Network Subset and Service Provider under sim card security are showing "Unlocked". So does this mean the phone is unlocked thus the lack of Telus branding?

Simon, were you able to pick that up outright? If so, was it because you're media?

I've tried 3 different Telus stores, both corporate owned and certified retailers, that they won't sell any outright. One store even told me it's a Telus-wide policy (not store policy) to not to sell them outright until March.

Anyone else have any luck buying it outright from Telus?

So do as i did: get the phone with a contract and then cancel the contract: i got the phone in black but i jus cancel my contract to get it in white next week: sold this one to my cousin:

I pre-ordered my Telus Z10 at Futureshop. Big mistake. I should have ordered from Telus directly. As of 10 mins ago Futureshop said the Telus Z10s havent arrived yet. I'm calling bullsh*t but nothing I can do about it. :(

I hope i didn't get yours. Stopped at a FutureShop this morning in waterloo and they had one mystery Telus Z10 in stock that wasn't a pre-order (but they had Telus pre-orders on hand). They were telling a lot of pre-order people that they weren't in yet and another shipment was due in later today. If you can't deliver on a pre-order then don't take them.

Oh and like others mentioned they wouldn't sell it outright. I had to buy out my 9900 first and resign for 36 months.

I was at Futureshop when they opened this morning and they did not have any Telus Z10's in and did not know when they were getting them in and said it was across all Futureshop stores. Lame...
I just ordered mine from the Telus webpage at least then I actually know I WILL have it next week instead of some time in the foreseeable future as per future shop...

I got mine from my local Future Shop this morning. I called just after they opened and they had some that hadn't been presold. I had my name put on it and ran over from work 15mins later. There was a nice line of people picking up but I got mine and was out of there 30mins later with the new BB in hand. I also had to fully renew my Telus plan. Pay out the old phone.

I don't get why people peel off the layer covering the screen... That's a screen protector!! I'll never peel mine off when I get the Q10. Great video!