Telus BlackBerry Tour 9630 Shows Its Pretty Smile!

By Kevin Michaluk on 5 Jun 2009 06:43 pm EDT
Per the request of the member, we have removed this image.

* Update: OOOPS... Friday afternoon slowness on our part. Turns out these photos actually FIRST surfaced in our very own CrackBerry Forums. Thanks for posting dave8964!!! *

We'll let the picture do the talking. Look at the pretty smile on that Telus Tour! You can spot a couple more photos over at BlackBerry Sync.

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Telus BlackBerry Tour 9630 Shows Its Pretty Smile!


I wonder when a Verizon branded 9630 will be leaked, or wait maybe even released. : (

Whether its called the tour or not- I don't care.

It's still a Bold on a diet.

Not news to me.

Wish RIM could actually get creative.

why wont they leave the bold's design alone and come up with something new, such dunce designers at rim.

Yeah man...that's the word around here...and CX said so himself too....I go by his word lol...he said the 22nd and since these are surfacing with the Telus logo..I think he's right just like he almost always is.

I love how some people just go to a post and decide to comment on how much they do not care about that post at all. Cracks me up how they expect everyone to care about how much they don't.

On Topic: Now VZW NEEDS this phone like NOW.

I see the release date rumor is June 22nd.
What a good day to release it. 1 day before Fathers day.
You rock telus.