TELUS BlackBerry Torch 9860 now available!

By Bla1ze on 30 Aug 2011 01:58 pm EDT
TELUS BlackBerry Torch 9860

TELUS customers waiting on the BlackBerry Torch 9860 can now get their hands on one. TELUS has gone ahead and officially released the devices to the masses. If you're looking to grab one, you'll either have ti find a retail location with stock or order online. When it comes to price, you'll be looking at a wide array of options with the contracted version of course being the cheapest of the lost $100 on a new three-year, two-year goes to $450 and a one-year is $500 and if you're just looking for the goods, no contract -- prepare your funding to be less $550. Who's in? Still on the fence? Check out our BlackBerry Torch 9860 reviews. Yes, reviews -- take one and two

Source: TELUS

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TELUS BlackBerry Torch 9860 now available!


Cool! was waiting for this. Would be pretty nice to have a walkthough on how to setup one of this phone to be used with another carrier...

Do you mean getting it unlocked? You can go to many popular unlocking sites, and they send you a code. once it's unlocked, you just put your carrier's SIM card in and set it up as you normally would. hit me on twitter if you want a couple of reputable unlocking sites. @VishalSheth83
Good luck!

Thanks vishalsheth83, I know about unlocking it but a couple of years ago I did something similar with a Storm and apart from unlocking it I had to use some kind of software to get an MSL code to be able to program the phone... maybe because the storm was a CDMA phone? not sure, that's why I am a little confused...

yeah probably because it was CDMA. I got my unlock code, popped in them and was prompted to input my code. was up and running in seconds. enjoy the phone, it's pretty slick :)

Stores in Windsor, ON didn't have ANY stock today. I am VERY disappointed. I was really hoping to have one today. The salesman said that they may not be in stock until Wed next week. :(

I picked up a 9860 today and it feels sooo good in the hand, can't believe it. The Telus store didn't have any in stock first thing in the morning, but they told me to call back in the afternoon to see if any would arrive in a shipment. Luckily 2 arrived(I'm in a relatively small town), and I snapped one up.

The phone is actually even more attractive in real life, and the buttons aren't bad at all! They're only raised slightly and don't draw much attention to themselves. I've never had the track pad before and I must admit... it's a great addition... even with a touch-screen! I doubt they will, but I hope they keep it even with the new qnx phones. It's great for selecting text etc, but I find it gives good control when playing some games like brickbreaker... you finger slides around the trackpad easier than it does the screen.

The phone's design makes it stand out against all the other slabs too. The metal(looking) band, the two-tone grey/black backing, the mirrored BlackBerry logo... all give this phone personality and life. Definitely gonna be easy to spot a BlackBerry user. :-)

Of course the screen itself look super-crisp and I'm looking forward to diving into the device. First things first though... gotta find out how to transfer everything from my Storm 9530 to my new 9860....

Anyway, great hardware, and I can't wait to learn all the improvements in OS7 vs. OS5 which is what I'm switching from.

TELUS BlackBerry Torch 9860...what a phone...I want to have this....I am longing for this and it's very coooooooooooooollllllllllllllllllllll watching it and reading its specs ......
I can't wait to boast to everyone that If I will have this...hahahahaha...
BLACKBERRY Phones are coooooooooolllllllll.....but this phone really attracts me....whoooooooooooooooooooo.....hope to have this....

Saw this last night at Best Buy Mobile. Looks a lot better than I had thought. Buttons on the bottom arent that bad, now all we need is a working model instead of those annoying dummy phones in stores.