Telus BlackBerry Storm Update!

Telus BlackBerry Storm Update!
By Kevin Michaluk on 29 Oct 2008 10:26 am EDT

Most of our BlackBerry Storm talk as of late has been focused around the Verizon and Vodafone models, so much so that it's easy to forget our friends North of the Border at Telus and Bell will be getting the 9530 in short order too.

We don't have exact date or pricing info for the Telus BlackBerry Storm just yet, but CAN TELL YOU the BlackBerry Storm will launch in Canada in time for the holiday season. We can also tell you their BlackBerry Storm microsite (they have a landing page up now, but we're talking site) will go live at noon today at We've got more media kit images after the jump, so click on through for some sweeet BlackBerry Storm eyecandy.

Telus BlackBerry Storm Eyecandy!

Telus BlackBerry Storm

Telus BlackBerry Storm

Telus BlackBerry Storm

Telus BlackBerry Storm

Telus BlackBerry Storm

Telus BlackBerry Storm

Telus BlackBerry Storm

Telus BlackBerry Storm

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Telus BlackBerry Storm Update!


Can't wait to get my hands on this thing. Don't really understand why the have the site up to subscribe to storm updates when we haven't received even one.

I havent received an update either, but I did contact telus for an "aquistion offer" which they gratned me quickly. Now I just have to wait for it to be releasaed so I can get mine :)

Comin out swingin yo! It's about time I get to upgrade from the world edition... although it has been the most reliable phone I've ever owned...

Well that makes 3 of us that havnt rec'd any updates from them yet...I am really curious as 2 what the pricing is gonna b like. I just re-signed my 3 yr about a year ago. Prolly gonna have 2 buy this bad boy off contract! Yikes!!

dude, you can negotiate with them...if u have been a long customer with telus, tell them that u're willing to extend your contract for another year if you get the storm...they'll make more money from u for an extra year and by selling the storm

Hey guys...

I have only been with Telus mobility since March of 2008. I called a client care rep. this morning and they told me that I could only qualify for a $150 discount on the Storm as I haven't been with them for very long. I did not ask to speak with the support team as it was the first time I called... is there a direct number?

Should I call back? Do you think they will give me more of a discount even though I have only been with them for about 8 months?

Any help is appreciated!

My daughter is one year into her two year commitment with her phone. She wants to buy a Curve. Verizon will let her buy the Curve at the one year contract price. Verizon might be willing to offer something similar to you.

i think its when u negotiate with telus to get an upgrade for a phone if though u still have a year left on ur contract...lets say u have a year off, they will forgive u that last year if u sign a brand new 3 yr contract for the new phone u gonna get...lets say the storm...i have found telus very flexible with negotiating

Since they offered me the Storm way back in June my anxiety level has just about maxed. Count me as #4 I feel like a worm on a hook, baited, in the dark and still waiting.

Had bought the HTC touch with that Unlimited Data offer for 15$. I exchanged it for a Curve and kept the offer.... haha! now I'm gonna put it for sale and get me a STORRRRM!

I heard it from a very reliable source. Even though they were not allowed to disclose the plan, they claimed that 'awesome' plans are coming for the Storm.

*crosses fingers*

well rumour has it Bell's Storm is coming November 21 and if you all remember correctly TELUS did have exclusivity for the launch for some time. Not sure if that's changed (Kevin any word on that) BUT I am hoping an end of November launch to coincide with the Bell launch (ideally before Bell lol).

And yes I'm sure the rumoured data plan changes are going to be unreal.

And let's be honest - what whacko would buy a Storm and NOT get data?! It's cruel and unusual punishment of the phone! hahaha

Telus will NOT give a good deal on the upgrade in my opinion. My husband has 14 months as of Oct 7th left and they told us they would give us 200 off a BB with a new 3 yr contract. Also, they told me the 200 would be off the NO contract price. So what's the point in signing a contract and still paying 500 for a phone? I would imagine the phone will be around 700 same as the Bold was.

also I wanted to add do you need to change your data plan when you get the storm? I have unlimited everything web,bbm, yahoo that kinda thing NOT phone usuage.

hmmm... it really depends on the rep and if they are willing to do it for you.. ask to speak to their support team.. i actually have 17 months left on my contract and was able to get them to give me the Storm for the promo price (3 year contract) when it comes out.
Just try again later.. you may have better luck with another rep

wait 2 more months and then check your deals on you'll be able to get the 3 year contract price and re-sign up.. i know cause i did it last year when my phone died.. they want people commiting to PDA's now..

I actually called back and spoke to the support team and they offered me 300 off the NO contract price. the rep was REALLY nice and a crackberry user lol!! So thanks to him. So now we will be getting 2 BB storms when they come out hopefully next month.

the site was up the whole time. the main page looks the same as before but there are 4 sections on the top right that give u more info. home, photos, specs and media centre. enjoy!

trying to work out a deal to get the storm for 3 year contact price. I have 26 months left in my contract but have replaced my P 4000 3 times. anyone know what I should be able to get for the storm deal wise?

Usually if they have had to replace your phone 3 time because of a defect or problem of some sort. if the problem happens again they will offer you a completely different phone of around the same value. Thats one thing to try.
Or once a Telus rep told me, that you should explain how the phone is not working efficiently for you're needs so you to upgrade to one that offers you more features and flexibility. If you've already had a number of exchanges, and pay a good amount in montly bills, you should be able to get a good discount if you harp on that.

To further follow up on ur comment. My friend has a curve with telus, she just upgraded about 2months ago, and she experienced some problems and had to change the phone twice since the upgrade. She called into retention about that and told them she was switching companies if they didn't offer her a good price on a good phone, and they gave her $400 off for when the storm comes out. The guy told her they expect the full retail price to be between $400 and $600 (not contracted price!) so thats a pretty good deal.

thanks for the information. They are telling me I can only get 300 off and if the price is 600 that will make me happy I will not be out of pocket too much. But the Curve is at 549.99 still so I would think the Storm will be around 700 especially since they are easily willing to give me 300 off lol!! thanks again for all the updates and I can't wait!! I really hope it's released around the 21st that would be GREAT!!!

mannnn I can't wait for this to drop!!! I've been patiently waiting....BLACKBERRY better not let me down!!!...

does anyone know if you can turn off the blue light that lights up when you type....I'm pretty sure you can...

i talked to rep at telus and they said that the storm will be released the 2nd week of november. Wonder how much it will cost??

I also talked to a rep but he didn't give a release date or price. Just that it will be out before Christmas. I really want this thing. The earlier it comes out, the happier I'll be!

A rep at Telus in Toronto, Ontario said to me there is still no set release date but if he had to guess he would say december 8th.

Can anyone please tell me what type of network telus is! I am a ATT customer tryin to get my hands on a Storm if at all possible!

Anyone really know whether the launch date is pushed back to December 8. The Telus stores in my areas are taking pre-orders - I signed up... but they didn't know when it was going to be launched or the price. He did say it was going to be the next best thing after sliced bread!

I am a Telus sales rep and it will not be available until the second week of December as we have a corporate launch party in 4 cities the first week of December.

So a friend of mine who works for Rogers has peaked my interest. He asked why I didn't have a Rogers cell phone when my Home Phone/Internet/TV are all with Rogers. I just told him I had been with Telus way before I got my Rogers services. So he tells me that Rogers will most likely buy out the remaining 24 months on my contract and give me an iPhone if I were to switch.

So, here is the question. Do you think if I went to Telus and told them this, would they give me a good chunk off the BB Storm? I got a BB Pearl last year and love BB now. But would love to get the storm. What do you think they would offer me to stay?

I went into a Telus store today on Vancouver Island and they are only getting one Storm. I called a few other Telus dealers and was told that Verizon received most of the storms and that this big lauch is a big fiasco. I am pissed as I have been waiting tp get one as a X-mas present and was told I probably wouldn't get one until January!!!!!
If some one knows where I can get one please let me know.
I even received a message on my Telus phone yesterday saying that the Storm has arrived.