Telus BlackBerry Storm Roundup!

Telus BlackBerry Storm Roundup
By Kevin Michaluk on 10 Dec 2008 11:18 am EST

* Update: Sold Out! Now that was fast. Apparently Telus had around 4,000 units (via MobileSyrup), but those are long gone. Telus Storms are now on back order for one to two weeks, but I don't be surprised if that translates to early January.

This one is for all of the Canadian Storm chasers out there... lots of Telus Storm stuff to cover...

Available Now - First up, the Telus Storm has launched. You can head over to Telus' website and buy it now. $599.99 off contract for the Telus Storm is actually the same price I just paid for the Rogers 8900 Curve off contract. If you want to have the Storm under your Christmas tree, you'll need to place your order by December 17th. It's also available in select stores. via MobileSyrup

Soft-Launched - Like all things related to the launch of the Storm, they never go smooth. According to Michael at BGR:

It looks like Telus is soft-launching the Storm because we're hearing that the full-scale launch has been delayed until January due to RIM's failure to deliver adequate levels of stock (estimates say Telus has 2,500 units for all of Canada). As a result, those stores with stock will be able to sell the device to new clients only so that Telus will be able to brag about a Stormy Christmas. 

Telus Storm Stuff - Keep reading after the jump for an unboxing of the Telus BlackBerry Storm, an interview Judy Mellet, Director of Product Realization for Telus and more!

Telus BlackBerry Storm Launch Party

The Telus BlackBerry Storm launch party was held Monday night in Toronto, and a few of the BlackBerry bloggers based around there showed up to cover the event (well..more like attend the event and party it up, then blog it later once the hangover and headache was gone). Good ole Doug over at BlackBerry Cool posted up some solid pictures of the event (check them out here) as well as a couple videos which I'll post below. The first is the interview and the second is Doug unboxing his new Storm (the perk of attending one of these parties!) and the third is the schwag unboxing. Enjoy!!

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Telus BlackBerry Storm Roundup!



treating me as a second class customer by refusing to sell me a storm is the fastest way to turn me into an ex-customer. I can't be alone in that attitude....

I was waitin on the Storm too....but Im a lil miffed with Telus Im about 80% sure Im gonna have to jump ship n get me a Bold or a new 8900. Telus has been givin me waaay 2 many head aches latly!

Just got my BlackBerry Storm on a 3yr contract renewal. Had to buy a new car charger since they've changed to a micro USB port.

Just got an email from Bell saying that they have a limited number available now. 3 yr plan same as Telus. Now to convince the management that a Storm would make me so much more productive :)

Garymait, Telus has Exclusivity on the release date. Originally it was going to be for at least a few months BUT Bell comming out on the same day wouldn't make any sense. can you show us the email? or at least the main body of it? I want to beleive you Beleive ME!

Anyone know what OS software Telus will release the phone with? Any leaked OS versions out there for Telus?

After hearing on here that the Storm was out, I went out immediately to all the Telus stores to get a Storm on a renewal of my contract. Every store told me that they have pre-orders and holds for all of them. Pre-ordering for a cell phone, I never heard of such thing.

As I was driving home, was passing by a Futureshop, where ho and behold they had stock and were able to sell the damn things. Even the salesperson fought with Telus to get me a new contract, even though I signed a 3 year last year for my 8830. She was able to get me a new 3 year contract.

My advice is to avoid the Corporate stores and try Big Box stores.

you got lucky that you were able to get the blackberry at the promo price if you still had 2 years left on your agreement...usually its a year left that gives you the promo price..anyhow enjoy it lol

First of all I'd make sure you don't have 2 bills from Telus first off all. Future Shop or Best buy have no concequences if they screw up your account remember.

I work for Telus, we were suppose to get 5000, then 1000, Rim gave Telus under 600. So thats why everything is messed up.

I got an email from bell saying they are now available.. their site is also updated showing this too.... go go my pretties hunt down the storm!!!

A Bell store employee told me that Bell had only 1000 Storm today and sold them all. The specific store I visited had 2. I called Bell customer service and they suggested they might have more at the end of December.

I just picked up my new Storm earlier today! So far, very sleek, but as a new Blackberry user, it'll take me a day or so to figure everything out. Telus apparently had 2500 Canada-wide and my store managed to get 4. My secret? I put a deposit down on mine, which ensured I got mine.

There should be more coming out throughout the holidays, but stock is apparently going to be limited until January (at which point, there will be a full release). Good luck in your Storm hunts!

I got an e-mail from bell, and it says;
"As a valued Bell client, we’d like to offer you an exclusive $50 bill credit when you upgrade to the Storm during the month of January.2 Simply print and bring this email to a Bell store between January 1st and 31st, 2009."

which is cool, but i guess i have to wait for it then? but my question is why is Bell's no contract price $100.00 more? that just pisses me off..

Disgruntled Bell Customer,

Bell is launching their Storm on Thursday. Certain cherry picked stores will be getting 10(or less), to be used for retail sales only. They will only be in the Greater Toronto Area(possibly Montreal too). Once those are gone, the next shipment day will be Jan 8th.

Saw the storm in stock at a bell store in Sherwood Park Alberta, they told me they weren't allowed to sell them until tomorrow. Good luck all!

Pre order from stores, as soon as tomorrow, demo is coming in tomorrow, however quantities are very limited in selected stores, waiting lists allready established.

I called a store at a massive mall around here and they had 15, but sold out in the morning. January it is I suppose.

What was the point in having a soft launch? I mean they're pissing off ALOT of people by doing this. I'm pretty much ready to go and buy an 8330 or switch to Rogers and get the Javelin.

I walked into Telus yesterday and just by luck I picked up one of the ten storms they had in the store... I love it, can't take my hands off of it.

i am in Calgary Alberta and i went and put down my $50 deposit on the storm the other day but waiting till January is going to suck so i hope bell and rim can work some magic for Christmas and get them to us sooner then later. grrrr i want my storm. also for anyone wondering about the Telus no contract price of $600 and the bell no contract price of $700, yes it's retarded but bell said they would match it.

Hey... first time posting but I figured that this is worth it.... I bought the last 2 Storms in New Brunswick....woohoo

LOL, looking back at this launch...
Nobody knew what they were getting into with the Storm 1.

Any Storm user looking back on this would probably laugh and shake their heads.

You can argue that its a much better time to be a Blackberry user because of all the new BBM, Facebook, App world, new BB7 devices that actually have the hardware to run well.

I just wonder if there will be the same hype for the 9860/9850.