TELUS BlackBerry Q10 unboxing

We get our hands on the BlackBerry Q10 being sold by the first of three Canadian carriers

By Simon Sage on 30 Apr 2013 11:23 pm EDT

The BlackBerry Q10 is finally hitting retail shelves across Canada, and now we get to see what you'll be getting, at least from a box at TELUS.

Sure, we're all really impressed by the preview package Kevin got, but what will the rest of us get in a store? Well, take a look...

New style headphones with custom gels - check. MicroUSB cable with charging plug - check. Instructions and warranty information that will never be read - check. Q10 with big honkin' battery - check. That's about it, really. It's refreshing to see that the TELUS Q10 will be as devoid of carrier branding as the Z10, though that may change when we check out the Rogers and Bell models tomorrow on launch day here in Toronto. 

The only real downside to my unboxing is that my TELUS SIM was taking its sweet time to activate, which means that for now, we won't know for sure what the preloads are going to be. On the plus side, we'll find out what they are tomorrow when you can pick up a Q10 at TELUS. Expect the gallery here to update then once I get some screenshots.  (Update: So, the SIM card activated shortly after this post went up, and it turns out there isn't any preloaded software just yet. A TELUS rep told me that they'll be rolling out their account management app to Q10s soon.)

So, Canadians, which carrier are you going with for your BlackBerry Q10 - Rogers, Bell, or TELUS? Are you holding out for WIND? Any particular accessories in the box you'd like to see?

Interested? Grab a BlackBerry Q10 from TELUS online here for $199

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TELUS BlackBerry Q10 unboxing


It's awesome that the US has to wait at least another month! Or, actually that's not awesome. It totally sucks. We got screwed again...

The US is not the center of the world. Get used to it. We're all done with you guys expecting that everyone should cater to you.

Ok, ok.... gosh... it appears that it has become the popular "thing" is to find an American and try to find a reason to say, "you are not the center of the world!".
Anyway, the q10 and the bb software is looking more and more interesting. I'm very happy with the new stuff.

Not all Americans feel entitled...maybe we just want to share in Q10 awesomeness like everyone else. Get over yourself..

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I still have to wait another month for Q10? I cannot hold this Q10 fasting n hunger anymore.....tmobile, when is the US release date?

Posted via CB10

No Simon. Tried to tap the pic on top for the video on my z10 and it's not working.

BlackBerry Z10 and 32gb PlayBook

Ohhhhh mmmmyy so excited...b have to go into telus tomorrow to take a look.... i have a Z10 but I really wanted the Q.... my Daughter needs a new BlackBerry and we'll.. i just might have to spoil my Honour Roll student!!! ( since I suck at contests and Did not win in any one of the many I entered)

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Well I'm with WIND and had to wait to get my Z10. I then tried waiting for WIND to get the white z10, before just getting the black w them. It was a painful wait. I did notice many unlocked going for 650-700 on Kijiji in February, so it might be worth checking into if you can't wait a month for WIND. I'm sure they will be on there within hours for $700,750. Just be sure all the Q10s can operate on WIND frequency.

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The extra weeks of waiting for the 10.1 software is killing me! Can't wait to try out the new Q10 as soon as it's available in rogers store

Awesome unboxing, love that they have those headphones as part of the retail package. Hope my carrier includes that too. Once I get my Q10, my Z10 will be passed over to my sister. Can't wait!

Video works fine on my Z10. I really want a white Q but I have to wait for Telus to come out with it. Then it will be good bye Z and hello Q!! Thanks for the first look at it Simon.

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If you're on the telus Z10 then just share to a Bbm contact but don't actually share. Click the link and the video goes to a new page. Maybe there's an easier way but this is how I did it.
I'll look at the Q tomorrow at telus but I'm sure I'll stick with the Z

Oil sands Fueled

Just a fyi I never see videos on the PlayBook on CrackBerry blog anymore...don't get me started about the legacy devices and the blog...the new cb is great but there are a ton of issues still. So much that I come here not nearly as much as I use to :(

That's bullshit I got be he Z10, got cheaper headphones and wait for apps that come out for the Q10 BlackBerry really shows lack loyalty to consumers who rushed to support them

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I feel your pain man, really I do. It took crap headphones and many of us complaining just for BlackBerry to fix this in the Q10 retail box.

I'd like for them to redo the ultimate premium headphones they made 3yrs back, the one with the playback controls and make it modern for BB10.

Can't wait have one on order from Telus but might have to be at the store in the AM for opening time.... of course with my Z10 in my pocket!!

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Like the Z10 release will there be regulations in place that will not allow an US user like my self to order an Q10 with a US shipping address? Guess I could pick one up from Ebay.

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Please, AT&T, please! Let me have a white Q10. I'll buy my own headphones, just give me a white Q10.

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Thank you! What a pleasant way to wake up watching this real unboxing(for real I mean no dev device!) Can't wait to have it in my hands!

trouble swiping up from that keyboard eh ? i hope thats somthing you will get used to. going to frustrate alot of people

Nice! The Q10 needs to hit USA Retailers like next week. Lol

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So, headphones are included? Somehow I thought that these phones were being shipped almost zero accessories.

My dilemma...just got the Z10 on contract with nice to have the Q10 as well and swap between the two.

I'm probably going to be stuck with Rogers sadly.....

Sent via my Z10 support your local paramedics run with scissors.

I think Simon should post an official correction. In the video, he says "who needs manuals when you know everything?" Might I suggest, "who needs manuals when you have"

Nice video overall, but am I the only one disappointed with the lack of a pouch or holster? Haven't had one come with my devices since my Bold 9000. Not a big deal, just lets me shop around more on ebay for cases.

Very Nice! Hate to bring it up, but it seemed like there were a few times when you were trying to swipe up to minimize and it didn't respond; is it working ok or was it just that you had to work it from am awkward angle?

Q10 is officially released here in UAE as well. Can't wait to get me a white one. I just hope it has LTE not just 3G.

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Got my Z10 last month on Virgin and I'm absolutely LOVING it. Wish I could get the Q10 too, but even if I did, my Z10 would be my primary phone. Texting on the Z10 is fantastic and I just couldn't give up the 4" screen now. Totally understand those who need a physical keyboard, though. Have an awesome time with your new Q10 people!!!

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Headset with a nifty ribbon cable and all! Might have to pick up one of those. Headsets, that is. My Verizon Z10 came with next to nothing.


you where at the Telus HQ store at 25 York street?! Awesome.

Also I'm wondering if CB will need to record their videos in dual format going forward?

I'm still undecided on the Z10 or Q10 but the limited screen real estate of the Q10 is a real roadblock from me. I still wish there was less space between the top of the screen and the top of the phone!! I'm sure they could've shaved off another tenth or two, but they wanted it to resemble the Bold 9900. I'm still bummed about that.

I was bummed out too ... Luckily my friend owns a Telus and let me take demos of both home to play with before I made my decision. YES, the Z10 has larger screen but, when using Twitter, chatting, BBM or email etc, the virtual keyboard is active anyways, so viewing size is actually the same. It really comes down to what you need in a phone.

My wife and I are email, Twitter, Facebook, text and BBM mainly so the physical keyboard is nice as it is always there. My children on the other hand are in to games, youtube and the extra real estate is nice for that purpose. It really comes down to what you need.

I reply to many emails lying on my sofa at the end of the day. I can't do that on the Z10. The balance isn't right. The Q10 feels just right for rapid, two thumb typing as I have been so used to over the years.

Tough decision for sure but evaluate your needs and the decision will be easier. Hope that helps.

I like your style Simon. I've not seen one of your videos before and was impressed with your nerdy enthusiasm :p Great work. I'm starting to miss my keyboard and think i might check out the Q10 - especially if this thing won't stop rebooting on me!

If there is one pet peeve of mine is what Blackberry does with carriers on "exclusivity" and I hope they put an end to it.

My wife is a fan of white phones and I note only Rogers will launch the Q10 in white. Why they do this is beyond me! We are updating 4 devices in my houshold and are moving to Telus (all comes down to pricing) but the fact that the Q10 won't be available in white on Telus really touches a nerve with me.

How long do we need to wait before Telus sells it in white? Anyone know?