Telus BlackBerry Curve 8330 Now Available - $249.99 / 3yr.

Telus BlackBerry Curve 8330 Now Available
By Kevin Michaluk on 8 Apr 2008 12:13 am

Beating Sprint, Verizon and Alltel to the punch, there is Good News for Canadians on Telus... the CDMA Curve is HERE!!!! Built in GPS, 2MP Camera w/ Video Recording, 1x/EVDO Support, 96MB internal flash memory - w00t!! Click the image above or this link for full details. Talk about a perk of living North of the Border.

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sprint needs to hurry.

im getting impatient here.


Telus BB 8830 for $249 w. 3 yr contract !!! that sounds awful, why would I want to sign a 3 yr contract? Is that how all phone companies price hansets in Canada?


Yes, all Phone companies price phones this way. Telus is actually cheaper by $50.00 from it's GSM competitor with a 3 yr on the Curve.


I would have to say I like my Telus 8830... I like the camera on the curve, but thats why I keep a digital camera in my car, as for media I don't really use it on the 8830. I got a 2gb card but hardly use it. I have a iPod Touch for all my videos and music. On the topic of 3 year terms. I have one, but they gave me the phone for 300 bucks plus i got another 100 off by striking up a 15 min conversation with the lady on the phone. Every time I have gone to get a new phone they want you too renew your term. But if you ask in store to phone a customer service rep they will always give you a sweeter deal then in the store. I got free caller id, voice mail, an additional 50 min, no migration charge (switched from Mike aka Nextel) and a free skin for my phone.

check out Bell's site... they have info on the 8330...