TELUS, Bell and Rogers all offering the BlackBerry Z30 for free!

By Bla1ze on 20 Aug 2014 01:40 am EDT

I'm still no fan of contracts but if you've been waiting to get a BlackBerry Z30 on the cheap or the upcoming BlackBerry Passport isn't for you, now is likely the best time to do so if you live in Canada. Right now, TELUS, Bell and Rogers are all offering the device for free with a 2-year contract on specific plans until Sept. 15th.

  • TELUS - Plans to be eligible for the $0 device pricing start at $80
  • Bell - Plans to be eligible for the $0 device pricing start at $30
  • Rogers - Plans to be eligible for the $0 device pricing start at $60

As some folks have spotted already, since the start of August there's also been carrier ads running within BlackBerry World with $49.99 pricing but those ads are being updated to reflect the new $0 price point. Have you picked up a new Z30 or are you planning on doing so? Let us know in the comments either way.

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TELUS, Bell and Rogers all offering the BlackBerry Z30 for free!


Usually carriers liquidate their old stock when new products are soon to be launched... making room for the passport, I hope!

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If you want to get into the "Most Exclusive Club in Mobile"....get one.

Founding Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile

I have recently received a shiny new Z30 from my amazing fiance for an early anniversary gift! Loving it!

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Oh yeah!!!

Swiped via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA (Only T-Mo rep still pushing  )  Z30 (STA100-5), son! The Thor's Hammer of phones! Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile. Once you go BlackBerry, everything else is wack-berry! #longestsignatureever

I would like to see BlackBerry sell devices through the BlackBerry World and BBM shop, they can offer credit facilities through the same carrier (s) for those who would like the devices and can't pay out right .it would move more product.

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Wrong because I'm on Bell and tried to check it out but was told this price point doesn't apply to upgrades... new customers only.

With Great Swiping Comes Great Responsibility - CB10 on Z10, Bell, ON, Canada

I'd your contract is up (only reason you'd be able to take advantage anyway), tell them you are switching carriers. They'll immediately change their "policy".

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That's pretty much the advice I'd give too. Not getting totally ripped off by Bell, Rogers, Telus (the 3 stooges) requires threats of leaving them, sad but true.

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In this case I was looking into it out of curiosity because my contract doesn't expire for another year and a half. But it's ok. I think I'll just buy a Z30 and then use the upgrade for the next flagship, whichever it may be at the time.

I don't mind contracts. In fact, I relish them.... I used to sell phones, and got myself a sweet discount that I'm not letting go of.... if anything, Bell would love to get rid of me! Lol.

:) what's the sweet deal you're managing to milk from them? I can't upgrade my phone and keep the plan I have now, because my plan was a 3 year plan that they 'cannot' renew because of the new laws making 3 year plans illegal. So if I want to upgrade I have to buy a phone outright and apply to the plan I've got on a month to month basis.

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Why are theirs starting plans price so much different? Starting plan at $80 is not justify at all. What are your thought guys?

That's only with 1gb of data too I called them today to see if I can get a better plan and getting 2g of data is almost 100$ they said

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I pay $40/month for unlimited data on wind (since it works for me). Why would I need to be restricted on bell to just 1GB?

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You're right.

You will chew through a gig with just a few silly youtube vids, a bit of browsing and a few emails with holiday photos attached....

2GB minimum, and get on wifi wherever you can...

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Yes, the wind plan is awesome... the reasons why I am not switching are coverage only in cities and I do a lot of traveling (even in cities it isn't amazing) and slow speed for data (aren't they 3G)?

Powered by BB

My GF has this plan and she's had no issues at all. She loves the low-cost on her bill! It all depends on your personal needs.... coverage for her, for example is not an issue because she's an urbanite anyway.

Which carrier? I'm with Telus and I have unlimited long distance, minutes, and text with 5 GB of data and only pay around $120.

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"Only" $120. I guess you've accepted that you're getting ripped off, in a manner of speaking. No offense dude.

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It isn't much better in the US. With Verizon, Unlimited talk/text with 2GB of data will run over $100. Only recently did they offer the $60 plan to compete with the prepaid plans.

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$54/mth Rogers 6GB data and more minutes options and long distance than I could ever use in a month.
Corporate government plan though. Even though I have not worked in government for a few years plans still available if you know who to ask. Also have to be at a store that offers corporate service.

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Wow dude wayyyyy to expensive 120$ I have unlimited nationwide calling, texting and picture messaging and 5Gs for 82$ tax included With Telus . I must say I usually get my way with them since I've been a customer since 1999 when they were ClearNet

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This is why I'm hanging on to my current plan even though I thought it was a rip off when I signed up for it. I got 3gb for $80, which seemed horrible at the time... but compared to what's available right now, it's a good deal.


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And I'm just sitting here watching you on wind lol' is the coverage in Ontario for Wind anyways... it Blows ;)

No Offence....coverage is terrible on wind and not a great option if you move around outside the GTA into more rural areas...however if it works for you, the price is right!

I live in Mississauga and barely leave. The coverage and service in the GTA is adequate.

Furthermore I have next to no restrictions on wind.

If you have a family plan and or travel alot then big 3 is right for you, otherwise I really don't see the value.

Plus big 3 are jerks.

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My wife was with Telus for years, but since switching to Wind she has had no problems with coverage whatsoever. And when traveling her roaming charges are still cheaper than Telus' overage charges!

Depends I guess on where you live, but once you've gone unlimited it is hard to go back to counting minutes. Freedom is never having to worry about when you use your phone.

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I am on a shared plan with my sister and my mother. 3gb shared data, with unlimited minutes for $175 which ends up being roughly $60 per person.

I could live with this since 3gb is enough for all three of us.

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Canadian plans are ridiculous. When Telus changed over from 3 year to 2 year plans, they simplified their options but raised the prices. I signed a contract for my Q10 and you cannot get any plan less than $70, they force you into a data plan of at least $15/month on top of the $55 for all new device contracts.

That's why I stick with my ancient plan with Bell $60 with unlimited data and Fab 10 - sure I miss out on the nationwide LD, but that's what Voip is for right? :D I've been on this plan since the first Gen pearls came out - only thing: I have to stick with a BlackBerry to keep the plan... and now that the 3 year plans are no longer available I can't upgrade without first losing my plan, so I have to buy the phone outright if I want to - I'm glad I upgraded to a Z10 when I had the chance...

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The z30 is the best phone I have had to date. I recommend it to any BlackBerry "fan". This price looks great even if on contract.

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Wow! Only $30 huh? Wish I could somehow undo the contract part of getting my Z30 and get that plan.

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Yes but what would you get for a 30 dollar plan is the question lol.

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For bell:

PLUS: device price available with a new activation on a post-paid plan starting at $50 in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, $55/mo. in Quebec, and $60/mo. in all other provinces. Data extra.

LITE: device price available with a new activation on a post-paid plan starting at $45 in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, $50/mo. in all other provinces. Data extra.

BASIC: device price available with new activation on a post-paid 2 year plan starting at $30/mo.
Additional one-time fees may apply when you activate a new device ($15 connection charge), unlock a phone or perform other transactions. SIM card charge ($4.95) may apply. Subject to change over time. See for details.

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LOL Your right "what do you get for a $30 plan"? I looked into it and it's not much, not much at all (sad really IMO). The best they have to offer is without a doubt when you bring your own phone. That's probably the answer with any of the carriers, bring your own phone, but of course like someone else was saying if you already have a plan you like but are out of contract, you can usually talk your way into something better than anything they are offering here and as a bonus be able to keep your present plan by just extending the contract. Add to that maybe a new very cheap phone or free phone with the re-activation of that contract . Overall it's sad to see how little Bell does offer with any of their plans. I'm with Telus, and they have good to me, so I will bargain with them when the time comes. I'm not opposed to bringing my own phone either. Seems like the best way to do things overall these days, if you want the best. I believe in general all carriers will chop off up to $20 from any plan when you bring your own phone.

You might have to haggle for $20 off...most often $10 off is what they advertise...that equates to a $240 phone subsidy which is often a little short of the discount offered on the flagship models. If you get $20 off you're in the same ballpark, and the equivalent subsidy of $480 would cover more than the full price of the z30 at this point, especially if you consider unlocking fees.

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Don't see Kudo, Virgin or Fido there but I am sure that being the economy faces of the big three there will be some deal through them too.

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Fido now only carries the q5 and as a result I will be leaving them when my contract is up. At least you can now use your Fido dollars for a roaming plan rather than locking you into using them towards a new phone and 2 year contract.

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Well that's good news. Fido doesn't seem to be on the BlackBerry juice. I'm on a pretty decent plan. $55 a month for 6 gigs of data and unlimited calls after six. I would have switched to Wind if they didn't give me that deal.
I'm still on the three year plan. One year left. I guess I'm going to have to buy my next phone direct from BlackBerry if Fido doesn't pick up aa decent BlackBerry.
Fido only carries the Q5? Decent phone, but it's no powerhouse in my opinion.

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Don't care about free. Wish tmobile carried the Z30. But I may but it directly from BlackBerry while the sale is happening.

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Rogers/Fido all but dropped Blackberry 10 devices a while back and just recently announced it would sell the Z30. So, I doubt they had any stock of these devices. Seems like a drop by BlackBerry themselves. Trying to satisfy all those nonkeyboardians with an offering of peace before rolling out two back to back powerhouse key driven devices. Might even be the only keyboardless option in North America for some time. This is a hidden statistic to see how many glass cruisers actually will put their money where their mouth is and pick up their Z10 successor.

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I happened to walk by a Telus store last night and bumped into my sister who's Torch 9800 finally died and she was picking up a new phone. Tried for a week to convince her that the BlackBerry Z30 is the best phone on the market and she was actually sitting on the fence thinking which phone to get. The store clerk at Telus convinced her not to get the Z30 (before I walked by). Apparently, the clerk told her that lots of customers have been returning the Z30. So what a great time for me to asks a few questions,.... (1) why are they returning them?.... her response was..."Oh, they were expecting it to run like an old BlackBerry" (2) do you know that it's the newest operating system on the market, I asked.... her response.... a blank look on her face (3) do you know that it's been rated by unbiased technology competitions as the best phone on the market was my next question, .... her response... a blank look on her face. (4) next question to her... have you ever even tried using this phone? .... her response... another blank look on her face.
So with all my best efforts, BlackBerry lost another longtime customer last night. This trend will continue until the "Big Three" Canadian phone companies decide to at least educate their sales staff about the product on their shelves. I mean seriously, this girl, and many other mobile reps that I've talked to have absolutely no "freaking clue" about BlackBerry products. This is in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada !!!! I can only imagine how much less educated our store clerk friends south of the border are.
I am very impressed with all the changes happening at BlackBerry and hope that Chen is able to turn the company back towards its past glory. Maybe, just maybe, BlackBerry should invest some time and money into sales and marketing.
PS, still annoyed as hell at that store clerk's ignorance.

 Z30 Rocks 

I'm with you; it's so frustrating how misinformed store clerks and consumers are. I know that BlackBerry has indicated that their survival is not on the consumer side of things but it still ruins BlackBerry's reputation enough that it has a ripple effect in other markets. If a company of a thousand employees are convinced that BlackBerry phones are crap, you're not going to sell or update that company to the new BES. You can't ignore the consumer side; it has too many implications. I'd love to know where store clerks get their information about what products to sell and push?

 BB10 is the best; on a Z30... awesome!

Similar experience with my wife and Telus. Her 9900 Bold contract was expiring so we walked to nearby mall in North York. I had just been about 2 months into getting my z10 so I told my wife she should get the same thing. Inside Telus, my wife was holding the z10 when the sales rep came up to us and said, "you don't want to be getting that". My wife asked why. The rep said, "because it sucks and everyone who's gotten it, is returning it. " I was surprised to hear this. I told the rep that I have a z10 (pulled it out) and love it! She just responded by saying "yeah, but every one is getting Samsung S4"...later that evening I sent an email to Telus to complain. No response.

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I've run into similar issues with the corporate side as well, specifically with our Rogers business rep. I had convinced our upper management to upgrade to BlackBerry 10 devices rather than the switch to the other two for the bulk of our staff, and when it came time to order the devices, our business rep actually tried to discourage me from ordering them, saying that we shouldn't get them, that most businesses are switching, that they're too confusing for people, and we best switch to the others. Well, I told her the decision was already made, telling her all the reasons we wanted to stay with them, and tried to quash the negative reviews she was spreading, but she was pretty unresponsive. I had been using one for half a year in testing at that point and loved it... she was pretty surprised at my positive feedback, she had never used one either herself. BlackBerry indeed needs to spend a lot more on education of the people selling these devices and marketing of these amazing devices (I'm using Z30 as well, love it!).

Bless your heart! I work in the mobility field and when I talk to these know it all know nothings, they scoff at BlackBerry as if using one will give you a disease. They haven't given BlackBerry 10 a chance.

It's also probably because BlackBerry hasn't bought their love with incentives.

I really don't know what's it going to take to at least have store reps to sell with a neutral point of view.

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Everybody needs to send in complaints to corporate office with specific dates times...if salespeople are doing this of their own volition, then they should be retrained or fired. If they are being incented to do it corporately then it needs to be uncovered, so that we can all switch to other providers

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Could be worth it, if I could afford an extra $30 i'd have a blackberry mini tablet. :D (playbook would however still be used).

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RoBelUs (including bell owned Virgin, Telus owned Koodo, Public and Rogers-owned Fido, Chat-r) better be more honest and not try to sway people away from blackberry. If i'm in or near a robelus store (since i'm a wind customer, i'm still sticking for blackberry regardless what carrier they're being sold from), i'll be speaking up if I hear any FUD being spread.

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It's not the young store sales clerk's fault that her manager and Telus Corporate are not supporting BlackBerry and trying to push customers onto other smartphones. I could have continued explaining all the excellent features of the BlackBerry Z30, but Chen pays people that should be doing that.

 Z30 Rocks 

Yes we do! And our Telecommunications governing body pushed providers to give consumers 2 year plans, instead of 3, which is good but, the 2 year plans were not pro-rated, they just became more expensive. Do I smell a "rat", you bet!

 BB10 is the best; on a Z30... awesome!

And the situation won't likely change until the govt' grows some balls, or until players like Wind get more support, instead of getting bashed over the head by Bell's, Telus' and Roger's lobbyists.

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What the government needs to do is push for a fixed fee roaming charge in Canada. That would help Wind grow and it would create greater competition in Canada in my opinion.
The revenue generated from the fixed rate would be put towards creating infrastructure for mobile devices.

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Running the Z30 and I've also handled and played with the Passport. I'm not bound by a contract, and I will not be switching to Passport.
Z30 is is the phone for me, even after having BlackBerries previously where I didn't want to give up my keyboard. I highly recommend the Z30 to anyone to at least try. Especially considering the number of Android Apps it runs without any issue!

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Ordered the Z30, I was very interested in getting the Passport but the price differential between the two, for what I'm getting makes the Z30 the better choice for me.

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BlackBerry needs to address the issue of sales people promoting BlackBerry phones. Every time I have showed up in Verizon's, AT&T's or any other store in the US to look, try or ask about a BlackBerry phone I see a lot of lack of enthusiasm from salesmen. They will tell you a few inaccuracies and then offer you something else. Usually the display models are turned off etc...
BlackBerry should offer incentives to these people: a couple of free phones per store, some $ amount per sale, etc

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Agreed. BlackBerry needs a presence in these American stores. It's a terrible disservice that these store employees do to their customers by funneling them to android or ios like a bunch of zombie sheep

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It's not just American stores; it's pretty much the same in Canada. BlackBerry, if you're reading these posts, you need to address the issue with carriers and stores. It's getting pretty hard for us BlackBerry die-hards to watch consumers completely overlook BlackBerry phones when we firmly believe BB10 is overall better.

 BB10 is the best; on a Z30... awesome!

I got mine back when it was released for free via Vodafone on a £32 contract due to being a vodafone and blackberry customer for nearly 16years

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I'd rather keep my $50 6GB plan and pay full price for my phone.

Phones and never "free" anymore! Or were they ever??

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We are getting robbed blind in Canada by the carriers, in the U.S. Sprint offers all unlimited calling, text, and data for $45 a month. I pay $60 for unlimited calling and texting, and $50 more for 5 gig of data, RIDICULOUS!

Posted using the most awesome phone on the planet... BBZ30

Why do you think the big 3 made such a stink when Verizon was supposed to come here? They knew that they're pricing would be much cheaper thus they would have to blower all theirs to make them remain competitive. At least in this market...

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You have to admit your coverage is MUCH better that what Sprint offers their clients.

Sprint phones when unlocked don't really match up to the bands we use in Canada.

Although Sprint isn't the biggest carrier in the USA I'm almost positive they have almost as many clients as the population of Canada minus the excellent coverage you enjoy.

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Their pricing would have been on par with Wind and they would have used similar infrastructure, too.

Verizon to Canada was pretty darn close, but instead they chose to buy back their company stock rather than enter murky, unknown waters. That's what Target did and look how that turned out for them. Now imagine telecom where the industry is even more regulated.

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And it's not like our government will do anything about it. They make a fortune off it. It's the same with gas and liquor

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Darn it! I picked up my Z30 last month due to the decision of not buying a replacement battery for the one dying in my Q10. I knew u should have waited.

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Chromatic, how and why is it so much better? Want to hear the differences from someone who's used it not just read about it.

Happy with Z10

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The Z30 battery life and display is superb. The feel of the device is very nice and sturdy. Feels like you are carrying a high end device, which is should feel like anyway, due to the original premium for the device. The OS runs very smooth. Love Netflix on it.

I second 'ATI nsider' comments. I used a Z10 up to a few months ago, and after switching to the Z30, I find the performance much better, and most of all, love the significant battery life increase.

I love my Z10, I bought and got rid of the Z30 the size wasn't for me. I will hopefully wait for a new upgraded Z10, the size is perfect for me. One day I hope.

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I like the effort BBRY is starting to put into advertising, though they still need to step it up quite a bit. At this point, its better than nothing.
And the Z30 should be pushed like crazy, being the best device on the market to date.

I had a $60 plan with Rogers (My 10 with 6Gb data). I called to take advantage of the $0 upgrade to Z30. Unfortunately, my current plan is no longer available and must be upgraded to the $80 plan (unlimited Canada with 500Mb data). I decided to go with it even though it was another classic case of paying more for less. I hope it will overcome my only complaint about the Z10, the battery life.

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Almost tempted to upgrade my z10 to the free z30. But I'm gonna wait for my new white passport

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Nothing in life is free. With Telus, I am on the $35 plan unlimited talk and text Canada wide + $30 2GB data shared with wife and son who are also $35. If you choose the 2 year contract, you pay $55, so you are paying $20/month*48=$480. Buy unlocked from BB for about same money. Nothing is free!

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I'm want blackberry to offer the Z30 for 350 off contract to Canadians (like they did in the US) I will never buy a phone on contract again.

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Send some to the U.S. For att and t mobile for a liquidation sale. People will buy them as long as you show off some android apps, battery life. I'll buy it and the passport too.

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I have a z30 and I can honestly say, it's not only the device that got me using a BlackBerry again, but it got me hooked on BlackBerry again. Great device

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I received an email alert about this yesterday, went straight to Rogers and picked one up.
I hope it's not hard to transfer all my settings and info from my Z10 to my new Z30.

And,yes, Rogers did tell me a few BlackBerry lies before giving me the Damn phone: BlackBerry is apparently no longer Canadian. Did you know they were purchased by an Egyptian company? Hahahaha also, when BlackBerry 10 first came out, they had many return the devices with problems. Hmmm....couldn't be because it was a new OS and people didn't know what they were doing, could it?
Rogers is so anti-canadian it makes me sick.
And yes, it is Rogers who have been on a quest to land an NFL team to bury the CFL, and always use their media outlets to bash the CFL, so this anti-bb sentiment wasn't unexpected.

Yep... that is Rogers.... once again wrapping themselves up in the ol' Maple Leaf.

As a fan of both the CFL and Blackberry, I don't really like them and no longer have a cell plan with them as I didn't like their service.

Well at least they did eventually started selling the Z30 after public pressure forced them to.

But back to the point of this thread. I was really happy initially to see the Bell $30/month in the article as one of my kids' phones has a contract due soon with them, only to go on their website to see that it would be about $80 per month. Darn!

In continuing with my Z30 vs iPhone 5 rant, if any mobile sales reps are tuning in... please read and pay attention: (1) larger screen, (2) longer battery life, (3) quicker browser, (4) better antenna, (5) more secure against hackers, (6) better speakers, (7) newer operating system, (8) better messaging experience with Hub, (9) much better keyboard, and (10) more solid and a better built phone.

 Z30 Rocks 

Called bell, looks like a typo or uniformed customer service girl, monthly minimum is 80.00 per month for the n/c Z30

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I would love a z30 buy, it doesn't have a replacable battery. Anyone that has had their battery die a sudden death where one day you get a full charge, plug it in over night and the next day it is still dead, and won't charge again knows what I am taking about. That has happened twice to me. Once with my torch and the second time with my z10. So a user replacable battery is top priority for me over screen size.

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Before people even start hitching about contracts, understand this. Someone has to pay for the phone. The government shortening the maximum tome to pay off the phone from 3 years to 2 if no different than buying a new car with a 2 year bank loan instead of a 3 or a 5 or now days an 8 years car loan. The payment is going to be higher. Now before others bash the CRTC and regulations understand this. I just came back from a road trip to the excited states. My car has on star in it and on star convinced me that a minute pack with them would be cheaper than roaming with my phone. I bought it because they said I could use it in the us and Canada. Well it turned out that was bullshit. I had a flat tire in Arizona and tried to call for roadside assistance and guess what. The local Arizona carrier had an ongoing dispute running with onstar and wouldn't put the call through. Here I am stuck in the desert with a so called emergency phone service that won't work.
That's the problem with deregulation.

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Is it just me or have mobile plans gone up considerably? Contracts are no longer offered over 3 years so essentially carriers are subsidizing the phone cost over a shorter period?

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It's great to see the enthusiasm for BlackBerry and it's devices on this thread (and elsewhere on CrackBerry), but in a way it's like preaching to the choir. The majority of us agree on the virtues of BB10 and of the features of the new devices. The only real point of contention amongst the converted is Touch-screen vs. Keyboard: that is one debate that will exist as long as those two types of devices I agree with the point that has been made several times throughout the comments and that is BlackBerry must do something to raise awareness of and build consumer confidence in BB10 and their devices amongst the "unconverted" and the carriers. As always, the marketplace is driven in part by image and "fashionability". Right now it's not "fashionable" to use or promote BlackBerry and its products because of a generally held belief that it has a negative image. Now this did not happen overnight and some of it was self-inflicted to a degree, but it is about time that BlackBerry start ramping up their PR and marketing to enhance their image with consumers and carriers. Many consumers blindly trust what they are told by the staff of the mobile device store, so it is imperative to 1) educate, and 2) encourage, these retail staff to promote BlackBerry. If there isn't an incentive to sell a product, are retail staff going to make the effort to sell it? We know how wonderful the BlackBerry experience is, but it the rest of the marketplace (enterprise and consumer) which is need of hearing the "gospel". So, IMO, BlackBerry should be enhancing its efforts at promoting itself, its devices and its capabilities to both the consumer and the carriers/retailers. Go BlackBerry Go!

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Only for new customers on a 2 year plan, for existing customers it's $383 for the hardware upgrade.

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$383 for the upgrade??? Buy direct from BBRY and save bundles. Yes its a bit more up front but the long term savings is huge.... Also refuse to sign year long contracts...they aren't in your favor.

"Free" is not free. Better to buy the device yourself up front than pay 2x in interest charges bundled into your service agreement. (Also no need to buy device insurance in case you lose it in that first year either...)

Got my unlocked z30 arriving today or tomorrow from I had a gift card to cover the it's free to me!

Plus, don't forget to look at the trade-in offer on I can get $50 for my z10.

Flicked out via Zed10

It's free on Rogers for new customers, but doesn't show up as an upgrade phone for existing customers (me).

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I see Sasktel in Saskatchewan Canada is still sitting at $49.00 today. Its funny because a few months ago they were at $0 on a two year contract I think then it went up to $49 then up again to i think $99 now back down again. Seems like they just cant make up their minds. Anyway Im hoping that when the Passport hits the market Sasktel picks it up and I can get a hands on with it to see if I really want to buy one.

Not true for bell there goes my interaction with them today
Please correct.

A chat representative will be with you in about 0 minute(s). Thank you
for waiting.

Waqar has joined the session and is ready to help. To start, please
provide your name and home phone number.

Waqar: Hi! My name is Waqar and welcome to this chat session.
How may I provide you with an excellent service today?

alpha: 1 sec

alpha: hello thre

alpha: wagar

Waqar: How can I assist you?

alpha: i was informed that bell has a $30 plan on a blackberry z30,
but when i walked in the store to inquire i was told it was a plus
device and the minimum was 50 for voice and 20 for datta what kind of
schem is that?

Waqar: I’ll be more than happy to assist you with your inquiry.

Waqar: Just a moment please. Let me verify that.

alpha: ok

Waqar: may I know the province you reside in?

alpha: ontario

alpha: toronto

Waqar: Great

Waqar: I think this the plan your are looking for.

Voice $35 - Promo
• 200 local minutes during the day, incoming and outgoing
($0.50/additional local minutes and long distance minutes)
• Unlimited local nights (6 p.m. - 7 a.m.) and weekends (6 p.m. Fri -
7 a.m. Mon)
• Unlimited nationwide text, picture and video messaging
• Call Display and Message Center Lite
• Call Waiting and Conference Calling

alpha: for the blackberry z30?

alpha: and the device is at 0$

Waqar: Just a moment please. Let me verify that.

Waqar: this a basic plan, BBZ30 will cost $549.95 with this plan.
BBZ30 is 0.00 with a plus plan.

Waqar: *this is

alpha: naaaa and a plus plan is what i was told at the store then?

Waqar: No; let me give you the details of a plus plan.

alpha: before you do so

alpha: keep in mind that i was told 30$ plan for blackberry z30 on a 2
years plan

alpha: store said z30 is a plus device so i need a plus plan minimum
is $50 for unlimited voice and text but i need data and minimum is $20

alpha: now give me your details

Waqar: The $30 has expired, it is $35 now, the $35 plan is called a
basic plan. BBZ30 is $549.95 with a basic plan.

Waqar: Voice & Data PLUS $60

• Unlimited nationwide calls, incoming and outgoing
• Unlimited nationwide text, picture and video messaging
• Call Display and Message Center Lite
• Call Waiting, Conference Calling

For the Data, you can pick one of the following options that will suit
your needs, if you need any:
• 500 MB for $20/month(minimum requirement)
• 1 GB for $25/month
• 2 GB for $30/month
• 4 GB for $50/month
• 6 GB for $65/month
• 10 GB for $85/month
• 15 GB for $105/month

alpha: i pay $35 for unlimited talk and text nation wide + Us and
unlimited internet $35

alpha: you are ofering me 30 a month for 2gb? thqt is not a good deal
thanks i'll pass

alpha: i'll stick with what i've got hopefuly buy a used z30

Waqar: I do understand that our prices may seem high, but there's a
reason for that. The prices of the plans we sell depend on how
expensive the phone is; we sell you the phone at only a fraction of
its actual cost. The difference between its worth and the price you
pay is paid for over the course of your contract.

Waqar: I do understand that other companies have different offers.
However, there is more than cost to consider when investing in a new
line, and different factors also come into play, such as reliability
and network coverage, for instance. It depends on what your priorities
are and what is most important to you, whether that be cost, quality
or reliability.

alpha: the only thing anyone realy cares about right now is data i can
guaranty you if my phone had to be disconnected, i acan download an
app and make phone calls some actually do have texts and we have bbm
whats app messenger etc.. only using my bbm will kill the 2gb ina day
now imagine all the active apps on the background.

alpha: thanks for the assistance have a good one

Waqar: I understand. Is there anything else I can assist you with today?

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Telus REALLY wants to eliminate that awesome deal of 5GB Data + Unlimited Anytime National Calling for $55.00. I mean, they already did, but I'm still on that plan. Can't say I'd say good bye JUST for a Z30 (but for a $0 or $49 Passport, maybe, just maybe...)

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Love my Q10. I also don't understand why salespeople know so little about BlackBerry phones. I think BlackBerry should offer the salespeople free devices to drive their interest and desire to learn about the devices. If they use them they are far more likely to endorse them on the sales floor. Just a thought.

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Talked to Bell... first guy said yes Z30 with a 35$ plan (not 30$). called back they said no... only with plus plans 60+$. Is there a magic word or something required?

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I just got my z30 last week for 50 bucks in contract. Wonder if they'd reimburse me? Anyone else try?

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Actually, last December 2013 I upgraded from the Torch 9810 to the Z30 for only $49.99 with Bell after convincing them to meet Telus' price. I'm still on my two year plan at $80/mo for 4 GB data, all calls and texts in Canada free, and 10 hrs free HD TV per month. Best deal and best device I've ever owned.

Posted using my BlackBerry Z30.

I'd jump on this, but $80 per month for only 500GB of data is just too damn much money. I'm on Koodo now with a Z10, and a flex-data plan, and I regularly top out at about 1GB per month (no videos, just surfing, email and the odd text) and I rarely pay more than $70.00 per month. Taxes in.

Just phoned Rogers. Have to pay $10 more every month on my $75 plan plus the upgrade fee which currently stands at $193 as my period ends in February. I will wait!

ZZwiped up on my Z10!

I wish those jag-offs at Fido would not only offer it in a contract but also for purchase! I don't get it, Rogers owns Fido, why don't they squeeze their nuts and force them to do it!

Fido's refusal to sell BlackBerry devices and their smug attitude is really grinding my nerves!

I'm getting sick of these fucknuckles...if their attitude doesn't change and they don't offer the new range of BlackBerry devices to come, their it might be to to say good bye! Even though the other choices are not overwhelming!

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

Bell does not like BlackBerry. I bought a Z30 out write $699. It was the phone I wanted. I was looking at a Q10 off shop blackberry. Had to go in to a bell store, I asked about a Q10, was informed that BlackBerry was almost out of business and I should look at Samsung or Apple!! Wtf

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alphabetizer writes:

"alpha: i'll stick with what i've got hopefuly buy a used z30

Waqar: I do understand that our prices may seem high, but there's a
reason for that. The prices of the plans we sell depend on how
expensive the phone is; we sell you the phone at only a fraction of
its actual cost. The difference between its worth and the price you
pay is paid for over the course of your contract."

Hahaha, nice friggin' try, Waqar. The only thing you said that was true was that the prices were high.

The full price of the phone is already built into the contract. Nobody's getting it for a reduced price. If they sell you the phone for $50.00 just to get you to sign up for an overpriced contract, they're putting $450.00 of the phone's price on the back end and burying it in the contract and you get to pay for it over the next two years. This is one reason why Smell and Robbers and Who? Us? just jacked up the price of their two-year contracts to 80 bucks a month.

You're better off buying an unlocked Z30 and going to a provider (like Koodo) that will accept unlocked phones and going with a flex-data plan.

I've actually wanted a z30 to replace my z10, and my contract is up, but now I think I should hold out for the z50... if it ever comes.

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Bell has simplified their rate plan. Here are the options for phone and talk... (1) $45 per month if you bring your own phone (2) $50 for their basic phone (3) $60 per month for a high end phone. Then you have options for data... 2 GB is $30 per month and so forth.
Basically, Bell is charging you $15 per month for 24 months for the upgraded "free" phone. Throw in 13% tax and it works out to $406. I purchased my Z30 unlocked BNIB for $400 cash about 4 months ago and kept my old Bell plan @ $70 per month (data and unlimited calling) thus saving an additional $20 per month for as long as I want. I won't resign with Bell, they will just maintain my rate plan, and I'm buy unlocked phones from on-line sources. My Z-30 was purchased directly from a BlackBerry employee.

 Z30 Rocks 

Just picked up my Z30 and absolutely love it! With Bell and had an early upgrade fee of $240 but will be selling my Z10 and all the accessories for at least $300. Well worth it!

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Just decided to pick up the z30 to upgrade from my z10. Since my phone is primarily used for business I don't mind contracts. Still trying to find a deal on a otterbox defender before I use my new z30.

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