Have you tried Tellme? Take Survey for a Chance to Win an XBox 360 with Rock Band Special Edition!

By Kevin Michaluk on 29 Jul 2008 09:35 am EDT

Take the TellMe Survey!

Rewind back to April 23rd and we announced the launch of Microsoft's voice search for BlackBerry application, Tellme. Microsoft has been steadily working on improving the app since its release, and now they're looking for user feedback to help make it even better. Specifically, they're looking for the help of CrackBerry Nation via a Survey! Kathy at Tellme had this to say about the survey...

The survey is specifically for BlackBerry users who've tried Tellme, and we're hoping to better understand where Tellme is most useful to them, what areas we should improve, and if users' experiences differ depending on their carriers or device types.

It's short (10 minutes), and we're entering respondents in for a chance to win* an Xbox 360 with Rock Band Special Edition (the new one if they're willing to wait!). *NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Open only to legal residents of the 50 U.S. or D.C. 18+. Contest ends August 6, 200. For Official Rules see here.

Make a good BlackBerry app better and have a chance to win a new XBox? How can you argue with that?!

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Plazmic Flame

Why do these things always leave Canada out of the mix? It should be open to North America, we got streets and stuff too. Microsoft can suck a lemon.


Can't install on a VZW 8330 only the 8830 :(


Can't install on a VZW 8330 only the 8830 :(

gs warrior 88

IMO I think this is the best GPS/411 App for the BB. It is a must download. Very helpful in everyday needs. GPS is accurate.


Anyone know why TellMe crashes my 8310 every time I try to use it? Im running

Tellme Team

@goldenuno888, thanks for your feedback. Tellme currently doesn’t support beta versions of the BlackBerry OS, so that may be why you are having problems.


It's understandable that it wouldn't work with a beta version of software, but why would it not work with the officially released European 4.5 versions?


I've had issue using using voice to request information, in that it frequently causes my phone to reboot. However, if I simply type in my request vs. speaking it, it works flawlessly.


i wanted to try it but not for my Verizon 8130.


If you have 4.5 OS dont bother


Works great on my Sprint 8130.


Yeah, def don't use it with OS 4.5, it stopped me from receiving or making phone calls, I was only able to text. Took me a while to figure out it was probably Tellme.