Tell Us / Show Us What YOUR Dream BlackBerry Looks Like!

What's Your Dream BlackBerry Look Like?
By Kevin Michaluk on 18 Jan 2012 12:43 pm EST

I tend to have a lot of interesting BlackBerry-related conversations when I get on the road and attend conferences and shows. Last week at CES 2012 was no exception, where I found myself thinking and debating about what the ULTIMATE BlackBerry would look like.

It's an interesting topic to ponder, especially as we're progressing into a sea of full touchscreen devices, which tend to look mainly the same. While BlackBerry captured consumer mindshare with the iconic full keyboard BlackBerry design (pretty much any smartphone with a front facing keyboard gets referred to as a BlackBerry whether it is or not), Apple was first out of the gate with an iconic full touchscreen. Super-sized touchscreen phones definitely scream Android these days, though telling them apart from one another is something only addicts like our pal Phil at Android Central can easily do.

In the past couple of years we have seen a few users put forth their vision for the future of BlackBerry, with designs like Empathy (above left) and the Titan Concept (above right). And we've already had a couple of glimpses of the design direction RIM may be heading in with BlackBerry 10 devices via some sneaky looks at "London" and "Milan" which featured some fairly angular designs, but with QNX-based BBs pushed back later in the year I'm sure RIM's design team is making use of this extra time to further think out and evolve the next-generation of BlackBerry. 

Tell Us / Show Us What Your Dream BlackBerry Would Look Like: The CrackBerry community has a lot of smart and passionate users in it who want to see BlackBerry kick butt in 2012, 2013 and beyond, so this is your chance to share your ideas and maybe help influence BlackBerry with your vision of your dream BlackBerry. If you're an illustrator or artist, send in your sketches to (subject DreamBerry). And if you're not so good with a pencil or photoshop, you can always tell us what you'd want your DreamBerry to look like in the comments (or email them in too). We'll put our BBDoodle sketcher on bringing some of the ideas to life. 

This isn't so much a contest as it is us having some fun dreaming about the ultimate BlackBerry, but you know us... we love giving away free stuff, so we'll be sure to reward the best submissions. So that's it. TELL US / SHOW US how BlackBerry can stand out in a sea of smartphones. I'll be working on my mockup too.... There's no deadline on this, but you know how it is, the sooner the better. Good luck and have fun!

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Tell Us / Show Us What YOUR Dream BlackBerry Looks Like!


CrazyBerry Initial BrainStorming


- full touchscreen on one side, half display + full keyboard on the back
- minimal dead space at the top of the phone.. really max the display out to the edges
- change the led light from a little circle dot to a thin strip that spreads the width of the device... let the priorty of the message dictate the size of the notification light... high priority messages make the entire led strip glow like crazy
- make it come in WHITE!

- best of the best... plus a nuclear battery...  :)


I like dual screen idea, even better I like the physical keys on the back! this is deff inovative.. anyone actually looks at keyboard while typing. (newbies im not talking to you :P)

Strip is cool, could they animate it?

we love scrolling! bezel/trackball/wheel (even seen finger print reader that was used for scrolling /controlling mouse) could be located on side of device (maybe both sides) as I think edge to edge screen is another great idea.

Lastly, I want rim to decide where the charging port, AV ports are, and not move them. I believe they should fallow the trend and place charging port at the bottom (like 9790).

humm now i want to draw :p

I also like the idea of of the notification strip. Maybe a lil bit of "Night Rider" action lol. Though if they did that they should laser ect it like Apple does with their laptops so you can't see the line....or it will look bad when not lit up.

Not sure about the buttons on the back. That I think will just cause to many problems :(

My dream Phone would be a 9900 with the above mentioned Light strip. But taller & with a screen that goes closer to the sides & top.

OK, I finaly had time today to make my dream berry.

I decided to call the the "BlackBerry B-Bold"

It's design inspiration comes from the Bold 9900, the P'9981, London, and the Playbook.

Please keep in mind I don't really know my way around photoshop.
I tried to show the K.I.T.T. Knight Rider Notification light in the pic, but It didn't work out as good as I had hoped.

It's in png format so anyone can take it & improve it if they want.

Here's the specs for the above phone

Operating System:
o 3.5-inch (diagonal) widescreen display
o WVGA (960 x 640) Super AMOLED Plus capacitive Multi-Touch
o Gorilla Glass 2 with an oleophobic fingerprint-resistant coating.
o Qualcomm’s S4 Snapdragon (APQ8064) Quad core @ 2,5 Ghz
(I would accept TI’s OMAR 5)
o 2 GB RAM
Cellular Connections:
Camera, photos, & Video:
o 8-megapixel back facing camera
o Video recording, HD (1080p) up to 60 frames per second with audio
o 5-megapixel back facing camera
o Video recording, HD (720p) up to 60 frames per second with audio
o Autofocus
o Tap to focus
o Face detection in still images
o LED flash
o Video stabilization
o Photo and video geotagging
Audio formats supported:
o All of them
o Six-axis gyro
o Accelerometer
o magnetometer
o Proximity sensor
o Ambient light sensor
o Assisted GNSS
o Digital compass
o Wi-Fi
o Cellular
Internal Storage:
o 32 GB flash memory
Removable Storage
o microSD (up to 64 GB)
o 3.5 mm TRRS
o Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n)
o Wi-Fi Direct
o Bluetooth 3.0 + HS
o micro USB 3.0
o USB Host (OTG) 3.0
o Near field communication (NFC)
o Micro HDMI
o Li-ion 1850mAh
(Not Kevin’s nuclear battery as I keep my phone on my hip
beside my testies :eek)

I think I know exactly what you are saying with the finger print reader as I too thought this would be a great feature on a phone. Very different from anything else out there and pretty cool too. My JVC HD Recorder has that on the side of its LCD screen. It allows you to scroll through menus and such. The little strip has a little blue light that follows your thumb as you scroll up and down the strip.This would be very cool I think..

Same design as the bold 9900/9930 but lose the keyboard and make it all screen. cam with autofocus 8mp and front facing 3mp. bbX of course and very high screen relosution. dual or quad core and just la creme de la creme. And one more thing lose the (BlackBerry) up front and leave only the logo in the back

I like the idea about making coffee, no really I do.

What it looks like is one thing, I read a lot of good, nay great ideas in that department. But what it does it what really interests me...

I'd like to see the new blackberry's come with yet another radio frequency set, to control the remotely controlled items in your house/office. Like IR(and the apps of course) for controlling TVs, DVD/BD players, PVRs, etc. A frequency to operate the garage door opener. To vibrate/alert when a wireless door bell rings. And with the appropriate control features in your home, control lights and thermostats, etc. And make coffee!

The reason I stay with Blackberry is because I think RIM has nailed the hardware, its the software that needs to move from strictly business to a meld of business AND high-speed multi-media devices.


Good one (especially the battery)!

I was going to say the second shown above, but you made me change my mind. =0)

The two sided is brilliant! Also love the strip for the LED instead of just a small circle. Getting rid of all that dead space would definitely help out a lot as well.

The LED strip for notifications is sweet. Perhaps it could be integrated into the bezel at the top to avoid taking up extra room and could double as a forward flash or low level lighting for video chat. The idea of playing a light saber or cylon noise as it slid along the led would be very cool.
I love my 9900, the full keyboard is great, and even a little bigger would not be bad either. I love the trackpad and the buttons as they are. I wish I had the extra convenience key though.
Bigger Screen as well. I believe the swiping area for the bezels would be a great feature to bring from the playbook to the phones as well.
One thing I love on my 9900 that I don’t have o the playbook is, the ability to actually type without back and forth to different keyboards. The ability to press alt down and a number works great, why can’t we seem to do that on the playbook keyboard. Multiple Select is a very useful feature as well. From the keyboard and trackpad it is much cleaner on the actual action.

I’m not sure if anyone remembers the blackberry terminator phone.

This would be cool. And it does have the 9900 model number, but I have yet to find the button or menu item to select to transform it. GRIN.

I had a dual sided phone once, I can't remember who made it now though. I bought it 'cause I thought it was really cool. Came with a case where it covered one or both sides.

I think it would be cool again to see that.

For devices that I've seen I would love the Empathy. I love the way it looks. To make it. A bit more futuristic it would be cool to have a traditional bb keyboard that formed if you hit a button.

I'd have to think on what I'd come up with in my head.

Not so sure about the nuclear battery. I carry my phone in my pocket. Don't want anything emitting radiation that close to the boys.

D. None Of The Above

BUT I love my 9930 except for a crappy cam, no front cam, not enough memory, and it could use color-changing keyboard...just saying. bebuzz for keyboard should be made possible...

+1 add all of that and the battery life of a 9700, that's my perfect BlackBerry. 9900 is really close already though.


I love my Bold 9930. That keyboard is a delight. A front facing camera in addition to the existing would be nice. Nuclear battery would be boss. Maybe offer it in more colors, like PINK!

I own a BB torch 9800. I find myself using both the touchscreen and the keyboard. I'm trying to decide what way to take when i purchase my next phone because i like the keyboard for the physicality, being able to text without looking and the teacher noticing but i also want a touchscreen for the extra screen room.

I really just want a blackberry that can go rounds with the best of them and currently they can't. I'm excited to see what BB10 brings but i'm also keeping my options open.

Kevin i like the phone on the left, looks nothing like whats out there and looks futuristic

Hey just a reality check. I am a university professor and know everyone who is texting even in a class of several hundred. Even more interesting when it is a smaller class to see students texting when they think you do not know!

lol, im sure that they know but im still able to look up and pay attention because i can text without looking at the screen. Its weird because i spell better without looking then i do when i am looking.

My dream Blackberry would look like my existing Torch 9810 but the screen would fill more of the available space and the keyboard would be slightly bigger.

Definitely. In my opinion, despite the Bold 9900 the Torch 9810 is the most complete Blackberry smartphone available today.

Take the 9810, add Blackberry10 (BBX), a 720p HD screen @ around 4" or so, dual-core 1.5Ghz processors (or since we're talking end of 2012 here, maybe quads running @ 1.2-1.5Ghz per core), exact or further improved keyboard from the Bold 9900, integrated Gist-based social phonebook & calendar, BHive Tasks to replace native app, and video (and audio-only) chat compatible with all Playbooks and other BBX/BBOS10 devices.

Add-in PB gestures, innovative & functional widgets, even better BBM and BBM-integration, TAT Cascades EVERYWHERE, BlackberrySync (powered by NewBay acquisition), new version of DocsToGo, MS Office 365 cloud version, better BB Maps w/TomTom navigation (or Navteq), Android app catalogue, active lock-screens, and FULL versions of the TAT concept apps and the acquired firms such as JayCut and Tungle.Me.

See: ( what-do-you-expect-see-tomorrow-660696/#post6770119) for more info on my BBOS10 software & device hopes...

[Also, full 1080p HD video recording, 8MP+ camera with a Sony sensor (Carl Zeiss anyone?), with the required RAM to back it up and allow zero-lag camera shutter speeds]

Seriously, great great job man! You've done a solid piece of design work for the BB-Community at large. Your design along with elements from the OP 'Bongs' would be a perfect BBX (BBOS10) phone, especially as the software counts just as much toward the success of the new lines of BB phones and tablets.

This phone would be amazing. I'd drop my plans to get an Android device as a personal phone, and would get this in a flash....even in 'late 2012'!

Unfortunately though, my startup's business model means we're using Android as a focus, but we use BB phones and Playbooks internally!

Thank you for your kind words. I am still working on the revised mock-up and trying to make it look more like a BlackBerry and less like an Android device.

That's what I was going for. In fact, when I created this months ago I used a picture of my PlayBook as a base. I love my PlayBook (especially the hardware)

I hope that whatever RIM decides to do, they stick close to it.

eeerrr ^ nuff said (or shown lol). I really love my 9900 but I'd really like to see the QNX experience on a phone with a full touchscreen device.

I agree. which is why I came up with an idea/solution for this phone (I just never made the mock up for it)

Imagine a slide on keyboard accessory which would make the device 30% longer and hide the bottom buttons, trackpad and about 20% of the screen. This Accessory would be a world class RIM/BlackBerry keyboard which would communicate with the phone either through bluetooth or usb3.0 port found on the bottom of the phone. It would also have the same buttons and trackpad as it hides and when connected, it would tell the phone to re-size the screen accordingly do that nothing is hidden behind the section of the screen it hide. This would also provide a little more battery life seeing as less of the screen is being used.

If connected through usb, no battery is necessary. If not, it would also be able to be used at a bluetooth keyboard for playbook and others (which is why I think it should go via usb; keep the sweet keyboard for RIMK devices only)

The only downside to this is cases would have to be modified or removed while using the device.

I took a picture of my PlayBook, and or my 9800, I used photoshop to mesh the two together and played around with it...

@xiaohuazing I agree with your post, this mock up is a little dated (a few months) and I would like to revise it once I get home to my computer with Photoshop. See other replies above for a hint at what I would do with this.

I will try and find the time once I get home to revise this mock-up and beef up the specs desired.

Also I will try to include a visual mock-up of the keyboard accessory I was mentioning in a reply above.

Thanks again everyone for the feedback. :)

Thanks for that Chris089, I'll try and whip something up and maybe I'll make the cut once I submit it to the Crackberry team.

I also might take a few ideas from the above posters. I realy like that LED strip idea (I even mentioned something similar in another thread once)

It does look like a mini-PlayBook, but unfortunately, it looks like a cheap android phone. I definitely like better the London model that appeared late last year.

love it , but i'd love it more if it has a keyboard torch like, i just like physical keyboards more , but the design and specs are amazing

9900/9930 is the perfect form factor; with slightly more screen area, better specs (i.e. screen resolution, chip, etc) and new BB OS10.. would work for me.

You know how u can build your car by starting with the base model and add packages/feat etc? Well I would love to see that in the bb, start with a Torch, Storm, Bold base and add feat I.e. Processor, cam, keyboard style, COLOR!!! Etc would that not be awesome???

The Zune used to have a bit of customization when buying it. You could engrave it, have designs put on, pretty sure it would come with a set of backgrounds to go with the exterior design too. I would love to see RIM do this, I think it would take a bit of work though.

In my oplnion the classic Bold-design should be continued! Therefore I would welcome a device like the shown titan-concept with the then described specs... Touchscreen and so on. For my person I hate the way of a pure touchscreen UI.... And (cross my heart) which reason should I have to purchase a BlackBerry without this outstanding and awesome physical keyboard?!? The market is overfloaded with BETTER touchscreen-smartphones as RIM currently could offer!!

I'm on board with you. A phone like the Titan would be a dream come true. Combining an exellent keyboard and that massive screen and crank the specs on the screen, Os and hardware and you have a phone that would be the next best thing to a philly cheesesteak.

I'd say the 9900 form factor but add improvements to the camera, add better internals (because you can always improve those). Increase the screen size by decreasing the wasted space around it & I like Kevin's idea of the notification "strip" it reminds me of K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider, I can just see my BBM message & the blue light slowly running back & forth across the top of my Berry, now THAT would look sweet, for more important ones maybe increase the speed, but I'd like mine in black (I'm a simple guy & tho white does look nice when it comes to phones I keep my simple.)

i would like to see a high res infinity screen, similar design of the 9900 series, that led notification that CBK mentioned(sounds cool), super high res vid/pic cam, RIDICULOUS battery life, and 32GB built in for anything(apps, music, etc)

-The formfactor of the Bold 9900
-Lttle bit wider
-'Blackberry' logo on the bottom, for more screen space.
-Maybe remove the 4 keybuttons+trackpad
-Better performance overall.
-Keep the stainless steel bezel.

i'm pretty sure the next generation of BB10 phones will have the logo on the bottom. Milan concept, london concept all has it at the bottom. Playbook too.

I say remove the BlackBerry logo from the front of the device entirely! Put the fruit/bb logo on the back as it is now and free up space on the front of the device! Another well know company has been doing this from day one and it hasn't hurt their brand recognition!

the milan that is pictured but more rounded with the smiley keyboard, a 3.8" 1080p display, 720p front facing camera, back camera at least as good as the iPhone 4s, built in inductive charging like webos phones, a gesture area instead of the blackberry logo under the screen (again like webos phones), quad core cpu and gpu, digital compass, agps, gyro, wifi, bluetooth 4.0, nfc, hspa+, LTE, and battery that will last all day.

oh, and an expresso!

I's like to see a mock up of the 9900 with a screen that has playbook dimensions somce we know all future BB's will have screen of this dimension/ratio. I'd just like to see what that would really look like.

For the full touchscreen I'd like to see something like the lumia 900 but with no keys at all (given the swipe gestures) . Make the black screen match the black case so it just looks like a solid black slab. Basically the ultimate slab of glass. I'm not necessarily a fan of slabs but given the swipe gestures RIM might as well take it to it's ultimate endpoint before anyone else does.

Form Factor:
-Similar to the 9900 but a little thinner for better one hand handling.

-Full touch screen... kind of.
-The touch screen part should be a little longer (taller) than the current 9900, doesn't need to be wider, but the increased height would make news / media consumption a little easier.

-Full Qwerty, BUT I'd like the keys to be like the Optimus AMOLED keyboard.
--Every key is just like the current 9900 keyboard, but instead of a plastic button, IT WOULD BE MADE OF GLASS, AND HAVE AN AMOLED DISPLAY UNDERNEATH.
--So in turn, you can create new hot keys, access folders, create shortcuts etc.

**So the screen and keyboard would ideally be as flush as possible, trying best as possible to create an illusion of a full touch display, but the AMOLED display keyboard can be activated at any time, and be customized to our hearts content. =D

The rest that really should be there anyway:
-Beefy battery
-5mp camera at the very least with AF & LED flash
-HD video recording
-Front facing camera
-SD card for expandable memory

Convenience Keys:
-Just volume and mute please, the rest of the keys can be access via AMOLED keyboard ;)
-I'd really like the convenience keys to have a better "click" to them as opposed to the mushy squishy feel.

-Bluetooth stereo
-Wireless charging enabled batter
-WIFI sync / bluetooth 4 sync =D

That... is my dreamberry xD

I want a smartphone with the same dimensions as the Bold 9900. It would have a touch screen from edge to edge as well as a slider type keyboard. No bigger. No heavier. And the rest is processor, camera, speaker, bla, bla,....

Oh and smudge proof glass :)

Now I have seen the one on the right. I WANT IT NOW ! It has made my Bold 9900 look old.

Front facing camera too. Just with the icons as they are on our 99xx's oppose to an icon bar at the top.

Kinda wish I didn't see that concept phone now.

Something like the Galaxy Note in a world phone configuration. I really like the idea of a mini tablet / large phone. One piece of electronics to maintain.

My dream berry would be same form factor as the 9900/9930...front facing cam, auto focus, and beefed up internals to match or one up Android and iPhone.

in my opinion, the space at the bottom is what makes typing on the keyboard easier. If the keyboard is too near the bottom of the phone the position of your thumb will be much lower, which makes typing for long periods of time a sore in the thumb.

Blackberry torch look and typical bold look and we need front facing camera's!!!!!!! blackberry is great for socialising and business

This is easy for me. It's the Bold Touch form factor, but with a leather door. Also would have more solid keys (less of a plastic feel, more like the 9650).

It would have a faster processor and QNX/10.

And most importantly...4G or 4G LTE

Anything else would be gravy.

I'm not as much of a bold thinker as the other commenters - I have a red Torch 9800 and absolutely love it. My dream upgrade from the 9800 would be another vertical slider, maybe a little thinner and with two things others have mentioned above that are good ideas: less wasted space at the top of the screen, and expand the LED to a strip across the top. I did like the look of the Milan, which makes me a bit in the minority - except that I'd move the word BlackBerry to the top and bring back the buttons! (Does it sound like I'm describing a 9810??) And in red of course - or maybe, navy blue - not too many navy blue phones out there!

The Bold 9790 design. Same processor as 9900, 1 GB of RAM, and a 3.1 inch display, (Same four raised BB keys) the bold 9900s keyboard, a 1700 mAh battery, and an 8 mega pixel AF camera and HD recording, NFC, and I'll take two convinece keys if you don't mind, I'll take it way thinner that the 9000 but it dost need to be as skinny as that 9930.

Vive La Blackberry!

It would have a non-optical trackpad (laptop trackpad), touch screen, qwerty keyboard, plenty of storage and the ability to add more if desired (for media that is, apps would retain the original blackberry concept of nothing on the microSD card). It will be able to boot another operating system from the microSD card within a Virtual machine, or on actual harware. There would be a bezel to swipe for gestures. Screen resolution, I couldn't care less, as long as it's crisp and sharp enough. Speed, fast enough not to lag. I don't see the need for quad core, dual is enough for the secondary OS booting in VM.

Specs: (reality included)
2 GHz Dual core or HT CPU
1 or 2GB RAM
GSM 2G/3G/3G+/HSPA/HSPDA (there isn't 4G until 2015, or 2020)
QNX Neutrino RTOS Operating System (with Virtual Machine support, Oracle Java too)
640x640, 800x800 max resolution (automatic widescreen scaling format for 5:10, 16:9, 16:10 videos/photos with NTSC and PAL support), with bezel for gesture support
64GB Flash memory (or Phase-change memory)
USB host
5mp camera, SHD 1440p video capture (1920x1440).
MicroSDXC support
HTML5 support, no flash (HTML5 is the future)
VLC player for Blackberry (plays anything, no apps needed)
2500 mAh battery (yes, a bit thick, 1 or 1.6 cm)
Qwerty keyboard
Mozilla Firefox, Opera Mobile or Webkit browser.

That's my concept.

I think that a landscape slider would feel better in the hand but with a twist. Take the Milan and turn it sideways. Add the horizontal slider. Now take a keyboard about the size of the 9900 and split it. (2 space bars) This would keep the size and efficiency of the keyboard and open up new space in the middle for something. Maybe some programmable buttons or a gesture area so the screen can be viewed comepletely?

Wouldn't be much different than the 9900. All I would change would be the battery life from an 8330, auto focus camera, app library comparable to Android (lots and lots of free apps that make your phone able to do anything from ftp to controlling my media center, and a reworked OS that doesn't rely on a separate app storage space and with zero memory leaks.

Biggest thing I want is just an unlimited source and storage for apps.

A slightly wide, taller but slimmer 9900 without the call/end buttons, only keeping trackpad, back and menu but making them as small as possible to allow more space for touch screen and bezel.

Make the screen as close to the phone's edges as possible, keep the metallic band!

Front facing cam (skype available) and auto focus on back!

FULL DAY Battery life and the best of QNX/OS10 at its best!!

Bring it!!

9900 is a dream to use, if it had more real estate (screen) it would be even better. How can this possibly work?

(1) remove the black borders on the left and right

(2) move the Blackberry logo that is directly above the screen and place it above the ear piece

(3) make the entire area below the earpiece a part of the screen.

The bottom 1/2 of the 99XX can remain exactly as is!

Bold 9930 with an AF 8MP, 1020p HD.
With current goodies plus
BB Movies.
A slightly expanded screen would be a plus but not at the expense of the keyboard or the awesome size.

I still think the Bold 9930 is the best phone out there for me but the above would take it over the top.

I got video chat on the Playbook so I don't really want it on the phone.

They already have the form factor. There's nothing wrong with this form factor so why change it. It does need a better camera and some beefed up internal specs would be nice. A slightly bigger screen is fine but I want it to be proportionate. It looks ugly with a huge screen and small keyboard. Less is more folks(on the outside, not the inside). Battery life isn't the best but you can buy a spare.

For all intents and purposes, the Torch was the ideal BlackBerry, except the screen was too small at a time when phones had began to push past 4". RIM had a winner with this one, but released the damn thing a generation or two too late. The Bold 9900 should have come out in 2008 as a counter attack against the Iphone, since Android was no real threat at the time.

Anyways, I would like to see a Torch form factor with an end-to-end 4" screen, a slide down keyboard, and make it thin as possible.

Next, an all touch screen 4" - 4.3" phone that is thin, sleek, and comes with a world class virtual keyboard.

Finally, the Bold 9900 series should stay as is, just give it better battery life, front facing camera, and of course a better OS.

Create all BB's so they sinc with BB Playbooks.

I'm going to cheat a bit. My perfect Blackberry would look much like my Bold Touch, but without any carrier branding, crapware or limitations on it. That's right, and unlocked Blackberry. That would be nice.

Make it look like a mini playbook with all its gestures and multi touch, include the buttons from the 9800

Then throw in
- 4G LTE
- quad core
- USB 3.0
- 16MP camera, 8MP front facing, all with 1080P recording
- start at 32gb storage and offer a 128gb model, gonna need it with the new video store
- Upgrade the android runtime app to 4.0 and allow the Android market
- let the front camera do a projection / holographic / virutal keyboard
- use Kinnect like face regocnition with the front camera to unlock your phone
- DLNA certified and have an app to make it all work (XBMC maybe)
- Playbook like sound quality
- HDMI output to a TV / screen, also allow the phone to act as a second monitor to a PC.
- When plugged into your TV allow the phone to act as a media hub and stream content from the Playbook or any other media server

Any phone I'd want will be a flip. Give me back the original BB flip phone with more memory, an updated processor, 4G capabilities and made for VZW and I'm IN! I wouldn't mind the current flip with the larger screen, again with 4G, more memory and faster processor.

Oh, make it come with OS5 so I don't have to deal with that detestable OS6 that drove me to Android!

Only flip phones can rate over 50% on my "I want it" scale.

As always, YMMV, but that's the ONLY BB I'll buy.

this is my sentiment too, because I would really like RIM to mainly focus on the software to differentiate the device (i.e. super interersting and flashy cascades UI completely unique to anything else out there). that's where the competetive advantage comes from. besides i love the playbook build and materials.

I would like a thin flat screen with no buttons except the power button.. Just like TAT's future screen concept.. Simplicity is the new sophistication

Must have a huge screen with qwerty keyboard. Basically the screen must be a lot bigger. I like this size of samsung phones.

I like the idea of the BB on the right. I wouldn't mind the 99x0 being wider for an even larger keyboard, screen, battery, and even thinner phone. I use my cursor often so I'm afraid to lose that, but besides that I would like to see the keyboard replace all other physical buttons in an intuitive way. I love the idea above about the "Knight Rider Strip LED", I can just imagine it now.

Take the 9810, and make it a flip phone with bb10, in white and with a touch screen, so that the screen will flip down onto the keyboard, and a vertical 9900 screen on the outside
(Battery life would be awful, sadly)

They have a great design in the 9850, but it is TOO DAMN SMALL !!
Love the form, but it's as useful as a rock for browsing.
Give it as close to a 5" screen as possible and this thing will fly off the shelves.
Oh and BB10 OS of course.
Please RIM, get er done !!

take an iPhone and add a keyboard from the 9800 series..

make it run both iOS apps and BES features

Same design as the bold 9900/9930 but lose the keyboard and make it all screen. cam with autofocus 8mp and front facing 3mp. bbX of course and very high screen relosution. dual or quad core and just la creme de la creme. And one more thing lose the (BlackBerry) up front and leave only the logo in the back

I already have it, my 9900. All I need(as well as many others) is a 2400mAh battery given to us free of charge from RIM for all the charging they've made us perform.

I like the bold form factor which is touchscreen and a full qwerty keyboard.. Make it so much easier to use and navigate.. And I wonder do these new blackberrys gonna have facetime finally? I also like the full touchscreen with the slide out keyboard cause u get a big screen but then at the same time it does get annoying to slide the phone up and down all the time but its not something I hate

I think for me to design a new phone is outside my scope of thought. But if I took the 9900/9930 and revamped it..

Better camera 8mp
Front camera added 3.2mp
Gorilla Glass added
Quad core cpu
Much better battery to support it all
I would alspo change how RIM allocates storage. 8GB is good. But not if I can't use ot for apps.
RAM would go up 2GB seems fair
We could use a bump in screen res.
Flash support, it hasn't been replaced by HTML 5 yet
And as for as Kevin's new notifacation light. Great Idea.
It should support the next line of microSD as well so we can bump our expandable memory to 64GB or 128GB
LTE a must and also I would crank up the radio signal threshold up so Blackberrys can work farther away from tower far better then any other handset.

Will you be posting all of them or simply the ones chosen to be the best. I think it would be interesting to see all the people designs to see how many are alike and what people are thinking in terms of a new phone.

Although I don't own one :( the Bold 99xx is the best looking/dream design device for me. Add a seriously amazing screen (maybe a tad bigger)! Better camera (as iv heard its not great, & I need auto focus) more then 720 hd recording. More memory! Better battery & it would be perfection :)

What I see as a reasonable expectation for BB 10 phones would be the following:
Keeping the Bold 9900 shape and design in mind:
- Since BBX (I know) will be like the Playbook OS, RIM might want to make a full touchscreen phone, but with the 9900 shape (not a rectangle like all the other ones out there)
- the phone should incorporate bezel gestures like the playbook but only from the top and bottom (adding side bezel gestures would make the screen feel small).
- the current buttons should be placed on the bottom and be touch sensitive.
- The LED should be incorporated to the edge of the phone (not a circle).
- The Blackberry logo at the top should only turn on when the phone is in use (like the current trackpad on the 9900) and you should be able to choose colour.
- Other stuff should just be upgraded: better battery, camera, NFC, etc.

This in my mind is more realistic of what RIM could do (especially if they cut down on the number of phones they have).

my dream blackberry is the 9900 with a bigger screen
- better battery 2 days for a heavy user
-front facing camera
-made of metal so i can open a beer on it with out damaging it
-drop proof /water proof
-2 keys one for photos and other for what ever you want.
-super powerfull processor
-app world/ androd app world

A built in bottle opener and a thermometer are sweet ideas. I've often wondered why a digital thermometer wasn't built into phones. Would be cool to just check your phone for the temp right there and then. Mmm beer.

So simple that anybody can use it, so powerful that everybody will use it!

The phone should be so simple that when users pick it up, phone and app navigation should be seamless. Then the phone should be powerful enough to virtually eliminate lag/load times and be able to handle the most resource intense app.

i love the "London" and "Milan" which featured some fairly angular designs as a base. The whole vertical slider concept to me is great. hardware spec should match the samsung galaxy with a slide out keyboard. and a optical track pad where that blackberry name is. and 4G!!!!!!

I love the idea Kevin had with dual screens and the notification led. I would like to add a little thicker so it can have a better battery for the retina display, dual core, bose speakers, full word-powerpoint-excel access, same sexy keyboard from the 99x0 series, push out 1080p HD videos, front and back cameras and packaged with the bose earbuds.

I wanted to add 1 gig of ram but I thought that would be unrealistic. All. Jokes aside if RIM would just go nuts on one device like this making it the flagship I'm pretty sure people will jump ship.

Just sayin.

Give me a shrunk Playbook16GB, with a true 720p display, a micro sd slot, NFC, and a side slide landscape keyboard, and I'll sign contracts, heck, I'll pay cash.

Oh, yeah, and a replaceable battery with a door that doubles as a landscape kickstand :)

it's like me asking you what do you want, i can't do anything bout it soo what's the point of asking?

basically a 9900/30 with a larger screen? I like the idea. Although I love my 9930, I always felt it could use a little more screen real estate. I really like the BB logo that you've incorporated @ the top!

Well I'm not so demanding. I only want to see in the new BBX (sorry BB10, I still like more the BBX name). A only touchscreen device, with a large screen and all the move gestures of the playbook, but with a little black touch frame.

I think that this frame in the playbook is a lost of space for more screen, but do not misundertand me. I like this touch gestures, bur may if this frame is littler will be great!

And I forget, in hardware a leading one, to be sure to have a device for years (maybe two or four cores @ 1,6GHz minimun with 1 GB of RAM a good GPU and a LOT of memory space). :P

9810 slider but of course thinner
- dual core
-5 mp front facing camera and 12 mp rear camera
-bigger screen, stretched to all sides
- trackpad and 4 key buttons integrated in the touchscreen bezel
-projector , for projecting images or videos on a wall or table, and a camera that can read your gestures with the images

Full physical QWERTY key board that could snap back like a clam shell to reveal a 4.7" capacitive touch screen with bezel swipe.
There will be a hole on the key board were the track pad used to be. The touch screen below will perform it role
Kill all the dead space on top of the phone and replace the LED with a light strip which will double as a camera flash for low light video calling
15 mm thick ( like the Tour or Bold 9000) to house a 3000Mah li-ion battery
Quad core will be good, if not dual core and 1.5/2GB of Ram
Camera spec should be the same as the Play book, but the back camera could be better
Full support for Android apps, like a mini android OS inside BB10

Hell, that should blow the competition away, hence the name

what about a miniature playbook style front with a sliding horizontal keyboard and a grippy like back, also itd be nice if they could put a better camera, like at least 8 megapixel,
just some suggestions, but i like the way the playbook's side bars are touch sensitive as well

Bold 9900 with the same factor, but with....
-10 MP camera with true 1080p HD video
-a dual or quad core processor that can run any app or any program without crashing or lagging
-8 MP front facing camera with a new BBM app that can take video calls or a new app for that
-QNX base OS
-a web browser that is NOT like the current one from stone age.
-FASTER and better BIS that is not from 1980s
-Li-polymer battery with larger cell capacity (NOT Li-ion !)

And of course, all the other thing that already in Bold 9900 such as NFC, wifi hotspot, NFC initiated Buletooth file transfer, AR, etc, etc.

Also, I wish RIM will improve the app collection by going in to the Android system or hybrid system with QNX managing Android and Blackberry OS apps.

I really like the keyboard so much that I cannot imagine a BB without one, but after looking at seb.hebert's mock up I got to thinking........what if the keyboard was a removable feature? A thin carbon fiber pocket like accesory that slid up from the bottom connecting to the device??? That way would give me the keyboard I need and in those few instances I need the entire screen I could slide it off and pocket it..... But definetly all connections on the bottom, micro usb 3.0, micro HDMI, actually the rapid charge that is on the Playbook as well. We will need a front facing camera...I like the led strip idea from earlier, but i also like the stainless bezel. The best insides available quad core of course......and while your at it throw in a pico projector right out the top! You know what just make the 9930 a little bigger and throw that pico projector in and im good...

I could care less what the phone looks like at this point; the only three things I want a new BB phone must be able to do/have:

(i) NEVER EVER display the spinning hour glass again.

(ii) NEVER EVER require a battery pull when installing a program.

(iii) ALWAYS ALLOW software to be installed on, and access from, and used from, a memory card so that should RIM in its infinite wisdom (sarcasm intended) decide to release a new phone with next to nothing of internal storage space, I wont have to decide which programs I need to delete in order to install something new. If that is not an option for technical reasons or security reasons (rolling my eyes); then give us, at minimum, 32 gigs of storage space on the phone.

They all look hideous. Where's are the trackpads? Non-physical keyboard on the third design? I use the trackpad a lot, even though I have a 9900. On a touchscreen device, I find myself having to zoom right into a webpage just to click a tiny link. With a trackpad and cursor, I am able to accurately hover over the link and when the cursor turns into a hand pointer, I simply click. It's also one of the reasons why I'm glad OS 2.0 is releasing software to use your BlackBerry phone as a controller, so I can use a cursor on it.

Come on, it's not like companies would think about making a notebook computer without a dedicated pointing device such as a trackpad or mouse...

i like the 9860 form factor. it would be larger with a 4.3 in screen. two track pads ( one that could do bezel swipes).
Most important component, to distinguish BB, and its been mentioned many times, an led strip across the rounded edge at the top so its visible from different angles.

And to go one step further. Why not when you press the top instead of a lock function your led strip lights up and it could have 5 different colored zones for eg. Each representing anything from battery level to twitter feed, bbm, missed phone call. This led strip could also have enough pixels to scroll important bbm message or football score.

Where's the trackpad? My "dream blackberry" is usable first!

The hardware buttons for call and end and menu and back also add positively to my experience. Why remove them just for the sake of removing them? I do not want to swipe to answer or end a call -- it's a pain. Buttons are simple, obvious, and Just Work (tm).

It's a phone, remember those? I don't want to search around for a "phone app" when I want to make a call. Right now, I just press the nicely placed call button. It doesn't get any simpler or easier than that.

I could also do with an extra convenience key as well. One is not enough!

While we're at it, why not move the notification LED to the top, maybe wrapped around like it was on the 7290. It's much easier to see when it's in-holster.

Will- This is what I came up with, my goal was to no stray from what we all love about our blackberry's but more or less move some things around...

Key Features-
Front/Rear Facing Camera's (same hd specs as playbook)
A drool worthy dual core processor
A slide out full QWERTY with optical trackpad
and about the same size as an EVO

I provided a link to see what I have envisioned for the
BlackBerry Intrepid

check it out!

I use to have a windows phone like that 5 or 6 years was great for typing while driving :P

My ideal qwerty device would be an upgrade to the Bold 9900 as that is already a great devices, but changes would be along these lines:

With a slightly wider version of the 9900, you could fit in a 3.2" screen like on 9810 or 9380 (increase the resolution as much as possible) giving you more real estate without having one of those horrible and unergonomic too-tall designs that people mistakenly think would improve the design and it would also increase the size of the keyboard too. If you want a taller screen then a vertical slider makes more sense design-wise.

Stuff like the processor, network support and the camera (add a 2nd too) should all be upgraded sufficiently that reviewers etc. can't be used as an excuse to bash rim, but one thing I would not look to do would be to make the device thinner than it is now and would instead use the extra space of the wider device to include a larger battery and would even consider making the device slightly thicker because even an extra mm would potentially lead to 25% more battery life and that should always be a strength of the blackberry.

In addition to a new Bold, I would produce an all-touch version with the same specs and in a casing that matched the size and design of the Bold, the only difference with that one would be that it dropped the keyboard to make room for a 4.3" 720p display. I would keep the trackpad on this model so that it could be more efficiently used whether you were using one or two hands.

- has autofocus
- streams BlackBerry Remote with my PlayBook flawlessly
- releases on the promised date

Remove the requirement that I must use BIS for apps to work. Why cant I just get a data plan and use my phone like everyone else?

Get rid of hourglass +1kabillion

Do something about the checkerboarding in the browser. Man that annoys me.

As for physical design... Something like existing 9900 or PB with autofocus camera and higher spec'd everything!

I basically would design it to look like a mini playbook. The pb and phone would be unified and align with the concept of integration.

It would be all screen with swipe action and a nice form factor for the hand - some curves in the back. Simple, smart form factor.

Speakers at both ends like the pb.

Top specs. Top spec camera and picture taking software experience. Bose room-filling sound.

Front facing camera.

The sides and back would have flat spots to use level apps

The Bold type model would simply add a keyboard to the all-screen concept

I want to be able to insert my future BB into a car port to fire up my music or Bluetooth sync (and be charged at the same time).

Or the entire phone can be inserted into a sales port at a store and used like a credit card, or Flash/Media drive. I want to be able to use it as a driver's license, passport, credit card, library card, debit card, Big Al's customer appreciation card, Roger's video card, ... you name it card.

That, and put a stun gun feature on it so I can zap people that bother me... only low stun settings, of course. We'll have to wait a couple generations before we can get the James T. Kirk Edition.

As for the look of the BB... it shouldn't look like a traditional slab phone... it should look like a fashion accessory. Perhaps a tie, or a scarf, or a brooch, or a fancy wrist watch. It should be flexible like a piece of paper or a sheet of plastic. One minute it's origami ... the next, I'm chatting with Joan Rivers about the latest fashions... you get the idea... If I'm in a pinch for toilet paper... well...

Keyboard? Who needs it?! Your thoughts control the phone... "oh, I forgot to tell the wife to pick up the bread..." Done. Your phone just texted it to her. Just watch those dirty wouldn't want to text the wrong person, "Who's cuter? My boss or a Mexican Hairless ...?" Done... Doh!!

If I stick the new BB in my armpits for a few seconds, the screen will read out the temperature... 40 degrees Celsius... either ur hot or ur phone is!! POW!

If your on the beach and your Speedo disintegrates, slap it in front like a loin cloth and as you're grabbing your crotch, you're also texting the topless lady suntanning a few metres from you... DANG!

Did I mention the phone can change colours like a chameleon? Or on command? So if you're having a black day, then poof! Black it is. Remember it reads your thoughts... if you're having a white day, then poof! White it is... at the speed of a thought... if you're a having a Mexican Hairless day, well, just don't think about your boss in the same thought stream...

Very, very useful... and revolutionary.

I don't care what it looks like. All i hope for is an independent RIM. The rumors of RIM selling over the past few days have been Nerve-racking. I've owned an iphone 3 and an Android phone. The one device i can not live without is a Blackberry. PLEASE RIM. Just keep making good phones and don't leave us.

I agree with the previous posts we want it to be crazy 3d and 3d icons better brighter screen big one with no edges fast and we want the apps to be with more varaiety im sick of comparing my mobile to iphone or samsung it must be something amazing creative looks like a business and a sporty style i dont like keyboards and it be solid thin and light weight with a good battery life and signal, lol they asked for the look but I feel its a good apportunity to mention everything i would expect, also it must have good games usually i dont use games but the games for the blackberry looks very old and needs to be changed and look like a real game source.

thank you

yeah and please make colours and dont change the price of the colored mobiles and forget about the races as always we find in the market the white is more expensive than the black, so make many colors available at the same time.

thank you

See this is the problem with RIM. I've been a Blackberry now for twelve years. I've owned every other type of phone you can imagine from razrs to iPhones, but my primary device, especially for business & communication has been the Blackberry. I know that story (truth) has been told before. Lots of us phone junkies have to at least experience the latest ( supposed greatest) phone when they hit the market. Right now let's be honest. Initially the Blackberry was not a device for the mainstream, it was a business device that got the job done! With time like most great inventions they (RIM) had to make such a device mainstream. And WOW What a success, BB was the thing to have. Eventually comes Apple, with a device with great graphics, apps and probably still to date the best on board touch screen there is on the market. Apple was able to capitalize on that with an amazing app store. Marketing "Now there's an app for that", RIM and everyone else and their mother has tried to build the device that will kill the iPhone and now, the iPad. I have bad news, it sure wasn't going to happen while Mr. Jobs was around. Now Apple will maintain for at least the next 5 years, but without its visionary (Apple was Jobs & Jobs was Apple) you really can't have one without the other.

Because of the comp and this rush to out do Apple, RIM, MSFT & Even Android have subpar app stores and poorly thought out Marketing campaigns. Blackberry struggled with the Storm 1 & 2, but with time did what the should have been doing - they've improved the Bold (other devices as well), the stuck with what they know. Going forward with Blackberry 10 they should continue with the Bold. There's still a market for real full key boards (the touch screen a bonus). Sure make an all touch screen, but keep the device style that got you there. Redo the app store and set higher standard for the developers.

RIM needs to do what it does best, otherwise they'll end up like Palm... Need I say more, oh and the play book, well there's still a market for that but in this case patience is a virtue. Regroup & get it together. 

Based upon a 9810 slider form factor and specs, I would want these changes/enhancements:

.) a significantly thinner device
.) same keyboard size & quality as the 9900 (wider overall device size accepted)
.) battery lifetime of 2 working days (or longer, of course).
.) a better lock key (get rid of the rediculous un/lock key that can be pressed by the weight of a feather, that the 9800 already suffered from and nobody @ RIM felt this needed to be improved on the 9810).

This would be my personal new BB of desire.

Think BIG and SMALL at the same time. Since mfgs are now making flexible screens, how about a BB the size of a battery and qwerty that unfolds into thirds (??) revealing a double size screen (Playbook size??). And on the back of it, solar cells to charge so you'll extend battery life. Maybe even a new take on the old IBM laptop "butterfly" keyboard to reduce size even more. Sorry my photoshop skills are not that great but something like this, very simple and nice to look at. The back I would want either plain black glass look or some high end look with leather and stitching. has to be:

quad core :)
no keyboard (I know RIM will bring it on another device)
obviously QNX or BB10 whatever
8MP camera 1080p recorder
sd card slot easy access on outside of device

My dream blackberry will take care of the kids when they are cranky, listen to the wife when she is complaining, serve me beer during hockey games and print money in between pay days! Everything else would be a bonus!

4inch screen
Samsung Galaxy look, with the roundy squared edges
All touch with gestures(like playbook)
Trackpad, maybe?? I'm torn......haha
All black and all white variations

That's it, pretty simple. I'm hoping this is what the first BB10 phone will look like....

Everyone here is wrong... best solution:
9860 screen + 9900 keyboard + curves from the 9100 prototype (the orange one) = awesome sauce

OK, I finaly had time today to make my dream berry.

I decided to call the the "BlackBerry B-Bold"

It's design inspiration comes from the Bold 9900, the P'9981, London, and the Playbook.

Please keep in mind I don't really know my way around photoshop.
I tried to show the K.I.T.T. Knight Rider Notification light in the pic, but It didn't work out as good as I had hoped.

It's in png format so anyone can take it & improve it if they want.

Here's the specs for the above phone

Operating System:
o 3.5-inch (diagonal) widescreen display
o WVGA (960 x 640) Super AMOLED Plus capacitive Multi-Touch
o Gorilla Glass 2 with an oleophobic fingerprint-resistant coating.
o Qualcomm’s S4 Snapdragon (APQ8064) Quad core @ 2,5 Ghz
(I would accept TI’s OMAR 5)
o 2 GB RAM
Cellular Connections:
Camera, photos, & Video:
o 8-megapixel back facing camera
o Video recording, HD (1080p) up to 60 frames per second with audio
o 5-megapixel back facing camera
o Video recording, HD (720p) up to 60 frames per second with audio
o Autofocus
o Tap to focus
o Face detection in still images
o LED flash
o Video stabilization
o Photo and video geotagging
Audio formats supported:
o All of them
o Six-axis gyro
o Accelerometer
o magnetometer
o Proximity sensor
o Ambient light sensor
o Assisted GNSS
o Digital compass
o Wi-Fi
o Cellular
Internal Storage:
o 32 GB flash memory
Removable Storage
o microSD (up to 128 GB)
o 3.5 mm TRRS
o Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n)
o Wi-Fi Direct
o Bluetooth 3.0 + HS
o micro USB 3.0
o USB Host (OTG) 3.0
o Near field communication (NFC)
o Micro HDMI
o Li-ion 1850mAh
(Not Kevin’s nuclear battery as I keep my phone on my hip
beside my testies :eek)

I CALL THIS THE PLAY BOOK MINI OR SIMPLY PBM --- I'm not sure if anyone has come up with this idea already but what if RIM came out with a BB that is pure landscape, imagine something like a PSP the QWERTY keyboard is split down the middle of a tradiional 9800 keyboard for your thumbs (left and right side). On a typical PSP style form factor you hold the device on each side viewing it in landscape mode, the thumbs would be situated normally where the controlers are and instead of the buttons and the thumb stick, would be one half of the QWERTY keyboard for each thumb. This will allow the screen to be wider so you can get a minimum of 4 or 5 inches (diagonally) of the highest quality multi-touch OLED possible (3X5 or 4X7 inches), Stereo speakers for gaming, bluetooth connectivity, wi-fi conectivity when at home or out and about and connected to the latest wireless networks (LTE, 4G, 3G... and your ABC's). And all this in a package as thick as the RAZR phone. And don't forget your camera features, LED flash etc. Hey, call this the PLAYBOOK MIN (PBM FOR SHORTI... YEAH THROW IN THE ABILITY TO AUTO ROTATE THE SCREEN TO PORTRATE. On the back will be grooves for your fingers, the device is made out of aluminum or steel frame for structure or the best possible ABS available colors in white black and any berry color possible.... Since this is a dream device, why not throw in a few CPUs (quad or two quad cores).. NO TRACK PAD, just make part of the screen control the cursor like a track pad on both sides of the screen.

The London with a tiny bb bluetooth thumb keyboard as an accessory, so it is a little palm sized "pad" with the famous keyboard, trackpad, etc... But, obviously, a person doesn't need this tiny keyboard to use the London, it would just be a bonus for die hard bb keyboard / trackpad lovers out there. Make the design of this little accessory elegant and attractive. Something a person wouldn't mind having with them. It also wouldn't ruin the aesthetic of the London, due to being detached.

A person could then use the playbook as a monitor for the London and the little keypad as the remote. With the playbook connected to the London as well as an hdmi monitor, everything interacts and can be toggled about, lol.

Or a London with a virtual keyboard that projects out from the bottom of however the devices is oriented, onto whatever surface it is sitting upon. With wireless hdmi coming, it could be perched atop a little docking platform for your lap and stream wireless video to a larger screen with the virtual keyboard being projected perfectly onto the little docking platform. I dunno, whatevz

I dunno, I got nuthin'


in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere


I don't have any sketch or drawing to show you, only some LISTS i hope it help to illustrate my of my DreamBerry :

Size / style of the phone: Milan / London, combined keyboards size of bold 9900/30 only much widder with dedicated key for ( @ ) and has a slider keyboards with lock release. wrapped around on a some kind of metallic or aluminum brushed. Build in some kind of clear ishield full body protector. 3 convience keys. Back side is a real carbon fiber sheet. Blackberry Logo style acts as the Home button.

Screen size: would probably same as Milan / London with Liquid Graphics ( top of the screen has a SOLAR SENSOR )

Camera: Autofocus Front and back both have flash with 10mp, capable of 1080p video ( capable of taking Paronomic pictures ) video chat or capable of CONFERENCE CALL for Business related

Memory: 16gb internal memory, with a micro sd slot and can use up to 64gb..

Processor: at least 1.8 - 2.0 dual core processor

( QNX support ) and support 4G network. Add more BBM apps integrations.

Battery: 3000- 3500mah ( has a capable to be recharge by using the SOLAR SENSOR located on top of the screen ) we have it on our calculators. The battery kicks when dark is present.

......and finally the name: something catchy and would definitely stands out..

Blackberry " GODZILLA "

Really great concepts and ideas. Some other features that could be included could be tv-out, sns integration, video/organizer/editor, voice memo/dial/commands, wifi hotspot, dlna, and/or voice integration. There could be three offerings for business customers such as the titan,reworked bold form, and a reworked design similar to the Porsche design, For consumers, the London, Empathy, and Anastasiadis Blackberry concept (which could be also used for business customers). A great marketing team with new and innovative ideas to successfully market these great upcoming products.

Im glad you agree, lets hope all of are ideas would inspire RIM Team and esp the new CEO. I can't wait to see the Final device. OMG!!really cross fingers and toes for this ONE. This time they need to listen to what customers wants and needs.. this would be Awesome... Thanks

I would love to be able to incorporate iTunes into my BlackBerry Phone & Playbook. We've had iTunes in our PC for ages and I convert songs to mp3 to port to my BlackBerry devices. I also have an iTouch so I can watch any movies I bought or read ebooks & listen to audio books. Ability to access iCloud would be nice. My husband is dedicated iPhone and has an iPad.

I am very upset that I cannot port any movies I have bought via the Blackberry App Store on my Z10 onto my playbook. Why was the Playbook's app store never upgraded?
Ver upgraded?