Tell us: how does your smartphone factor into your sex life?

 Tell us: how does your smartphone factor into your sex life?
By Derek Kessler on 7 Feb 2014 07:59 pm EST

Here at Mobile Nations we like to think of ourselves as being real tech for real people. And we know that in addition to owning smartphones, real people go on dates, send each other photos, have sex, and all sorts of other stuff. The smartphone is playing a greater and greater role in all of that, so we wanted to know just how you are using your smartphone to get it on.

We're not afraid to ask the prickly questions. Even that leads to us finding out you're into prickly things (to each their own).

Now, I know where your brain is going, and we're not suggesting that you engage in sexy times with your smartphone (that's weird and a potential trip to the ER), but we know that plenty of you use your smartphone to facilitate said sexy times. So we've put together this little survey that delves into how you use your smartphone in kinky and not so kinky ways

We want you to be fully honest with us, and to have some fun. After all, there's nothing at stake here. Except for maybe your dignity. So hit the link below and, uh, get it on.

Smartphones and sex — the survey

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Tell us: how does your smartphone factor into your sex life?


the site told me to be honest, so i entered that i'm under 18 years of age.
now, i cant enter the survey anymore.

There are kids who visit this site, do you really think that they won't lie just to take the survey? Really I hope that this article is removed tonight, there are some postings lower down that advocates domestic abuse and totally disrespectful to women! Poorly thought out article.

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I don't think that this article should be removed. I've always said that BBM It's a fantastic tool to be a bit more naughty and liberated. So being honest for once it's refreshing!!

Juacas posting via CB10

This could have been achieved without a survey, if the Author wanted to stay on theme for Valentines day it could have been differently worded, such as how does your mobile factor into your love/romantic life. Not blatantly sleazy like it's currently written,with a survey and all.! Like I said there are kids who read this site and this article and some of the following commentary are pretty appalling! It's a tech site not Hustler magazine!

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I like to play some fast techno music on my z10 as I mount up on the wife, she loves it when I do that. She also loves it when I pull my z10 out of the freezer and slowly run it up her thigh until it reaches her honey pot. Then me and the z10 pleasure the hell out of her.
You know how the z10 rolls, then I turn the vibrate on and call it like crazy as it gently rests on her criteria (dawn Z spell check, u know what I mean). Then I BBM the hell out of that phone until she screams Z me baby Z me.

OK, back to the Olympics and my 7th beer.

Ahh that name LMAO!

Really want to hear her scream Z? Time for a Z30 lol. 5 inches of pure love (and glass, yeah don't shatter the glass)

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Here's an idea set your phone to vibrate and shove it up where the light doesn't shine. Now how's that for a servey.

The last thing I would be thinking about if I was in an intimate moment with my significant other would be my phone.

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Can we start a #phonesex for all the pics posted on all 4 MobileNations sites? lol

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Smartphones can bring us even closer to our partners; and that can be naughty, but all-around nice. I enjoy receiving 'I love your body' messages almost as much as I enjoy the 'I love you' ones. Almost.

Derek I understand that there is not much to do on WebOS Nation, but find something else to do to keep yourself busy

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This survey was fun! took it while I was on the phone with a girl i'm talking to... profited to ask her the same questions haha

Apparently you need to own either an iPhone or Android phone to score with the ladies these days. BlackBerry - meh... :P

You guys just shove your iPhone where it doesn't shine, cause iPhones have the tendency to get longer each time.

Hope anyone can translate that (picked it up from an overseas mate years ago):

"Lang und schmal - der Frauen Qual,
Kurz und dick bringt Frauen Glück!"

There you go, iPhone, the Q10 is the winner!

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Ahahahah wtf dude that is extremely funny. I see what you did there with the iPhone and Q10 thing. ;) If anyone doesn't understand the above expression. Long and thin tortures women. Short and thick makes women happy.

This is the best response to the article. You deserve an all-expense paid trip to your choice of Winnipeg in the spring or Iqaluit in the winter.

Posted via the BlackBerry Q5 using CB10.

Ahhahahhhhhhhahhaahahahha. Best post ever. Damn thing is silent till when we done.

Blackberry, my proverbial middle finger

This is an interesting topic that can be discussed as open minded adults.

No need to have unproductive comments trying to get attention or disrespect the author who by the way is a fellow Crackberry member regardless of being a staff member. U feel offended? Don't like it? It's a big site, close the thread and move on.

Anyway I like the privacy and security the BlackBerry server offer when you have to exchange and save pics with someone you're intimate with. Also the security on the phone itself to keep prying eyes from said conversations.

It is great to have your kama sutra pdf handy if you wanna try something new and also a good playlist to set the mood right. Bedside mode helps keep interruptions under control. Great tool to have!

 We have apks cuz we need 'em not cuz we want 'em 

If anything it gets in the way of my sex life. Girls get annoyed when your out with them & checking your phone.

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Bed time consists of glows on the.left and right side of the bed. Wife is making babies on the Sims, and I'm crushing candy.

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Oh, hope she won't crush any other thing that hurts, if there's so much mutual neglect!


This is how it's done. Works for me:
"Husbands, love your wifes... in this same way, husbands ought to love their wives as their own bodies. He who loves his wife loves himself." (Ephesians 5:25,28)

What goes around, comes around. Positively. Send a kiss or a smile to her through BBM. Opportunities are endless.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Well with all the time I save with flick texting I make up for it in the sack!

You asked...Boom goes the dynamite!

Posted using the best phone ever, the white Z10!

Derek, keep your writing to tech and phone issues and stay in your lane. This is not of your business and you and whoever approved this blog being published should be fired. This is not a playboy blog... I read it to be informed of BlackBerry issues. period. Shame on yourself and whoever hired you!

Posted via CrackBerry on my official 10.2.1 AT&T Z10 BlackBerry

So your saying Kevin is outta job! Oh no.

Don't be so hard on him, in this day and age, it's a fair question, the survey is a survey no personal info required. You have the option to do it, but your comment is a little out there by saying someone should be fired.

We all have an opinion on the me matter, and we'll leave it at that.

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So should we start talking about all of the phone sex one has using one's BlackBerry just because there is a BlackBerry involved in the process? No. This post/survey is dumb and inappropriate, plain and simple. If you want to talk about one's sex life then there are plenty of websites out there that will let you do just that.

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While "working" don't not answer anything...otherwise, you be unemployed in the bedroom...haha...turn it off until your done your business...

Rocking the Z30 Regina SK Canada

It's a crackberry blog app. About BlackBerry and mobile devices. I opened it expecting a mobile article. If I wanted to take a sex survey I would go to other sites. Get it? Respect your readers and their intellect. This was totally uncalled for!

Posted via CrackBerry on my official 10.2.1 AT&T Z10 BlackBerry

well, you obviously lack the proverbial 'sense of humour' women are always after in men if this article threw you so much off balance... :) Ever read the FT Weekend? There are articles about pretty much anything...

i took the survey. i dont know what some people are upset about. no big deal. I had a laugh at it... good fun.

Valentines is coming....people need to lighten up on this topic. I'm old school, send a text saying, "let's get it on". Come home and get my freak on. Done!

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I wish my Z10 could have a role in my sex life, but I'm a gay incel.

Motorola V3xx --> Nokia E63 --> Nokia N900 --> Nokia N9 --> BlackBerry Z10

Music player, porn video via hdmi to TV. Don't have to store on media server. Lil ones don't see what they don't need to see. Think people!

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This is below standard. I'm commenting because I'd like the CrackBerry staff to reconsider doing this kind of thing in the future.

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I was on a date once and the chick told me to go F my self and the BlackBerry I brought here too. Does that count as sex? LOL!!!

Posted using my awesome Z10

It is my sex life at the moment. Broken hip, can't walk, can't leave house really, can't have any girls jump on me. Sucks!!!! Z30 is 70% of my life for the next 3 months


Those that are mad are squares and either don't get any or are insecure of their ( little problem) lol

Not your typical blackberry user

Can you guys post stuff about the latest advances in technology at BlackBerry rather than this? Seems like the staff at crackberry are a bit perverted...

Posted Via Z10

This article is not representative of what makes CrackBerry great. Shoulda thought thus one through...

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It got a good enough camera for the room ;)

[URL="bbmc:C0001BBA7"]CLICK HERE[/URL] To Join My Music & Poetry Channel. Please&Thanks.

Well besides enjoying free porn sites on the wonderful Z10 with its newly enhanced Natural Sound...sometimes I put it on vibrate and keep it next to my testicles...does that count?!

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

Bb10 doesn't touch iPhone no proper snapchat what the f*** can i get without that? I need headless snapchat not this sideloaded bullshit

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Ive recorded my girlfriend and I having sex using my Z10 camera and it really comes out pretty good. The Quality of the camera is superb.

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I only read the title and had to respond that it certainly has not helped it. My wife says my phone is my true first love. I don't have a good comeback....

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

I'd probably need the help of my smartphone; it's been so many years since I've been with someone I wouldn't remember what to do anyway :/

Posted from BitPusher's Q10

See ah bess ting in d mall, grab meh z30, add she on ah blaze on it. normel.

(only trinis wud

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Hmm the only sex I get from my smartphone is getting screwed over with the cost of the service from the cell phone company's

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Let's just say there's no need to worry when it comes to security and photos ;)

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My BlackBerry makes my wife so hot and horny.. OMG. The Hub!!!! Wow.. it makes my cock so hard. It's totally rocked our sex life. My wife gets wet just thinking about her BlackBerry. When I come home from work we f*** like animals because our BlackBerry's make us sooo worked up.

Posted via CB10

I mean really. Who TF Approved this to be published? Kevin? That goofy fat puke who's hard up for a piece and can't figure out why? Pro tip to you muffin top BlackBerry nerds out there. Get your nose out of your phone and live in reality. Prying for info like this is pathetic and it won't help you get laid. And it certainly won't help BlackBerry. Go for a run fattys.

Posted via CB10

All i'll say is that the mighty Qued outlasts anything else out there!

Posted by twiddling my thumbs on my Qued10 in CB10

If the Qued's a rockin', don't come knockin'

Posted by twiddling my thumbs on my Qued10 in CB10

No need for sweaters. The sheep are on their way!

Posted by twiddling my thumbs on my Qued10 in CB10

Keeps me connected to all my side b1tch35 on all platforms cos BlackBerry 10 is a hybrid OS., helps me respond real quick and keeps messages secure from my main b1tc5 thanks to picture password. Also, the 4500mah battery makes sure I'm always reachable.

Posted via CB10 on my Z mfk'n 10!

I like to teabag my Z30 on a regular basis. Sometimes, during a full moon, I get the urge to just ram it up my ass. (Ask a stupid question.........)

Let's put it this way, I have a loving relationship with my z10 and it's getting serious.

Posted via CB10

Baffled. Who is this guy anyway? Never heard of him. Maybe I have missed his other scintillating posts.

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

The physical keyboard definitely helped my finger dexterity and strength. The "two-thumb" method is her personal favorite.

My blackberry Q10 is only used for work but if I could used it to meet other guys then I would do sow. My pin is 2B791F62. Hit me up. :3.

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Funny thing is this thread has got everyone commenting so job done!

Posted via CB10 on my Z10(& i am luvin it!)

LOL I don't get all the negative comments. It's a nice survey to find out how the smartphone is related to our sex lives. It's a normal question since we use our smartphones for so many goals. Why wouldn't the options a smartphone brings be used for some HEAT?! But I guess you gotta be open minded for that. I'm glad there are ladies who are, that's all I'm gonna say about it on here :)

And I don't mean physically using the smartphone for sexual activities, that would be pretty sick!

Ask Freddy, he'll show you some revenge. Pretty sure he knows how (to handle that thing).

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

That is so true. One of the nurses at the hospital I work at saw my phone one day and asked, "Oh my God! They still make Blackberry? Why?"

Is this question really asking us whether or not we use our smartphones to watch youporn?

The answer is "no." Not even with the Z30. A laptop is far better and gives an unparalleled sense of presence versus a small screen.

Posted via CB10

Didn't expect to see a survey like this one on CrackBerry. It reads like a teen article. 'Are you a guy or girl ', what happened to male of female? Is someone feeling like a teenager again? Is someone in luv? ;)

Posted with my Z10 via CB10

Damn there are a lot of uptight people.

Don't take the survey if you find it so offensive and let the rest of us have fun.

Posted from my awesome Q10 via CB10.

Ooh blah blah..i think stirring the pot is a great way of interacting with the user base. This is a relevant topic..these days mobile devices are used for nearly everything. Everyone not up for a little amusement should abort crackberry.

I took the survey without hesitation..did you?

Posted via CB10

Some times I'm not sure what i should play with! I think if i buy myself an iphone id have more sex, lmfao..

Via Crackberry Z30

People need to relax. Wow that survey was so much tamer than expected from the comments. And completely relevant to this site. Site examines tech in our life and how we interact with it. Exactly what the article is about. It opens the door to further conversation.

Teen agers are being charged with having child porn and distribution of it. Not because they are sick or criminals but they are caught up in emotions they don't get.

Camera, TV out, browser and apps are all usable by all ages to use in this very important subject. Marriages end over this topic so it's not childish.

We can get outlets, thermostats car starters, home security, turn a phone into an entertainment center, manage our finances and run a business. Be a fitness instructor, shop and buy everything you need or want.

Be naive to think romance sex life would not include this technology. Embrace and discussing it with your spouse, significant other, someone your dating or special friend casual encounter.

We are already slow to the table to have this topic looked at and discussed. We embrace technology but never the conversations that need to accompany it.

Lot of humour in the comments and yet a lot of serious points as well. I really hope Crackberry sees the survey and these comments as well as what I have said to right some professional articles to discuss the topic with the Crackberry community.

Kudos for having the courage to approach a tough topic to a large audience

Posted via CB10

I got half way through and found it was a little bit like Google. Information gathering. Lol

Posted via CB10 on my Q10

Just when you think Crackberry couldn't churn out a dumber "article" or survey...surprise.

Posted via CB10

Easy. When I see a beautiful women, I'll walk over with confidence, show her my Q10 and it's a done deal. Sometimes these awkward moments arise when she doesn't wanna let go of my Q10. If you believe this, it will rain bananas.

It doesn't, still no game. One handed operation of the keyboard comes in handy while watching porn while the other hand is, er, occupied.

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Now if only Verizon would stop F++++++g around and release the update. I could tell you more, but the foreplay is getting old......

Posted via CB10

Been reading the replies over the last twenty -four hours and laughing.

Can't wait for the "Smartphones and religion - the survey" and "Smartphones and politics - the survey" posts.

Posted via CB10

Got me thinking just how much my phone has factored into my relationship with my boyfriend. All these negative comments are a little much... looking forward to seeing some results!

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