TeleNav showcases off-board navigation on QNX CAR platform

By Bla1ze on 14 Jul 2011 01:49 pm EDT

While not directly related to BlackBerry -- as we know from Kevins recent trip to Waterloo, we know RIM and QNX have plenty of things in store when it comes to the automotive sector. QNX has the QNX Car Platform that they've demonstarted on many occasions and it's only a matter of time before we see further developments of BlackBerry integration in automotive from QNX. Two weeks ago, at Telematics Detroit, TeleNav demonstrated their services using the QNX Car Platform -- while they didn't use a BlackBerry PlayBook for it, it does offer a glimpse of things to come.

Source: On Q

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TeleNav showcases off-board navigation on QNX CAR platform


So many blurbs of potential here and there the past 6 months.... hurry up RIM... put all of this cool stuff in one device!

So why don't we have a turn-by-turn, standalone GPS app available for the Playbook? Dash was acquired by RIM two years ago. They own the IP to deliver it and the Playbook has the power to run it. Come on RIM!

I'm bothered by the lack GPS enabled apps for the PlayBook, period. There aren't enough navigation apps to even fill one page in App World. I can hardly believe that there isn't a native navigation app for the PB either. I would tend to think that a PB would make an excellent big-screen GPS unit and so much more. What's the holdup?

So, Am I missing something ??

The H/W and S/W was able to navigate to another destination like any other sub $100 GPS device.

What's the big deal ?