TeleNav Is Looking For A Few Good Testers; Introducing TeleNav "First Look"

By David Boyd on 29 Dec 2009 02:00 pm EST

Have you ever used a software application on your BlackBerry and said, "That's great, but why doesn't the app do this, or do that"? Well now is your chance to get involved in the process and provide feedback on the future of TeleNav.

If you live in Seattle or San Jose areas, you may be eligible to participate in the TeleNav First Look program. If you use TeleNav on your AT&T Bold 9000, Sprint Tour 9630, or Verizon Tour 9630 you should head over to the TeleNav Blog and take the survey to see if you qualify. 

Full details and eligibility requirements can be found on the TeleNav Blog. What are you waiting for... this is your chance to boldly go where no man has gone before. OK... that was a little cheesey, but this is a great chance to get involved in the process and make a difference. Good luck to all who apply.

Reader comments

TeleNav Is Looking For A Few Good Testers; Introducing TeleNav "First Look"


No love for the Austin area???

Too bad, I'd have loved to have been a Beta-Tester for Central Texas.

TeleNav has been unstable since I've had it, and inoperable since September and they're looking for beta testers to improve it??? How about making it work in the first place??? That would be an improvement!

I've been a subscriber through Telus since January, and TeleNav has broken twice and required re-installation, and now has been down since September - 3+ months - affecting many other users with no projected ETA for a fix. Telus' only fix has been to deduct it from my bill, which is appreciated but hardly a fix.

I can't believe this - this topic is a joke, right? Please tell me it's a joke - please!

- R.

Looks like maybe you're just having a bad experience with them. I've used TeleNav on AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint without any problems. Now of course, that doesn't mean that Telus is the same. Have you contacted TeleNav directly to assist with your issue? I have found them to be extrememly helpful.

i wouldnt call it broken....
on the most part it will get you there, rarely its off, but when its off its way off, i only use it since i get it free with sprint, i've also used Amaze which i found to be alot more acurate, and matched garmin turn for turn

I work, literally, right around the corner from these guys and live, and go to school, in San Jose... but I'm sporting a Storm. Oh well...