TeleNav GPS Plus now available on most Verizon BlackBerry smartphones

By David Boyd on 9 Oct 2011 02:53 pm EDT
Verizon Bold 9930

Our friends over at TeleNav have just announced that TeleNav GPS Plus is now available on select Verizon BlackBerry smartphones at a great low price of $9.99/year for a limited time. That's 50% off the regular price!

This is a full-service version of TeleNav that offers the following great features:

  • Turn by turn voice guided directions with automatic rerouting
  • Multi-Route: Suggests up to three different routes to your destination
  • Lane Assist: Shows which lane you should be in prior to your next traffic manuever
  • Local search from over 22 million local business listings, restaurants, stores, and more
  • Plus much more
This is available now for the following devices in BlackBerry App World:

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TeleNav GPS Plus now available on most Verizon BlackBerry smartphones


You can! Just go to the telenav site or shoot them an email with your device model and they will send back a link for your download within ten minutes.

I want to know this too. Right now I pay 10 bucks a month for Verizon Navigator. If I have this, can I cancel VZW Navigator and pay only $9.99 / year?

Hi guys - Kenji from TeleNav here. To answer you're question, there's no monthly fee with TeleNav GPS Plus. You just pay $9.99 for the year. Keep in mind though - this is a limited time sale. Otherwise it's $19.99/year.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email me at kenjio(at) :)


I down loaded this app on Friday on my BB 9930 verizon. It seem to work fine. Shortly after I received an email and notice that the red light was not flashing. I did a battery pull and the phone kept re-booting itself. I took the battery out and drove to Verizon and place the battery back when I got to the store. That where I got the error 102. I'm getting a replacement on Monday. I'm no expert but I am leaning towards this app killing my phone. I hope the replacement works well.

Boost offers this for free if you are an unlimited customer i have ran this on a 8530 and 9670 and the app has always performed exceptionally well for me. Telenav is a great app!

Got this app on my Bold 9900 on Bell Mobility for 50$ (one payment for life) and it works perfectly!

Bell offers this for $9.99 per month for $49.99 for a full version of it... I spent the $49 and it's great, so, hopefully the other carriers will offer a similar pricing model.

Telenav is the worst GPS app there is. Continually sends you in the wrong direction and even with the most current updates, the maps are incorrect and out of date. Garmin FTW!

Telenav has been nothing but stellar for me. I use it almost every day on my Bold 9930. It has a ton of results when I search for things, it finds my location fast, and the turn-by-turn works great, and has perfect integration with the music app (pauses track, announces directions, resumes track). Oh, and by the way...How much does Garmin pay you?

TeleNav GPS Plus Now Available on Verizon BlackBerry: On Sale for $9.99/year
This info appears on the telenav website.uploading now can't beat this price!

Telenav is free on Sprint, loved it on my 8350i and 9650 - great app and just as accurate as my Garmin, if not better.

Works perfectly on my new 9930. You have to tweak it depending on which type of directions you prefer, i.e., fastest, shortest, highway etc. or "ask me each time." Either way it always gets you there but may be more circuitous depending on you choice you may make.

a one time payment of $10 gets u service for a whole year. got it for my 9930 on verizon. works perfect. no problems with the phone.

VZNav>GarminMobile>TeleNav by far, but if price is your main concern, you can reverse the order. TeleNav is slower and much less accurate besides slow to update maps, but $9.99 per year is hard to beat for sure.

This is an awsome app. I had it on my BB Pearl years ago and used it all the time. Back then it did cost me 9.99 a month on vzw. I just spotted this in AppWorld and jumped at the chance to have it again on my BB 9650. More than worth the price of 9.99 a year now.

This is ridiculous: it's 2011 and we still have apps limited to one country.

Anyone know a comparable app that's available in canada?