TeleNav GPS Navigator 6.0 Releasing This Week

By David Boyd on 22 Mar 2010 08:51 am EDT
TeleNav HQ

TeleNav has long been one of the go-to applications for GPS services on your BlackBerry. Carriers across the world have it available for download on their BlackBerry devices, and some even have it specifically branded for their network.

Starting this Wednesday, March 24th, users on AT&T with the BlackBerry Curve 8900 or Bold 9000 can download the newest version of the TeleNav software, labeled on AT&T as AT&T Navigator 2.0.

This update comes with several great new features:

  • One touch speech recognition
  • Lane assist
  • Red light traffic alerts
  • Speed limit alerts
  • Turn by turn directions when out of a cell coverage area
These new features are a welcome addition to an already great application. I have been using this update for just over a month now, and I have been very impressed. Hit the jump for my thoughts and more info
Lane Assist 8900
The speech recognition has always been accurate and quick. The lane assist feature helps the driver know what lane they will need to be in for an upcoming exit, and the red light and speed limit alerts can help notify drivers of potential traffic law violations.

Another great benefit of this update is the ability to continue navigating your way to your destination even if you have a lapse in cell phone coverage. The application now downloads your entire route when you first start your journey and stores it to ensure you will still get turn-by-turn directions on your journey. The only downside is that when out of cell coverage, you will not get traffic alert updates, and you will not be able to get directions for a new destination.

Unfortunately, this update is only available to a select few initially, but I'm sure TeleNav will continue the rollout to all carriers as soon as they can. So for those of you using TeleNav on AT&T with a Curve 8900 or Bold 9000, be sure to open TeleNav on your device this Wednesday and look for the update. 

Reader comments

TeleNav GPS Navigator 6.0 Releasing This Week


Hope this release is better than 5.0. Version 5.0 didnt work on my 9700 and had to go back to 4.2.

Agreed. Though I doubt they would ever do that. But a partially stripped down version for free would be great.

Sounds pretty good. Hopefully it provides alternate routes, avoiding traffic. It also would be good if this is part of the basic package thru Sprint.

It has provided alternate routes to avoid traffic only if it would save time. That way you don't waste your time.

I absolutely agree. I had a windows mobile phone and had my 2gb of maps installed on the sd card. Cell tower gps is just inferior all around. Of course you cannot install anything on the sd cards on bberrys but that is just the dumbest thing ever and needs to change. I will always have a "real" gps unit until this changes -but why? If i have gps capabilities why do they limit them so they are virtually useless?
haha replied the wrong one

These new features are good but blackberry needs a navigation application that is completely on the memory card not relying on cell towers. Yes its good the route is downloaded but what there is traffic or accidents and need to exit outside cell tower range then you are in trouble...time to pull out the map.
When I was a Palm Treo user I had TOMTOM on the memory card and didn't have to worry about cell towers or expensive roaming charges.
We need TOMTOM for blackberry.


When can the rest of us expect the update??
Sounds like a useful update... Would be nice if the rest of us paying $ for it would get it soon also..

My Sprint Nav has long had the availability to use turn by turn with ni coverage... Lane assist sounds great

I've had Garmin Mobile on my Bold 9000 and now my 9700 and it's a little pricey up front ($99) but works flawlessly and worth every penny in the end.

This is a great app, I'm pumped for the update. Had used Garmin was okay but imho Telenav is really nice and works a lot better!

My free trial is about to run out and have no second thoughts on it. A lot of cool features.

that's just my two cents

you also have to figure in the $10 per month fee At&t charges you to use their Navigator program as well. I see this is available in the App Store, so you may get by without that. The Garmin free trial is available here

I use Google Maps on my Bold and it works just fine. I do not need turn by turn directions or lots of other fluff, which I find distracting when I'm driving. Just need to see where I'm at, where I need to go, just look at it on the screen, read the directions if need be, and go. I guess if ya can't remember stuff you would need the extras, but Google is free and it works.

Yeah Google Maps get it done for me also. Would be nice to have turn by turn, but for a 100 bucks? Not that necessary for an app when you can get standard directions for free.

pamaf2003: yes uninstall old first to be safe as it sometimes does not prompt to replace the old version

twbettis: if you have a 9700 it goes to 1.7 as 2.0 is not released for this yet. If you look at the below url you will see all the builds for AT&T:

ATT 1.7 is based on TeleNav 5.5, and if you want TeleNav 5.8 on your AT&T 9700 then go to the URL below - its the TM version but works on my ATT 9700 (remove ATT version first).


Ty for the reply...Installed successfully..Great upgrade..Much faster to open..Better layout and more "real estate" for the maps...Maybe better audio...More features...I'm happy....