CES 2010: Technocel PowerPak - Portable Battery and Home Charger in One

By Michael Hepples on 8 Jan 2010 10:13 am EST


One of the many cool and useful things I have discovered here at CES is the PowerPak by Technocel. One of the first booths I hit when I walked in, Technocel has their own line of cases and bluetooth headsets, but by far my favorite was the PowerPak. These days, packing 2 devices and a bluetooth, I find myself getting a little tired of keeping extra cables with me everywhere. Add on any other devices I might decide to take with me, and it becomes a nightmare mess of cables inside my bag - Enter the PowerPak. Lightweight and compact, the unit currently on display has a USB port built in, and comes with a wide array of charging attachments to accomodate multiple devices. At 1000mAH, it packs more than enough power to charge your device a couple of times over and is a great tool to have on hand for those on the go. It doubles as a wall charger and charges it's reserve power supply at the same time. Depending on your device, network, etc. the reserve power supply should power your device for up to an additional 3 hrs of talk time. A simple press of a button lights up the LEDs, indicating how much reserve power you have left. The Technocel exhibitors have also informed me that early this year, they will be releasing 2 new versions, including a 1600mAH version and an upgraded version which has 2 ports so its capable of simultaneously charging 2 devices at once, with a 2000+ mAH power supply.

Retailing for an extremely reasonable $49.99, I would highly recommend checking this out. For more details and to purchase head over to Technocel.com. The Powerpak is also available in most Sprint stores, so you can take a trip down and take a look for yourself before you buy.



Pretty neat device! good find. if i used my bb more to the point where i would have to charge daily i would be all over this unit!


I have this unit and have been using it for the past two months. It is a great unit. I love it.


it would be nice to see how it actually plugs in to the BB. i'm not really understanding it...


USB cable from unit to BB. Just like if you were using the USB from computer to BB.


unlike the powermat, this actually serves a purpose!


if crackberry.com going to give one away enter me to the contest I would like to now have to worrie about my battery on my storm going down throughout the day cause i use it so much.


When you use it to charge a device, it drains very fast - too fast.