Tech Data To Offer BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Management Solutions

By Adam Zeis on 24 Sep 2013 08:21 am EDT

BlackBerry has announced today that wholesale IT distributor Tech Data Corporation will feature BlackBerry EMM as part of it's offerings for partners in the US. The two companies have a relationship that dates back to 2009 and Tech Data will now be able to offer BES 10 to partners using BlackBerry, iOS and Android devices.

Press Release

BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 manages multi-platform environments by separating work and personal data on BlackBerry, iOS and Android devices

WATERLOO, ONTARIO and CLEARWATER, FLORIDA--(Marketwired - September 24, 2013) - BlackBerry® (NASDAQ: BBRY)(TSX: BB) today announced that Tech Data Corporation (NASDAQ: TECD) will now feature BlackBerry® Enterprise Service 10, BlackBerry's multi-platform Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution, as part of its enterprise offerings for channel partners in the United States. The offering expands upon a long standing relationship between the two companies.

"BlackBerry continues to be a an industry-leader in the smartphone and enterprise mobility market, which is why Tech Data sees an advantage in partnering with BlackBerry to offer BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 to our channel partners," said Heather Murray, director, TDMobility at Tech Data. "We've talked to many IT Administrators and there is a common theme that emerges - they all count on the security, user experience and total cost of ownership that comes with BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10. Now that BlackBerry is embracing multi-platform environments by extending the same security to iOS and Android devices, this product offering is attractive to our channel of solution providers."

BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 represents a consolidation of BlackBerry's Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) product portfolio, which includes Mobile Device Management (MDM), security, infrastructure and app management. Secure Work Space for iOS and Android is managed through BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 and provides the most secure infrastructure for data-at-rest and data-in-transit to iOS and Android devices, making it easy and convenient to manage all devices from a single console.

"BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 is answering the demands of CIOs across the globe looking to ensure IT professionals are focused on helping manage the business, not just devices," said Stephen Bates, Head of the Enterprise Business Unit at BlackBerry. "We are providing a comprehensive multi-platform management solution that is evolving to an enterprise mobile services platform that supports any of the devices that are deployed. With Tech Data's extensive experience with BlackBerry, they are an excellent partner to deliver our BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 EMM solution."

One of the world's largest wholesale IT distributors, Tech Data Corporation has distributed BlackBerry products and technical support services since 2009.

To date, more than 25,000 BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 commercial and test servers have been installed globally. According to an enterprise mobility market study by J. Gold Associates, the BlackBerry enterprise solution remains the most strategic mobile device management solution for enterprises today.

BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 is now available through the TDMobility business unit at Tech Data. To learn how TDMobility can enable you to expand and maximize your mobility offerings, contact the TDMobility team at (800) 237-8931, ext. 83662 or

For more information on BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 and Secure Work Space please visit

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Tech Data To Offer BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Management Solutions


This should help the important business portion of BlackBerry diversity.

Posted via Zed 10 Oreo running with Camera Hybrid

It seems that the decrease in size of BBRY indicates a new business model where such partnerships will become more common in all areas (BES10, QNX-CAR, M2M hardware phones, BBM business etc..). Thus, the speed can be increased and the risks and benefits shared. I think to keep BBRY whole and compete against giants, sharing is the best way .. if Watsa sees so

Surprise surprise. We will start to see a lot of positive press releases from BlackBerry now that they screwed the shareholders and agreed In Principal to an agreement for a share price of less than their book value

Posted via CB10

I'd it is, then surely some other company out there would see more value and bid higher.

The deal IS open to competition,....

Posted via CB10

Yes. There seems to be a conspiracy to lower the stock price and then sell the company at a substantial discount.

There are laws against this on the U.S. I don't know of Canada has them.

Posted via CB10

I feel like the sales of tin foil hats are going to surge upward. Maybe the CB shop should start stocking them

Posted via a Verizon Z10 on (pure) thru CB10. My channel: c0004f9bb

I thought I was just being paranoid!! Seems like u guys have the same sentiments too... it is not just me seeing this!

Posted via CB10

No body cares, you've killed what was left of blackberry excitement. I will be getting off the boat..... um about that. Selling my stock.

The site has lost hits, the company has lost loyalty, and KW has lost a sponsor.

By the way wasn't that the same country that they had to report a loss because of a govermental money issue. God people wake up its over...

CrackBerry say Hi to Palm Inc

Its trading around 9 but whatever man. I met Thorston Heins unlike you. For the record I live in Kitchener and my portfolio could buy your car and house. But what do I know :S

Doesn't make a difference when you don't thousand of shares. Most first time investors probably own couple hundred at best so a 12 cent price below the fair fax offer makes no difference. I sold all my states. It was a gamble and in the end I don't care. It was money I was willing to lose all of it in the end if it tanked lol. I learned lots about the stock market because if this.

In the end i will always own blackberry products. My house is filled and will always be fill with BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

TD owns 2% of the company,, ie the employees...

I guess some people just don't have spines anymore... No will to fight, or stand up for anything, so divided. Even when they are punched in the face CrackBerry turns around and says I guess I deserved that one... For what?! No dignity. Like I said disclaimer I dont care about the money. I care about the fact that they had nothing to show for it -- saved money like crazy no PR, no MKTG

That's what one reporter was saying about Canadians. They are always trying to be nice. he was saying to Balckberry "get up and fight, what if you failed once" . But I guess thay are too busy saving cash. It's a shame because Blackberry has one of the best OS right now.

Awwww! You mad? Next time don't gamble your hard earn! Invest in your own business. You have no one to blame but yourself ;)

Posted via CB10

Bro, I'm not mad at the money I'm mad at the execution and deployment. Tell me you are not upset since February they did not deliver a single good thing even z10 was like ... Okay... I guess its something.

Attacking the shareholder is only taking your mind off what really happened... you just weren't affected.

To all shareholders who are upset about losing money. Did you know buying stock is a gamble?

Posted via CB10

^^^This! I'm guessing these supposed "shareholders" are just blowing smoke. And if they really do own shares, it's probably so few that they can't even claim a loss on their taxes. Some people just like to be dramatic.

+100 exactly. I'm sorry for their loss but they need to shut up or put up. The offer has been done. There's nothing you can do now. Move on!!!

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I'm not crying about the money, but I do feel like they didn't put their best game plan in to motion. I almost feel deceived in a way. I've always been all in on BlackBerry, but it's like they weren't all in for the win from the start.

Posted from my Zed10 via CB10, follow my channel C00121C1B

Clear up all that crap in the media , show stability and orders arrive what a concept has worked for 100 years.... do not need a MBA for this advice

Shareholders still have the right to vote down the offer...not sure what percentage they need to have a successful buy-out.

Other buyers still have the option of submitting better bids at a higher price.

If that doesn't happen, then C'est La vie!

Funny because I just made a comment a few days ago that BB wasn't going anywhere and, if anything, they'd be going back to their enterprise roots. Looks like the train might be boarding now. Once enough enterprise passengers get onboard, the train will be leaving the station, i.e. very limited consumer availability of BB devices. Then, surprise! surprise!, people will be clammoring for BBs again.

Thats cool. We shop at Tech Data and now we will be shopping there more! I hope they bring more product there too.

Private companies are better. Shareholders are generally greedy people who want unsustainable growth. They have no patience for long-term rebuilding and so I do hope this privatization of the company goes forward and BB shines again.

As do I. Ontario needs it. Canada needs it. Though $9 is a punch in the nads for me as a shareholder, I knew I was taking a risk in a fast moving game, and that that was a very real possibility. I knew better, but hope and overly rosy analyst estimates got the better of the rational part of my brain before the last earnings report. Lesson learned, again. But like it or not this company is doing by far the most R&D in this country and providing opportunities for our grads to work at the highest levels of tech development, for a Canadian enterprise. Lose it and talent drifts away, and all we have are startups, which are great,if they are part of a larger ecosystem of companies big and small. But by themselves, anything good gets picked off by the big American Tech plex before it has a chance to gain scale. That's Canada. It's what we do. Start, build a little, sell out.

Swiped with one thumb from the virtual keyboard of my awesome Z10!

Greedy? As opposed to the saintly bankers and money managers who will own the company after the deal goes through?

One could still buy shares of Fairfax. Fairfax is valued at $8 billion. With $4.7 billion in Blackberry, Blackberry will be 1/3rd of Fairfax valuation. If Blackberry goes private with Fairfax, I will buy some Fairfax shares. Never give up :)

Good news, I know Tech Data for years. Go for it BlackBerry. We need some good news after all that yesterday. Hmmmmm!!!!

Not sure what the big deal is. Tech Data has sold BlackBerry since 2009 and this announcement is just saying they've added bes10 to their line card. It's not exclusive -Ingram Micro sells BlackBerry too and sells way more of it than TD.

Posted via CB10

Why do we always keep hearing test and commericial servers together? Could Blackberry give how many of them are planning to go commercial or live. That would give some idea where Blackberry is heading with BES.