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Sports fans: You will want this app - Team Stream for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 18 Jun 2013 10:39 am EDT

Team Stream for BlackBerry 10 isn't new as I write this - we first reported its release back in May 2013 however for some reason I've only just discovered it and if you are a sports fan this will be a must have app for you - plus it's free.

Once you launch Team Stream for the first time you will be prompted to choose your teams. The idea is that once this is done the application will automatically draw in any news related articles about that specific team or sport. There's quite a selection to choose from, including NFL, College Football, NBA, NHL, Soccer, Golf, MMA and WWE just to name a few. Once you select the sport you will be presented with the list of teams - just tick the one/ones you wish to follow and that's it.

Then you get to see your home screen. The top upper third is taken up of Images which you can swipe through - spot one of interest and a tap will take you into the story. The rest of the home screen display is taken up with your favorite teams/sports. Click on one and you are given a nice news feed of all the latest gossip relating to that sport or specific team. Depending on the story will depict the amount of content shown. Some articles are long with plenty of images where others are brief and re-direct you to read the full story.

Either way - if you are into your sports and follow more than one team/sport then Team Stream looks like the perfect application for your BlackBerry 10 device. If I were a sports fan I'd have this one open constantly. Give it a try and let us know what you think in the comments.

More information/Download Team Stream for BlackBerry 10


King Nith

Cool. LeBron will win his championship

Posted via CB10

Mr Gill

Not if the Spurs have anything to say about it


Nah, Spurs ending that Heat talk tonight!

Swiped On My Zed10 Via CB10


And hopefully the LeBitch talk too....

Posted via CB10

R Field

Hell no Spurs in 6

CB10- BlackBerry Z10


Great for NASCAR too btw


Good app, but videos don't work within the app, and honestly, the articles could have been formatted better...

Posted via CB10


Definitely room for improvement. Hate trying to watch videos as any images in the article automatically overlay when it goes into viewing mode, and you can tell that some of the articles aren't formatted well. I enjoy the app too but hopefully they update it soon.

Posted via CB10


Yes plus no reader mode available.

Posted from my Z10 STL100-3 running on Rogers


+1 Oh boy do I wish it had reader mode...

Posted via CB10 on my Z10 & loving it!


I want NBA Game Time.

Posted via CB10


Great Q10 app. Helped me get by the minute updates of game 5 of the NBA Finals.

Posted via CB10


This is a nice app for the Q10. Allows me to get quick updates and articles for the teams I care about. Would recommend.

Posted via CB10


Love this app. Glad to have something to replace the score app with as they so far have very limited sports that they cover. Was disappointed in the app but this one is great and has lots of sports and teams to choose from

Posted via CB10


This app is so much better than the ESPN android ported app. Smooth and fluid UI.

Posted via CB10


I have been using it for MLB. This a good app. Scores and stats would make it outstanding!

Posted via CB10


Thanks but I'll stick to the ScoreMobile app for BlackBerry 10.


It was my go to app before far they have struggled to put together an app 1/10th as good as what they had before...very few choices of sports to monitor compared to the previous BB app...

I contacted them and at the time they said they did not know if any more would be added...

This app at least has a lot of sports to choose from...and with any luck it will get even better with updates and feedback...and I hope The Score (new name for ScoreMobile) gets updated as well


It's great for all the important updates for your sport teams! For stats you have to use another app and Score works good.

Posted via CB10


Eh. It's taught if you can't say anything nice about something. Don't say anything. Oh well i never did listen too well. Get this app you won't regret it. It's solid. :)

Posted via CB10


It would be nice if we had more settings to work with. Maybe a option to open in browser or resize text. But it works good, sometimes can't see the title


As Canadian I find this app hugely lacking with sports options. It does not have CFL or any of the major junior hockey leagues but somehow has collage sports. I will never understand that.

Posted via CB10


Really? As a Canadian I can understand how that is frustrating but as a sports fan it would seem pretty obvious. One American college team has more fans than the CFL and junior hockey leagues combined. It seems that if I was an app developer I'd probably focus my time there as well. Nothing against Canadian sports but they just don't have the same draw, there's a reason people like a bunch of my friends will spend 100's of dollars to go see a game at Syracuse or Ohio State and have never watched a junior hockey game and have maybe watched the Grey Cup (maybe)....


I agree about the CFL but fortunately there is a CFL App for BlackBerry 10.

Posted via CB10


Love this app. Wish it were native but it works well even so.

Been out for a while now.

Posted via CB10


Wrestling is the worst. LOL

Posted via CB10 from my Q10 or my Z10, either way it's golden. BlackBerry makes the best computers I've ever used!


Best sports app yet, I liked the score but without Nascar updates I found it lacking

Posted via CB10

R Field

Great app to keep track of all my teams in one place.

CB10- BlackBerry Z10


Fantastic app!

Posted via CB10


Outstanding. Worlds better than the buggy scoremobile and espn apps. I also appreciate that it's native.

Posted via my Panther Z10 and CB10 app


It's going to be over come 9 spurs are going to be champions

Posted via CB10 for Z10


I love this app, I love how it has live gifs. And live tweets . If it had notifications it would be that much better

Posted via CB10


Thx, nice one. Hope to get more on next updates.........

Posted via CB10


Love this app

Posted via CB10


Good app but the videos are still not being played properly, please fix this and it will be perfect

Posted via CB10