Team Keian vs. Leukemia Round 3

By Team CrackBerry on 20 Aug 2013 05:40 pm EDT

A little over a year ago, the CrackBerry family was deeply saddened by the news that Keian, the son of one of our writers, Ryan Blundell, was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of cancer called T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia.  Six year old Keian has spent much of the last year in the hospital, receiving chemotherapy and undergoing test after test. Just a few short months ago Keian was able to receive a bone marrow transplant from his baby brother Joren. Just when it looked like Keian had beaten the cancer, the family received the terrible news that not only was the cancer back, it was worse than ever.

To say the Blundell family has been through a lot is an understatement. Not only is their son in a battle for his life, but they have had to give up their home, their jobs, and any sense of a normal life. Needless to say, the family is devastated, both emotionally, physically, and financially. Several of the local TV channels and newspapers have done interviews with the Blundells, helping to bring in donations to help the family with the mounting bills. On top of that, several people in their community have organized fundraisers to help contribute.

While we don't normally post things like this, Ryan is a member of the CrackBerry family, and we'd love to help out his son and family any way we can. If you'd like more information on Keian's story or how you can help, please check out the Team Keian vs. Leukemia Round #3 Fundrazr page at the link below.

Team Keian vs. Leukemia Round #3

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Team Keian vs. Leukemia Round 3


Sorry everyone about the rants. Some people really just know how to push buttons.

Anyway, my best to the family. I lost a cousin to leukemia in the early 90s, and know the pain and hardship it causes.

I will be doing my part to help.

Anyone have any contacts in BB? Crackberry has done as much to help the company as anyone, and now is a perfect time to repay the favor.

Thornstein Heinz needs to contribute asap.

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Does he even go through CB app or comments/articles there? He should if he needs to keep his finger on the pulse. Whether he should contribute to this noble cause is his personal decision. But browsing comments in BlackBerry review apps/websites is key for him to understand whether his products are being used/reviewed/understood/commented upon!

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OMG, my thoughts are with him and his family. If there is a fundraising pot to send £'s to their currency please let's us all know.

Sad indeed. Any parents worst kids should ever go through all this. I hope and pray the kid fights back and recover fully.

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That is very sad news, my best wishes to the family during this horrific time and my prayers go out to Keian in hopes that the battle will be won on his terms :)

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Wish all the best! Hope he will recover! Keep on fighting little man! I just donated 50 bucks, I encourage you all to do the same! Some will have less some more, but every cent counts. Crackberry addicts, come on!!! DONATE

So sad to hear people go through some thing like this. Best wishes to Ryan Blundel, his family, and especially his son.

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Awesome!! This is why I love to be in a BlackBerry family. When you need help you can always count on BlackBerry addicts!!

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I was just thinking what if a group of us devs would be up for making this a group effort. Get a list of devs/apps willing to contribute. I'd be up for it.

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Very cool idea. Btw. Very well done logo. Love it

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What a horrible thing for any child and family to have to go through. My best to you all and even when it makes you beyond broke, money is no object when dealing with times like these and caring for your family.

Good luck to Ryan and anyone that has to deal with cancer. Just lost my father last month to a rare form of skin cancer.

I hope all the luck in the world finds Ryan's family.

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Since I am relatively new on this board, of course this update you posted is new to me as well as rather sad news. As stated by the authors you don't normally post stuff like this, but hey this is family and I'd like to say we are all here to support so please do keep the updates coking. I will see what I can do to assist financially. This is a heavy burden that they face.

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Team BlackBerry, do not feel weird about posting this. Whatever we can do to help shows the power of online communities and any family members of #TeamBlackberry is a family member to all of us.

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Wishing the best for his full recovery.

Very, VERY sad. Too sad for words.


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Done and am now letting other people know how they can help.

To anyone who is thinking about giving something it's really quick and easy.

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I usually dont donate to things like this, because its heartbreaking and the people in need can be endless. Made an exception this time, get well "teamkeian

Keep fighting little man. There are great things in store for you! Come on Crackberry family let's bring this up a notch and so this man what we can do.

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Oh men :) this is awsome! seeing the community to hold together. I'm on the other side of the world, but I had to donate another 50 bucks! Hold on Team Keian!!! I have a family members fighting cancer, My
uncle holds on so far, and thats why Im willing to do anything thats in my power and wallet to help!

We should get him an OS 10 device, so he can play some games while he is in hospital. I would definitely donate!

This news is sad. Moreso because I posted an article on my humble blog months back just for coming across a mother fighting her very own cancer demon. I even PM'd Kevin about using his contacts to see if the Q10 could be done in Pink in limited edition across major countries to support to fight Breast Cancer; and I was sickened and angry not even a simple response from Kevin, maybe as afr to call him out on it!

I had no idea that this topic was close to home for him,and I feel like shit now! (a proper use for cursing, just this once)..
And now i.understand why.

Little man keep fighting my prayers are with you for health and happiness "all for one" his own baby brother made the biggest sacrifice to give him a powerful sword to fight this with.

Family gives up their home and jobs, look after their two children, more than most parents and they gotta deal with bills??! Times like this angers me why greed exists and why society should never need/want for money any longer for anything.

Love D.

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I wish I had some $ to give. I'll have to see what I can do. In the mean time my thoughts and prayers will be with Keian and his family. I hope he pulls through. So sad. No family deserves to go through that kind of pain.

It's not much but I hope my contribution will help Ryan and his family.

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Oops pressed the post key too soon... anyways, wishing the best for Keian, keep strong and positive mind, you can beat this! I will be helping $ too as soon as I get home..

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Here's hoping for a full and speedy recovery.

Can you post a link or something for where donations can be sent?

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As a parent of 4, these thing affect me in a way you couldn't imagine. Prayers go out to this family.

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I can understand what the family is going through as iwe lost our father to the most aggressive form cancer of the brain and it affected every aspect of the lives in the family. My sympathies and prayers are with the family.

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Signal boosted and shared. I have no $$ to spare, I wish i did, but my some of my friends just donated over $250.

Praying for this little guy.

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Best wishes to your family.
I want through this with my daughter when she was 11 months old and with the same type.
She spent about a year in the hospital and this November will be 7 years in remission.
Keep your hopes up and don't let your little man see you struggle, the stronger you appear, the stronger he will be.

So heart wrenching. Keian, you are in my thoughts and prayers. Keep up the fight! You are not alone.

My heart goes out to you and your family , I have lost my whole family to cancer and I know the pain and suffering you must be going through. Good luck and best wishes.

wow this story really makes me sad. it so hard to see anyone suffer but when it's children that have to go through that, it really breaks my heart. my thoughts and prayers go out to the family and especially to Keian. I lost my father to a terrible case of cancer 358 days ago and to see him suffer the way he did, I do not wish that to anyone. not even my worst enemy.

stay strong Keian!!!

tomorrow morning my wife will make a donation.

God bless

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This is heartbreaking, mi dad had lymphoma a few years back, he fought it and he's now cancer free,, that cancer stuff is nasty, and really changes your whole life, it's just horrible
I hope all goes well and finally get a lucky break to beat that monster

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I too just tried from my Z10 and no go. It's trying to redirect to PayPal but it keeps failing.

Onto the computer!

God Bless.

My best friend got this at the age of 22, at least I believe it's the same. It took him 3 years of chemo, bone marrow, and radiation to finally kick it. He went to MD Anderson here in Houston. It's a very difficult and rare disease. I hope that the little guy pulls through. I have kids of my own and seeing this stuff kills me. :(

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So sorry to hear this, wishing the best for this brave little boy and his family. The CB Nation has you in our prayers.

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Contribution made. My father died earlier this month in Vancouver of CLL. I am glad that there never was any financial hardship during the same.

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Be brave Keian! I'll be praying for you, your family, and those dedicated doctors and nurses looking out for you!

Keian keep strong you can beat this!!! I was diagnosed with the B-cell version in late 2010. I've gone thru all the chemo aand a bone marrow transplant at BMT General Hospital and Royal columbian! I have the utmost compassion for Keian.

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Crackberry team is also my family, all the best wishes, thoughts and prayers to this kid.

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May the good Lord visit this family, with healings and strength for each day. May help come their way for all sacrifices. Lord let the army of helpers be like that of the LORD of hosts.

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Team cb if anyone feels this info would be of interest to the family plse share.
Dr Gupta CNN just did a special one hour show (11 August) about alternative therapies for
difficult to treat diseases and one of the stories was of a young girl
With this same type of leukemia. Her name is Mykayla. Additional info at:

Please ask your pediatric oncologist if nelarabine would help. If so I might be of assistance.

I believe that's something the doctors are looking into. It was mentioned in this article:

All the best to you, please also look up the link between blood pH and cancer. Someone got a Nobel prize for discovering it, and there's so much at home we can do, diet for example to speed up the recovery for those afflicted with it. Most people survive and let this boy as well.

Best of luck to everyone.

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Cancer, especially in children, is heart breaking. I managed a ton of strong -hearted kids during my pediatrician training and they are always the best. Our hearts, our prayers, our dollars, and our love goes to all of this family. I am proud of the manics that frequent this site. Phones and OS stuff is fun but you all know what's really important. Blessings upon measure prayed through for complete healing.

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Geez, I really hope they pull through all of this... :-(

A coworker just lost his newborn son due to complications during childbirth... Too much sad news...

Thoughts and prayers with the family. Keep fighting kid!!! We have your back.

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With all the fun and madness we have on this site daily, sometimes we need something like this to remind us of what's truly important. Best wishes to everyone involved.

I'm glad finds it an important issue to share these thing. It is touching to know what the person on the other end of the post is going through although I m saddened by the situation my prayers are with the family

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I'm not one to ask God or anything of that matter, but I wish you and your family as well as your son the strength to continue to battle and get through this chapter

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I finally made the donation with my Mac. I found the donation page was not working properly with my Z10, which has a weird empty space at lower part.
Anyway, hope our contribution would be more and more. Best wishes. Be strong Keian.

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Did my part: gave and shared! We are praying for you little Keian and for your family to stay strong and keep up the fight.

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My prayer to Keain for the strength and healing. Let us just forget and avoid pointing fingers who should be helping, if we want to help let us help according to our belief and capacity.

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I made a donation. Please everyone there it is probably possible that almost every one of you on this forum can make some kind of a donation 1 dollar at a time at the very least. God bless all of those that help this poor child. Never turn a blind eye to those in need. There is always something that can be done to help a child. Let your hearts not grow cold.

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My donation sucked compared to a couple on that site, but every bit counts right. I'm just a student :( But I don't usually doante -- this touched my heart though.

I pray for this family I am all familiar with this fight! It makes me sad to see innocent children go through things like this..i pray for cures if all the different types of cancer.

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This is sad.. best wishes to the kid and the family.. i really hope the kid wins this.. I'll pray and help the family the family in whatever way I can..

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Hi everyone, if I could hug you all, I would. For now all I can offer is a heart felt thank you for the donations as well as your well wishes. We will continue to fight alongside Keian and we constantly search for various types of treatment. Ultimately, we want the story of our two heroes to be known and shared.

I had, and still have, a plan to develop an app for parents going through what we are but it's been put on the back burner.

Please join us at Team Keian on Facebook and our blog. It's touching to see a community come together for us. Complete strangers, colleagues, old high school friends; everyone joining together to help our boy.

Make each day a great day

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God Bless you and your family. I will be saying prayers for your son and for your family.

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Best wishes to the little guy, hopefully he can really pull thru this and make it out stronger then ever! To his family, and friends, stay strong and as hard as it may be, keep your heads up.


I'm french and support for this new terrbile has no border
Good luck to him and good luck to his family


Please Read. I am on my q10 when I go to Paypal to contribute it does not load. Can someone fix the issue. I will try back latr to make my donation.

My dad has just been also diagnosed and I know how terrible this is on a family.

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