Team Mercedes / BlackBerry gets the win at the Australian Grand Prix

By Adam Zeis on 17 Mar 2014 10:42 am EDT

This weekend marked the start of the 2014 Formula 1 season with the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne. Lewis Hamilton sat on the pole with solid chance of taking home the win — only it was his teammate, Nico Rosberg, who would cross the line first.

After just three laps, Hamilton was forced to retire due to a failed cylinder. It was definitely a disappointing start, but there was a still a chance for Rosberg to take control — and that he did. World champion Sebastian Vettel also had to retire early (8 cars in total didn't finish the race) leaving plenty of room for Rosberg to strut his stuff.

"It's been an amazing day," said Rosberg. "I'm over the moon really, everyone has worked so hard over the winter and to have such an amazing Silver Arrow. I'm really thankful to Mercedes for giving me such an amazing car."

After what proved to be an eventful race, partly due to a slew of rule changes for the new season, Team BlackBerry took home the win to start the season off in grand fashion. Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo, who originally finished second, was later disqualified for a fuel-flow rate infringement moving Kevin Magnussen into second and teammate Jenson Button into third.

Next in line is the Malaysia Grand Prix which takes place March 30th in Kuala Lumpur.

And yes, we will be posting after most of the races this year, though we'll give a 24 hour buffer in most cases as to not spoil the results for anyone watching on a delay

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Team Mercedes / BlackBerry gets the win at the Australian Grand Prix


Now this is sponsorship / advertising money spent well.... unlike a certain super bowl commercial.

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Nice you noticed it as usual ranters used to blame this one too ;) (mostly bc F1 isn't that popular in N.A, yet the #2 worldwide audience).

Now they just need to buy some pitch-side banners for the World Cup and solidify their "screw America" strategy.

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You means not that popular in USA, whereas Nascar is the preferred american car race.
That's not the case here in Canada, F1 got a great audience. Nascar don't.

FYI. United States of America is not equivalent to North America. Canada, USA & Mexico are all part of North America. Typical American tend to omit that reality.

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You're right, I've been lazy on this one. Sorry for Gilles (memory) and Jacques Villeneuve, both such talented Canadian F1 drivers.
My very bad.

BlackBerry all over the car and race suit. Too bad they were so far ahead that Race TV spent more time on the lesser position, tighter racing. Mercedes power unit just crushed the opposition.

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True, but you really want to be on the podium with the BlackBerry logo. That's the only way you get it in the papers the next day.

Powered by BlackBerry

Well done. F1 racing is easily the technology leaders as far as racing is concerned on a world scene and this is super good publicity for "our" beloved brand.

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They have one of the best BBM Channels. They are always posting great updates and having Nico take the time to answer questions last week was amazing. Thanks

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There are lots of people who download coverage to watch especially in north america. I would suggest putting a spioler alert in title, not the result. I watched yesterday but almost diddnt have time. Had I woke up, checked crackberry only to have the first race of the season ruined?

Id suggest: spoiler alers. F1 results

But this is their year. Its just too bad they showed the door to the man who deserves a lot of credit for where the team is now.

Happy fishing Ross, us in the know, we know where the DNA for this car came from

Their new team polo shirt has the blackberry name and logo on it. Looks sick in grey and I think I'm going to order one. Too bad they don't have a cap with the blackberry name yet.

This is Crackberry.

And in here, they are the Mercedes BlackBerry team. Cheers!

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It is what it is and its not what its not; It's not Blackberry Mercedes AMG F1, its Petronas Mercedes AMG F1.

Imagine Blackberry put up the big bucks to be a title sponsor and a brand like Puma started calling the team Puma Mercedes F1?

Its costs tons of money to be a title sponsor and with that should come the benefits like exposure saying the team name right!

I'm wondering which device Mr Rosberg uses ?

Maybe squeeze in a commercial before the end of the season. If Mercedes is still leading the championship.

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Actually Lewis won. Nicole said YES. Now that she's engaged to BlackBerry, maybe we could get some marketing mileage from her too

Great win for Nico! Hopefully BlackBerry will use it efficient for marketing purposes! On a personal note: The sound of the new power units are really disappointing!:(

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Oo I like it's much easier to hear the noises which the home fans have been missing out on like the thudding of the cars in the floor and the screeching if the tyres as they lock up.

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Great race by Nico, to bad that Hamilton had that engine issue; would it been an amazing battle; congrats to Mercedes - BlackBerry Team

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Hey BlackBerry, throw a little money at ATT USA and get their sponsorship of my Z10 for software upgrade to 10.2!!! Do they have a NASCAR Sprint Cup car sponsored, that might get us an update with ATT!!

There was a good article written by today about BlackBerry and its usefulness in F1 and car tech in general. Good publicity for them. It's nice to see articles like these. I think the article was titled "turbocharging formula one fortunes"

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The best money BlackBerry ever spent was on this team. This is going to be a great year for Mercedes and BlackBerry in F1. Well done Nico. Lewis your turn next! :)

Now I can hope this race victory gets the vzw Z30 to 10.2.1 faster right? Congrats BlackBerry on a good race. :)

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Way to go, I think BlackBerry was really smart hooking up with this team. I hope they continue after this year

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I've been banging on about this in every F1 blog post that has been made so far on Crackberry and I'm gonna go make a forums post right now:

PLEASE DO NOT POST SPOILERS IN THE TITLES OF F1 BLOG POSTS!!!!!!!!!!! F1 is a global sport and often times us f1 lovers can't watch the races live and therefore have to pre-record the races. Every other professional blog will always post a title that gives no info away and warns viewers that there are spoilers within the blog post (see for a perfect example). Yet here again is Crackberry ruining the race results on the main page!!!!! PLEASE STOP!

You make a very good point. Many may not be able to get the race live. Our military members in far-flung located are example.

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Exactly, I know I'm not the only one and any other professional blog will always post a spoilers warning, let's get CB on the same page!

I see that a 24 hour buffer has been added but this is not acceptable! Don't reveal race results in blog posts! Races are carried out on a weekend and sometimes it is a few days before I get to watch (being busy with work). It's not difficult PLEASE don't spoil! For example: this blog post could have been titled "Team Mercedes/Blackberry keep their batteries cool at the Australian Grand Prix *spoilers*" <---This took me 5 minutes to come up with and I am NOT a professional writer or blogger. Please I emplore you again DO NOT reveal spoilers.

It's great that Mercedes team won and black berry will benefit from it. Slow but surely the customers will switch back to black berry. To Mr Chen how about selling all those PlayBook and Z10 at half price than sitting with inventory?

If they make some trendy color plates on z10 and reduce price, whoooosh all phones off shelf in couple of days :)

Himanshu's Z10

Ya baby!! what a great day. This could be our year. We have dominated all preseason testing as well!

since the last update of the "F1 Live 24" app, we have to pay to look at the resluts for Qualifying and Race !!
bad update ...

Hm, I hadn't noticed... that's disappointing... I may have to delete it now since I can easily find race dates, and that's all its good for now apparently. Shame because I really enjoyed the app last season.

My dad doesn't really like BlackBerry, but watches just about any F1 bit available. Now he'll get some exposure to remind him what phone he should be using. Hope to get him onto BBM when he gets a "new" phone in September (probably an S3).

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Nice, however I couldn't follow Australia GP with F1 2014 official App because it isn't available, so far. Anyone knows when it will be in BlackBerry World?

I appreciate you guys posting results. I am a huge US fan and there is very little coverage here.

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Was a good race, not great. and Nico is quiet impressive, Magnussen is really young-cool. What I dislike is the sound of these new F1 cars and the way Ferrari performed ...the WRRROOOAARRR factor is gone.
I watched "Rush", a film about the fight between Niki Lauda and James Hunt in the 1970th. If you are into F1, watch it...these have been crazy cars and the sound, the vibrations are from a different age. Hunt and Lauda really did everything for victory, every second.

I think BlackBerry will have a lot of top 3 spots this year. Mercedes engines perform the best in these new circumstances.

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Lewis on pole, Nico winning the race and all the good results in testing bode well for the year. Probably missed a one-two here.

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