TD Canada app is on the way to BlackBerry 10

Canadians, soon you'll be able to count your nickels and pennies on your BlackBerry Z10. Well, your nickels, anyway. 

TD Bank Canada
By Simon Sage on 14 Mar 2013 02:48 pm EDT

TD Canada, one of the big banks here in the frozen north, has let slip in our forums that their BlackBerry 10 app is in quality assurance testing and should be out in the near future (though Chris doesn't go into details insofar as a specific timeline goes). 

Though details on the app itself are skimpy, the best part about this story is that it stemmed from a new BlackBerry Z10 owner complaining about the lack of apps, and the dev stepping in to say "it's coming". As is, I've been pretty impressed with the selection of games on BlackBerry 10, and I'm sure once the Z10 hits the U.S. and developers start seeing it in the wild and getting their hands on it, we'll be hearing a lot more of "it's coming"-type of comments. 

Which apps are you dying to see on BlackBerry 10? Any other legacy BlackBerry apps that have yet to make the leap that you're really waiting for? Canadians, how many of you use TD Canada's existing BlackBerry app?

Update: We're catching wind that RBC is working on an app for BlackBerry 10 as well, though there's also no timeline available. 

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TD Canada app is on the way to BlackBerry 10


Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase, Capital One 360 (ING Direct), Chase, Pageonce, Mint, Delta, Facebook Messenger, Flipboard, Starbucks, BlackBerry Travel, etc........

Use the browser. It's better than an app until those companies MAKE AN APP. Besides, the facebook app has chat already, so you don't need "facebook messenger".

royal bank is the slowest into making apps : the richest bank in Canada but still no money to put on an app to satisfy their customers , really make me furious. i remember the lagging, ridiculous little app they made for the 99xx....if the Z10 app is that lame im not going to use it for sure

And yet RBC's iPhone app is awesome. I wonder if it's related to their negative outlook on BB as a company - even their recent restating of expected BB10 sales was pretty tepid and qualified.

Come on RBC - show some love to a fellow Canadian company.

Totally agree! RBC better get with the program. Do all my banking online and their generic mobile app is pathetic.

Awesome I do almost of my banking through their app so its been a pain the last month, without it, although the site isn't bad, still prefer the app.

He's calling your bluff, implying that you probably wouldn't actually/really switch banks just for that reason . . . but he's doing it with a smile on his face (hence the lol) so don't take offense . . .

I sent them an email a while back saying that I WOULD switch banks if they don't build an app for BlackBerry 10. I feel it shows a high level of disrespect to customers and, also, a Canadian bank not supporting Canadian technology is more than insulting - it's counterproductive.
So, I am looking at what's out there and a definite factor will be support for BlackBerry 10.


they didn't have an app on os5/6/7 and as of today they still don't have an app for android... unlikely they'll make a bb10 app especially since pc is a budget bank

i've always used to site to check my balance, even on os5. the site loads easily.

Yeah, I do that, too, however, I have been waiting for an app from them for a long time. If they can build for other platforms then they can build for this one.
As far as being a budget bank, I think their ratio of income vs.overhead is pretty good.


PC Financial has no intention to release a BB10 app. I've inquired and received confirmation from them that they do not intend to support.

And I quote, "We are currently working on releasing an android app and will be launching a mobile site for other platforms in the Spring."

They already have an IOS app, so the other platforms would be BlackBerry and W8.

I'm glad to hear TD is supporting because I'm transitioning away from PCF to TD thanks to their decision.

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PC never had an app and I'd be very surprised if they ever come up with one. They don't even have a mobile site

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Definitely RBC. I convinced my wife to go back to BlackBerry based on RBC's logo being represented on the launch presentation.

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CIBC's mobile NFC payment????????

I picked up a Visa through them just to use the mobile payments on my 9900. Upgrade to my Z10 and now I can't use this feature? WTF! lol, hope it comes soon.......

I did Contact Scotiabank on twitter and they confirmed that they did have a Blackberry 10 in the works also.

I want Chase, bur seriously Chase on mobile is also good. People are so used to the app craze, that they forget about the web.

Chase has excellent POS machines for tapping to pay. Timmies is using it here in Canada and it's very good. I'd like to see more tap and go systems rolled out, which will only lead to more NFC systems, thus more peeps tapping their BB's.

The td Web site works well. It is sometimes nice to have the mobile version which doesn't seem to work without the app. Stocks for bb10 is great. We need a better precious metals app now.

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What I did when I had the app after it took me to the mobile site I bookmarked it, I did this on my 9900 and still works on my z10. Saves a step, and still gives me access to the mobile version of the site.

All the banks are building apps, just not at neck breaking speeds.

The best way for them for to potentially speed up, is to contact their mobile/tech teams.

Doesn't matter how many apps they get out
If we can't download them because we don't have the proper os update...... its no good

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The website works well but I've been waiting for them to release an App. Glad to hear it's in the works.

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I just created my own app. Went to the Scotia Bank mobile site, added to Homescreen, BAM! html app. Even have a little Scotia Bank Icon.

I've done this with several mobile sites including Scotia Bank, works great and doesn't use up memory. I believe people get hung up on the app thing far to much.

RBC and Rd! These are my last 2 must have apps!


The only other app I liked from my 9900 is social feeds, I used it a lot, but I can live without it

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Finally! Been hoping TD app would come! Hopefully more fluid than the previous BlackBerry apps where it redirects you to the website instead.... looking at you too CIBC!

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Definition of a blackberry user : A person whose comment on a banking app does not include the word "security" because he or she understands that it's a given.

I would like CIBC's mobile payment app back...the online banking app was nice but all it did was open the browser and take you to the mobile site, so I just made a home screen icon for that.

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I use TD Mobile all the time. What I would like to see is the menu selection the same as the online version. Where you can actually create and modify accounts, reoccurring payments and so on. What I would love to see is a running account balance when you dive into an account. But will be interesting to see if they charge anything from the current mobile app/shortcut to the mobile site..

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I inquired about this , they said "Yes it's Coming", but then proceeded to say that it is an html5 "App" to be used across all BlackBerry devices through web. So the real answer is "No "

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I have it on good authority that a full native version of GasBuddy will be coming very soon to BB10 ;)

Just posted the mobile app Site URL in the forum. It wouldn't go into these comments. I've been using that for my banking, when the Android app wouldn't sideload (uses Google maps).

Hopefully this will be a cascades app; since WhatsApp, my app tastes have heightened. No flow or peek, talk to me later.

Owning a clothing store I used this everyday on my iPhone 5, glad to know ill get the same experience on my z10. It was only a matter of time with TD being Canadian.

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RBC would be great and I see a few comments about wanting ING which I'm pretty sure is already available

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Waiting for Bank of Montreal app! They just revamped the OS7 app not too long before BB10 lunch

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I have been using the browser and coupled up with 4G it has been very quick to load. While I was on the 9900 the app was simply a redirection to the browser. Pure nonsense. I'm so glad they have decided to support blackberry 10. One down and I'm waiting on RBC as well.

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I'd really like to see a PC Financial app.
More than that I want to see a VISA and MASTERCARD PAYPASS/PAYWAVE NFC APP!!!!
Yes I was shouting there.

Barclays, tango, paypal andand virgin tv guide are top of my list for bb10! I have e-mailed them all to request an app.

My wife and I both have been users of the TD app on our previous blackberry devices, she did all her banking from it. It will be nice to have a proper app on the Z10 as well, though the TD easyweb site is at least usable from it in the meantime.

Other apps I'd like to see on bb10
Google+ (a proper app, the mobile site sucks)
Parrot AR Drone (cool toy, but they need to support more than ios before I'll buy one)

edit: Oh, and Tim Hortons app...

IMDB, Flipboard, Blackberry travel or Worldmate, Skype (duh), Netflix (duh), CIBC, Kindle, Kobo, Magicjack.....

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Yes, yes, yes...I've been waiting for this. I suspect the other Canadian banks will follow soon. Thank you TD.

Yes. I'm a TD bank customer here in T.O.
Using the easy Web on the browser is fast and easy but I'm sure the app will be a step up.

Starbucks next?!?!?!

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ING had a native app out at launch and here the Biggest Banks in Canada are still dragging their feet.

When speaking with PC bank a couple weeks ago they told me to keep an eye out for it. So sounded like they were working on one. They already support BBOS.

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Hope it's not like the last BlackBerry TD app. That one just opened a link to the browser. Other than that wouldn't mind Mint, Sleep timer and that's about it.

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And Amex. That's about it. And some miscellaneous apps like time code calculator, time lapse calculator and light meter.

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BlackBerry Travel (dying without it!), Zoho CRM, Skype, CIBC Banking, Netflix...loving my Z10! :-)

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I smell OMDC incentives. The cheap aftershave of OMDC development officers always fills the room when a huge Canadian corporation decides to make an app for Blackberry, when we're waiting for some big international apps that'll be useful for more than just Canada.

Well good for TD customers, I'm waiting for RBC.

like a lot of people said i want my RBC app and for me I do email money transfers. paying off credit cards and and transfer cash between accounts.

I need an app bad lol

I used the TD Canada Trust app extensively on my 9900. I've missed it since I picked up the Z'. Another one I'm missing is the PageOnce. Depending on which post you look at, they're either releasing an updated app "in the near future" or it isn't being considered at this time. (?) I side-loaded the Android version, but no joy. It loads, asks for app permissions, - then nothing.

I just emailed RBC and got a response 5 mins later...
They are working on the app and don't have a precise date yet.

I checked with BMO and they are working on an app. Both RBC and BMO have mobile banking sites which aren't too bad though. Would like to see AMEX as well. I sideloaded the Android AMEX app, however it would not let you select an account with AMEX Canada, only the USA site. PayPal app would be great to have as well.

Was disappointed Cibc told me they weren't planning on making one. The mobile site or side load will make due I guess. So much for being mobile leaders.

CB10- z10

Guess who has two thumbs and picked the right bank to deal with?....

"This Guy!"

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My main bank is TD but I likely will just keep using the browser. The old app for my OS 6 torch was Ok but limited. The browser on the Z10 is so good I figure why bother.

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They day I bought my z10 n found out no to app I tweeted, fb'd n emailed them. Maybe I did it. Yeppie. Life sucks not
being able to bank unless your @ a pc

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This is one of the apps I've really been waiting for. I'd like to see Shazam and Pinterest make it over soon too.

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Rbc, circumstances for sure. Other apps shazam a definite. Not much else I miss. Games. Words with friends. Ruzzle.

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Aren't we getting a little ahead of ourselves? I haven't seen one single CB staffer confirm this with TD themselves. Now we have this news item on the front page and all we have to base this on is some guy who registered on the CB website with the username "tdcanada" and tells us "Hi I'm Chris from TD and we're making you an app. kthxbye".
Come on guys, seriously? If you've verified this then you should have listed the source. If you haven't, then I'm very surprised how far this has been allowed to progress.

If it already hasn't been mentioned Kobo, Zinio, business card scanner app to upload contact data to MS Office 365 contacts database.

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I have sent TD Canada Trust a few Tweets requesting an App for BlackBerry 10. I also called customer support to request a BlackBerry 10 app as well. In each case I was told that they'd pass it on to the proper personnel. I know other people have contacted TD Canada Trust as well. I think this is a good example if companies and app developers hear from enough of us BlackBerry 10 owners well will find more and more apps coming to BlackBerry 10.

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I used it on my bb9780 and it was helpful, also apps I would love to see are shazam, gasbuddy, air miles, and pinterest

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I can tell you RBC will have a BlackBerry 10 app. It was being developed before the launch. But the bad news is I am hearing it won't be ready till Early August. It was supposed to be launched in the next month or two. No details yet why but the app is not being developed in house.

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August? What the heck! The biggest and richest bank in Canada and they can't get an app for BlackBerry 10 ready at least 2 months after launch. Common RBC get your act together. I use the z10 browser instead but an app would make it a bit easier on the eyes and not have to pinch to expand to see what the heck your typing in the fields.

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What apps I'd like to see on the Z10:
Advanced OS and LED
BlackBerry Traffic
TripAdvisor (or something of the nature)
The Disney World App (for my fiance)

I'll add to this more later lol. There are a lot of others just can't think of them

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Wouldn't this be a prime example of how the Z10 with its awesome HTML5 rendering browser would better support mobile websites and reducing the need for apps like this? Kevin wrote about this before. A banking app will just access the information from the web anyways so what's the difference? I'd say forget the app, and just give us a great mobile web page.

TD will be first out of the gates. TD 's drive to have the latest technology available to their clients is always their goal. I doubt BMO will ever release one. They would have to pay someone to develop it. And they just don't have any money!! Cibc jumped in on the nfc kick to get some media attention. Mr Murdock mysteries and his horrible commercials just isn't doing the trick.

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Bank of Montreal is coming out with an app 100% and yes I would know that. They also do have money just like every other bank does, granted they don't make as much as rbc or something, but they had like a billion last year or something.

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Used the TD app on my 9900 regularly. Also used the CIBC app too. Was disappointed to learn they weren't available for the Z10. But if they're in the pipe then that's good.

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Banks and all the other Apps developers out there, just like Android and its new OS - jellybean and the tba key lime pie, the BB10 OS adoption will only increase as more people switch over to the new OS