TD banking app gets deposited into BlackBerry App World

By Ryan Blundell on 7 Jun 2010 10:04 am EDT
TD banking application

Maybe I’m a grump, but it seemed to me that a lot of banks would advertise applications for the iPhone. This left BlackBerry users with far more limited access. I was strolling through BlackBerry App World and stumbled upon the recently added TD app by TD Bank Financial Group. Score one for the good guys! This now gives TD customers greater options and actions to choose from, without having to wait in line at the bank or fumbling with a mobile site. The application covers four different areas:

  • TD Canada Trust - The banking option will allow you to access your chequing, savings, credit and investment account information, pay bills and transfer money anytime, anywhere.
  • TD Waterhouse - If you want to get a quote, place a trade, or ask a question, one-touch calling on the investment option makes it easier to contact the TD Waterhouse Investor Service Centre.
  • TD Insurance - In the Auto Insurance option, the Accident Toolkit and Notepad provide assistance when you need it most. These features put help at your fingertips if you are in an accident.
  • Locations - When you need to visit a TD Canada Trust Branch or ABM, the app will help you find the nearest location quickly and conveniently. It also locates TD Waterhouse Investor Centres in Canada; TD Bank stores and ATMS in the US.

The TD banking application is free to use.

Reader comments

TD banking app gets deposited into BlackBerry App World


Its only a web launcher to their new site, but its a start.

PS: THIS IS FOR TD CANADA TRUST ONLY. Not TD Bank North. Sorry folks. That's why you are getting the error.

Ya it is too bad its just a web launcher, but I had been using the old mobile site and now Ive just bookmarked the new one and deleted the "app" :) Also if you do just bookmark it also set it to "page view", column view throws it off a little bit.

i tried to download it, but it says that the application is not available on my device or for my carrier. i have a tour on verizon. i wonder if it'll change/who does it work for then?

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ANYWAY, App World says this isn't available for my device or carrier as well. Storm2 on Verizon

Who cares? Obviously you do or you wouldnt be on a website dedicated to BB. Android is nothing more than an iclone OS. Its for losers who want an iphone but want to be "different".

Anyways, as for this app. Its a web launcher.

yeap, just a launcher, but the website renders pretty well on my storm so Kudos to TD, will be good to see a full app from them on the future though...

it's a little bit of both. While it does work as a launcher, it also quickly tells you TD locations based on your location within your carriers network or your GPS location (directions using BB maps). You can also call branches, TD Waterhouse, TD insurance, etc. TD also includes a FAQ section and an Accident Toolkit under TD insurance.

Dude sounds angry and bitter about something doesn't he? Good news is that there is some counseling for that buddy. Go do some soul searching...let us know what you find.

This app won't install on my AT&T 9700. When I try I get a message telling me that the app is not compatible with my device OR carrier.

Directs to you an improved website, aside from that I suspect you can bookmark it and then uninstall it.

Still, an improvement over the standard website over the embarassment that Rim calls a webbrowser (and included javascript)

Messed up blog post.. "without having to wait in line at the bank or fumbling with a mobile site"... Downloaded app world ( that i hate ) just for this one. Then felt on a launcher that just sent me on the mobile website... What a waste of application memory...

i'm not in the country right now and the download is location based. Does anyone have and .jar and .jad files? that would b much appreciated!


Basically the locations are done in app. It uses gps to get your location and find banks/ABM near you. This is all done in app. But when you go to your accounts, it takes you out of the app and to their mobile website..which isnt a bad site, its very easy to navigate around and everything. Just some people would rather have it all built into the app.

i think the storm version is different. mine is only 29kb and just loads the browser when i click on it