TBooth and WirelessWave join the BlackBerry 10 preorder party in Canada

BlackBerry 10
By Bla1ze on 18 Jan 2013 09:24 am EST

Time to add a few more places to preorder yourself a BlackBerry 10 device in Canada. TBooth and WirelessWave have now posted up on their site that they are indeed taking preorder reservations at local stores. If you're not familiar with TBooth and WirelessWave, they're retailers for all the major carriers in Canada so alas, it's no surprise they're tossing their names into the mix. Hit the links below to find your closest TBooth and WirelessWave locations.

Source: TBooth, WirelessWave
Via: Mobile Syrup

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TBooth and WirelessWave join the BlackBerry 10 preorder party in Canada


Never thought I would be first....lol. Bought a Lexus without a dvd system and they gave me 2 ipads....almost didn't buy the SUV. What an insult to a BB user.....anyhow, have been testing the 2 units side by side for sometime now (that is Playbook vs Ipad)...and the teenagers always love to jump in to prove the ipad is better. Well ipad does some things quite nicely I will admit, and they do have a lot of Apps. However, when it comes to the Browser funtion, multitasking, the fantastic bridging to my phone, the ipad is well left behind....wish I could write a detailed and honest report on the subject but wouldn't know where to write it.....PS....the teenagers are lost for words more often than I am when we get the showdown going....lol.

Will Wireless Etc. (Wireless Wave kiosks in Costco) take preorders? Costco usually has a $100 costco-card rebate when you buy a device on subsidy.