Tazzle IT Lets You View, Print and Send Wirelessly from your BlackBerry to Any PC

By Adam Zeis on 28 Sep 2009 12:09 pm EDT

I recently got the chance to check out Tazzle IT, and I can simply say I'm in love. This great little device allows you to easily view, print and send files wirelessly to any PC without the need for cables or additonal accessories. The Tazzle IT can be carried around anywhere as it is smaller than most USB flash drives. You simply plug the device into a PC, fire up the application and you're off. You can view files on a PC that are stored on your device, print documents without having the files on a PC, and even transfer items from your device to a PC. This adds a ton of mobility to your BlackBerry device. You can store important documents, email attachements and more and have quick and easy access to them over multiple PCs. The documents will be safe and secure on your device, as nothing will be permanently saved on the PC. By far my favorite feature of the Tazzle IT is the ability to print directly from my device. Countless times I've had to move documents or files to a PC, and then open and print them. Now I can send the document to the printer with a few clicks and that's that. The Tazzle IT is available for $79.95 from TazzeIT.com and the setup is a breeze. If you are on the go or simply use multiple systems to get things done, the Tazzle IT may be just what you need.

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Tazzle IT Lets You View, Print and Send Wirelessly from your BlackBerry to Any PC


I agree thats a heck of a lot of money. I'll stick with my cable or email. But it may be useful for some people.

i use WifiFile Transfer app only $4.99 and allows me to transfer and display pics, song, files, etc. on my pc web browser screen

bluetoothing the file to his computer?

the blue light is flashing!! whats the difference!

and transferring pictures to your pc is WAY FASTER using the usb cable as you drag and drop them in seconds not bluetoothing them one by one!!

printing is cool tho!

is there anything else like this but alot cheaper. The economy sucks and who is going to pay 80 for this

Yeah I'll stick to my Bluetooth -> PC or email -> PC.
For a convenience accessory, $80 is way too much.

sucks! nothing new. I have a bluetooth dongle (Worth £4 or $6.35), I can do most of the features of this hardware.

I think everyone who has thus far left a comment is missing the point of this device. While I agree that $79.95 is a considerable sum to pay for a bluetooth dongle that is secure, it also has a place for those who travel often.

The point/reason/purpose for this device is for those who are on the road alot, running between multiple offices, clients offices, houses etc. The biggest advantage this device has is the fact that it leaves no trace of anything behind. If you're someone who has confidential information that needs to be printed out at a moments notice and is not in a location to install special software (bluetooth, print drivers, desktop manager, etc)

This device (from the information presented here) can be plugged into any computer or printer and view, edit and print information securely.

Keep that in mind before you suggest second rate methodology and slam the software company for the price.

We really appreciate your candid feedback.

Most of all we don't want price to be an obstacle to you trying Tazzle IT.

So we're cutting the price to $49.95 for crackberry.com readers. Just use the code TAZZLEME when you buy it. (Look for the box called "SAI CODE" in our shopping cart on our site, www.tazzleit.com.)

The price drop cuts deep at our little startup, but we think that once you try the Tazzle IT, you'll love it and you'll tell your friends.

The code is good for a limited time, so jump on it at www.tazzleit.com


Bryn Higgins

Co-founder and VP of Software
Tazzle Inc.

Even though I can't afford it at $50 right now I have to say that you sold me! That could come in very handy to have. I need a BB utility belt! And for you to see the complaints about the price and drop it that quickly is commendable to say the least. I wish you luck!

That is still $49.94 to high. hahaha! Maybe I ought to write a program that displays a clock and sell it for $79.95. Are we getting programmers that think whatever they make is the all and can sell it for 10000X more than its worth. This is just total and completely just taking advantage of people....ok, just stupid people but still. its still a crime. The price on this is higher than a new storm phone!

$80??? Yeah Right!! Get the f*ck outta here... And I got a bridge in Brooklyn with a lake view in Michigan for sale. All for $19.95

I can see the usefulness of this device, and $50 for a specialty device isn't really that expensive. I don't know anything about this company, but I admire them for trying to bring a unique product to market. If you don't need it, why be rude about it? Just move on.

$80 seriously? even $50???

if you want people to buy it make it like $5.

ain't nobody paying $50 for this.

While I would prefer $50, I can see how the hardware and software development costs can warrant this price. If you don't like the price, you don't have to buy it.

Plus, the market usually works: If it's not worth the money, people won't buy it.

Tazzle, come out with Mac support and I'll buy one! I already had like 3 uses for this in the past few days.

For printing at friends/work.. I had files transfered that I would have loved or needed to print..This hardware/software combo seems to make the process more streamlined.. Most importantly I HATE WIRES !!

Many people mistake Tazzle IT for just another Bluetooth dongle. Although Tazzle IT contains and uses a Bluetooth® chip, it is a unique proprietary device and technology that creates an ad-hoc, secure, personal area network between your smartphone and any PC or laptop running Tazzle software. There is nothing on earth like the Tazzle IT in terms of performance, quick set-up, ease of use, enabling immediate viewing, printing, or sending of email content, downloaded attachments, files and photos.

We explain the difference in detail here:


All the best,

Bruce Haendel
Product Manager, Tazzle, Inc.
The First Tazzler

To borrow from an old Alka-Seltzer ad: "Try it, you'll like it!"

I, like I'm sure a lot of us, love to try out new gadgets.

Regardless of price!

However, when the price was instantly dropped by almost 38%, from 79.95 to 49.95, I knew that this was definitely something that was NOT worth bothering with.

The developers should have tried to promote the product for whats it is and whats its worth, rather than just slashing the price, trying to get people to buy it.

We might be CrackBerry Addicts, but we're not CrackBerry Dummies!

I must say I'm ashamed of all of the negativity that i'm reading on here...

To quote friedmonkey: "If you don't need it, why be rude about it? Just move on."

To answer ggglewis's ignorant comments about programmers wanting 10,000X what their program is worth.. Have you ever written a program? I have, I've written code for websites, Visual Basic and C++ programs. I made a utility program that combined notepad, extensions to outlook, a calendar (with reminders, color schemes), a task list, and a clock. That program took well over a month with the debugging and the 3,746 lines of code.

A website with any depth will have over 10,000 lines of code. I highly suggest the next time you visit a page right click on that page and select "View Source" (in Internet Explorer). That is the source code for the website you are viewing. Any program like the machine code embedded in this product must have taken a looong time to ensure smooth operation.

Bottom Line: Until you are a programmer, don't disregard the amount of time (blood, sweat, frustration & tears) it takes to create something, especially something that works as smooth as this sounds.

SQ609: The same to you.. Why be ignorant and post something like that?

To Bryn & Bruce.. I thank you both for being so patient with some of the unfortunately ignorant people posting on this product. As a programmer I can appreciate the time it takes to truly and thoroughly test a product before it goes to market. Especially when considering the broad range of applications and devices this must work with. I say keep on fighting the good fight and all will work out in the end.


Hey, User0101... thanks for reminding these folks of their manners. I'm a long time smartphone user thinking about the switch to a Blackberry and was hoping I'd find a civilized community that I could engage in a reasonable conversation.

After reading the shot-from-the-lip comments on this post, I'm not so sure. It's one thing to find a price objectionable; quite another to throw a holier-than-thou hissy fit and impugn the character of the developers.

When you boys have done the hard work of actually creating something - even just a respectful reply in a reasonable debate - you let me know. In the meantime, I'll find myself a civil conversation on my topics of interest.


They are in EVERY community. As long as there's a computer, internet access and a high degree of anonymity people will not hesitate to say things online that they would NOT say face-to-face. Brain-finger disease is rampant online!

Hi All!

Free scripts are downloadable from TazzleIT.com for users to control PC PowerPoints and cloud-based Google Presentations from their BlackBerry!

Print to any Win PC's printer, view your email content, photos and files on the computer's larger screen, and we think you'll like the new presentation control capability, too. Personally, I like using the Google Presentations the best, since you can update your show right up to the very last second.

To learn how to set up, we've posted on eHow.com. Please take a look. Nab a Tazzle IT from PC Mall.


Bruce at Tazzle