Tata DOCOMO introduces new plan for BlackBerry customers

By Yousif Abdullah on 30 Dec 2010 09:05 am EST


Tata DOCOMO has announced a new plan for both its pre- and postpaid BlackBerry customers. The new plan, dubbed BlackBerry Unlimited, allows customers to experience their BlackBerry smartphones to the fullest without limitations, i.e. unlimited Internet browsing, unlimited e-mail, unlimited social networking and unlimited access to BlackBerry App World. And that is not all - with the new plan, Tata DOCOMO will also provide customers in select areas an additional quota of 300MB data allowance for free!

Should that not sound convincing yet, the BlackBerry Unlimited plan will cost you a mere Rs 399 (less than 9 USD) per month. Although Tata DOCOMO's selection of BlackBerry smartphones leaves a lot to be desired, the new plan is a solid, but also an affordable deal. Or at least, I believe it to be an affordable one. Say, how much do you currently pay for the luxury of having a BlackBerry smartphone every month? Please leave a comment, I am eager to see the numbers!

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Tata DOCOMO introduces new plan for BlackBerry customers


$64 plan, actually costs $75/month including additional airtime if I go over the quota, Voice and data on the clear choice plan. 1GB data + unlimited messaging. Holymoly. Wind offers that for much less!!

My data plan is 20USD per month but that doesn't include making calls. I then have to get additional credit to make calls.

Surfing the Web through the BlackBerry Browser comes without limitations, but as soon as 3rd party applications (e.g. Pandora) or media usage* is involved, that's when the 300MB quota kicks in.

* For example, video streaming (YouTube) consumes data that is not counted towards Internet usage and hence is billed differently. Hope this helps.


399 INR for unlimited BIS that covers all 3rd party app store everything but at 2G speeds. 2G speeds suck big time in India. 399 is way expensive for the speeds we get.

Additional 300MB is 3G which I have never experienced yet in India so no comment on how is that service.

We would land up paying the same amount if we had services like what is offered by AT&T in US and other developed countries.

For people using email and blackberry messenger only this is cheap. All major service providers now have this tariff rates.

299 for Personal Mail (No surfing just 10 email accounts and gtalk and stuff and Blackberry messenger, No app store nothing no 3rd party apps)
399 for BIS (everything works all 3rd party apps and browsing + personal mail features)

Tethering is not allowed in India. I have a Blackberry Torch and I am on BIS 399 plan on Vodafone India and I am not allowed to do tethering. Tethering plans are very expensive.

I'm on digicel postpaid and I'm paying $1500jmd (less than $15 usd) for unlimited downloads,net,email and just everything is unlimited lol except they skipped 3g and went to 4g so my bb 9700 is 3g less

Digicel 4G is for broadband use (home/business/latptop dongles) only and is WiMAX service, not LTE - they are not using it pr planning on using it for mobile devices. But they have been moving to 3G in many of their market

Non-BlackBerry devices suck bandwidth way too much, and Digicel is hedging their bets. Even US carriers are looking at LTE over WiMAX, including the ones that are using WiMAX right now.

I'm with NTT Docomo Pacific in Guam, USA and I pay approximately $75 each month, which includes 200 minutes, unlimited local texting, and unlimited BB data. What a rip-off!

I pay BND$60+ for my postpaid plan (the cheapest plan). I'm using DSTCom (Brunei). BND$35 (US$27) for my sms/call & BND$25 (US$19) for my BIS. Its only 1.5GB, 100sms, 300min calls. Expensive but still affordable. No prepaid plan for Blackberry service here in Brunei :(

9 USD / month... using Telkomsel Indonesia =)

and yes.. I'm also trying to figure out that 300 mb thingy.... Roaming maybe? don't know..

AT&T, I pay $95 USD after Taxes and everything.
That includes 900 minutes/month + rollover minutes + 5 A list numbers for free besides the unlimited nights and weekends and AT&T to AT&T
Unlimited Data plan (I go over 40GB each month)...hahaha ($30/$95)

Prepaid South africa R57 about $8 per month unlimited email,bis,unlimitEd social networking and media downloads(music and video) free browsing but no free youtube :(

Just under 100 a month with 150 anytime minutes, unlimited calls after 5 and unlimited messaging. The music voicemail thing with touch voicemail =/ I also have 6 gigs of data.

Vodafone India. Rs.7000 for the entire year. BlackBerry Unlimited. Data Unlimited. I usually use my BB for everything net when not in the house. Approx 1.5GB per month. Calls and SMS are billed separately. However this is EDGE over 2G with no tethering possible.
And this is now availablle for Rs.5000 or $110 annually.
And yes streaming is unlimited as well :p both music and youtube :D

I don't know in which city u are in, but in Bombay, I have paid Rs.4500 ($100) for a year's worth of unlimited BIS provided by Vodafone.
Further, as per your plan youtube streaming is not included in any plan in Bombay by Vodafone. It is charged separately as it uses the Vodafone Live service for video streaming.

Yes you are right and at EDGE speed that is 2G I cannot even dream of using youtube or stream music or anything for that matter. It is good for web surfing but no data intensive use.

$34.99 a month for unlimited text,web and mms on tmobile.
voice plan costs and additional $39.99 but i get a 12% AAA discount each bill

Well dude this is not just with Tata DOCOMO the same Plans are available on Vodafone, Airtel n Aircel too. So don't say that TATA only has these plans. Say the services are cheaper in India than the rest of the world. ;)

Hmm... I'm only wondering, because - to the best of my knowledge - I never said Tata DOCOMO to be the only service provider in India with such an offering. But, as we all are human, I could be wrong. Please, point me to the passage that supports your claim. I shall then correct it, for I am most sorry that this happened. I am looking forward to your reply.


My plan through my union with Bell Mobility - telephone + unlimited email + unlimited texts incoming and outgoing all for $37.50/month +tax.

I should be paying about $100 but pay about $53 a month after tax in Canada with Bell. Used a BB in India and only paid about 800 rupees ($20 CDN) for 30 days for an equivalent plan

obviously cell phone plans will be cheaper in populous developing nations. One tower in Canada covers how many people vs one tower in India. Then you have you costs of business being slashed since labour costs in India are comparatively less. The question is, is 10 $ a month in India a larger or smaller portion of the salary (which would be much smaller in india) I would make there or a larger? I would not expect my salary would not be 5 times smaller though! so sounds like a good deal.

Canadian plan 50$/month unlimited data, texts free incoming calls 200 mns and unlimited to 5 numbers on Telus. In France Orange 36euro ($47) for unlimited texts, incoming calls as is always the case in europe and 200 minutes and 500mb data.

im with VHA australia and i pay $45 a month, I get unlimited BIS (includes emails, browsing, downloading, running apps, etc) + 1.5GB of extra data and i get unlimited calls within the country to any network and unlimited sms and mms nationally and internationally... seems like its a competitive blackberry plan....

Blackberry BIS plan and i pay Jamaican Dollars 1699 or USD 20.00 a month. With this i get unlimited social network, email and Internet i have to pay per kb if i access wap sites.

Here in Greece data and voice plans are bought separately. To use your BB you need BIS data plan which is somewhat more expensive that the normal data plans. So prices for Vodafone Greece (almost similar for the other 2 major carriers) are --- BIS 150MB / month for 10,34euros --- BIS 500MB 13,44euros --- BIS 1GB 18,09euros --- BES 500MB 15.50euros --- BES 1GB 18,09euros. No option for unlimited data. As you understand US plans seem pretty cheap to me !#@@#!. For voice I pay 22,00euros for 180min/month, above that and all sms are paid extra. Happy New Year!

Unlimited web,email,and data with 300 mins for 25 dollars a month. Plus an extra 10 dollars for unlimited Blackberry services. So 35+tax.

I pay around $230.00 USD a month for 2 lines with unlimited data on both lines and my line has a 5gb a month tether on it.

I am using 399 unlimited and unlimited downloading using BB browser or any other browser.

Thats on Airtel.

I am gonna switch to 3G when its available on Airtel, most probably it will be started on 1st Jan i guess.

Vodafone Italy on pre-paid 3Euro per week for BIS usage I think it's 500MB of apn blackberry.net plus 500MB of wap traffic.

I have a plan with two lines with unlimited everything with blackberry bis service, equipment protection, and roadside assistance that runs me $250 taxes included every month.

My plan is 49.99 a month plus 25.00 for a 2GB a mon unlimited text,talk with long dist. And voice mail. Had to take that data plan cause when I just got the phone it came with a 200 MGb of course not knowing how phone worked I easily went over in a couple of days. They got me once but not again. They stuck me with 200 mg more for 25.00. I also have husb with 39.00 a mon with 15.00 200 mgb (which he doesn't use)5.00 text(he doesn't use)no voice mail, with long dist since our kid live in fl.