TAT shows off more BlackBerry PlayBook capabilities

By Adam Zeis on 17 Feb 2011 01:19 pm EST

We keep seeing more and more good things come from RIM and others on the PlayBook front, and with TAT on board it's full steam ahead. We already saw a sweet scrapbook application running on the PlayBook, and now the guys from IntoMobile have snagged the above video of some more amazing demos. The first app shown is a media viewer hooked up via HDMI to an external display. It shows extremely well and even has some crazy 3D too. Then we get another look at Scrapbook, and finally check out a multimedia app called Frontrunner. All of them look amazing and really show off the capabilities of the PlayBook. The apps look so smooth and run without a hitch - that "double multitouch" really wows me too. Take a look at the video above for all the goods then sound off in the comments.

Source: IntoMobile

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TAT shows off more BlackBerry PlayBook capabilities


I prefer a kick ass phone and a small laptop like the 11 inch Mac book air..these tablet are kind of a tweener ...i would never carry this around especially at that size...i

All the fanboys have left to say is size LOLOLOLOLOLOL!

Face it Playbook + TAT Cool > Apple Cool in fact it's not even close.

The problem with TAT though (from the beginning, even before the RIM buyout) is that everything is still a concept. Don't get me wrong, they are an awesome company with some crazy good ideas but if nothing ever comes to market, what's the point?

I don't see any reason why the apps they showed off couldn't be available on day one, they run so smooth and there was no glitching or lockups at all, hard to be leave it's a Blackberry device.

RIM would be stupid not to push the TAT guys/gals to have these ready day one.

Great questions from into mobile, why wouldn't RIM makes that media player the default player....but wow the thing looks great.

I have to say I am more and more impressed with the PlayBook capabilities. Really, really looking forward to what TAT will offer as they integrate more fully as time goes on. Awesome stuff!

I think they are interesting and i agree that the playbook will be better than the locked down ipad. Just dont see how this small size tablet will play out...to each his own but i feel rim should have made a larger one( maybe they will) because reading on my daughters ipad is small enough...

This may well become the main media app. And Rubik's cube on my PB? Yeah!! I'm gonna waste so much time when I get that thing.

I am seriously impressed with the design prowess of The Astonishing Tribe. That and the amazing speed and fluidity demonstrated by the PlayBook. Holy crap, this is going to be an amazing tablet!

All the proof of concepts display the power of what the Playbook can really do. I don't see how anyone can say software or hardware is no up to par. RIM has created an awesome start but unfortunately, it's success will come down to the developers. The hardware is there and it'll be a shame if there are a lack of developers creating software for this. I don't know too much about writing software but the majority say it's really simple to write for QNX.

I can say that the playbook is "easy" to develop for. I have used the air sdk, and it's pretty straight forward. I am looking forward to checking out the native SDK, then we can really see how powerful this thing is.

I don't think the success of this device will come down to developers. I think it will come down to marketing and advertising. Look at the palm pre. It was a pretty solid device too but it didn't achieve the kind of success that palm needed. RIM needs to market this thing to developers and consumers alike. Luckily, it looks like RIM is well aware of this and seems to be actively pushing this device on all fronts.

Agree. I think RIM is well aware of this so they've been pushing out development tools like: Adobe Air, WebWorks, etc. Hopefully this will entice developers to write some good apps for it. It got me excited for sure. I'm going to allocate some time to check out WebWorks. I'm saving my $$ to get one. I'm also looking for Silver Light support, and the ability to print stuff out directly from the playbook. Imagine making those cool and fun pictures using Scrape Book app and then print them and send them to friends and family members during Xmas...

If you want something done, do it yourself.

RIM must put resources in making great apps for its PB and other developers will come.

Bundle great apps to its own PB to make the all important good first impression.

did anyone see the point? on the PB you can play something on your large screen LCD and at the same time do something different on your Playbook.

i know right. the ability to control the app on a larger screen while at the same time, you can swipe out of the app on pb and do something else (ie bbm) and not close the app. just shows how powerful the pb is.

When this makes it's way to the phone hardware and isn't super power hungry, RIM has a chance. TAT and QNX were definitely wise aquisitions, hopefully getting their talents into production handsets doesn't prove too difficult.

Er, QNX isn't super power hungry at all. It's because QNX isn't power hungry but super powerful is why it can do this stuff.

Very nice. In the past I have failed to see the use case for a tablet device pointing out that they are less powerful than laptops and only slightly more portable while at the same time being far less portable than smartphones and only slightly more powerful. In my eyes, this put them in an ackward space between smartphones and laptops.

Considering this further though, I would use one of these things while moving around in my house. I wouldn't take it with me anywhere (unless going out of town), but having the ability to pick it up to look something up online, or plugging it up to the TV to watch a youtube video would be quite useful. I am starting to see a place for these sort of devices.

In the future, tablet devices (and smartphones too) could integrate with your home electronics (washing machine, microwave, oven, dishwasher, fridge), and present a more featureful interface for these devices. Someone should come up with a standard protocol they can use to communicate.

The integration with home electronics is where NFC comes in. It will go far beyond payments and into the areas you are talking about.

As far as being less powerful than laptops, for enterprise a laptop really isn't necessary for every employee and the PlayBook's portability paired with a smartphone for the security is the trade-off they are pushing.

As well, when you read about the chips that the manufacturers are going to make available for 2012, tablets will really begin to have the power to replace laptops and in some cases desktops.

Ok...this is pretty damn sweet.

Think of how amazing a 3D version of Angry Birds will be! :)

And for that matter, the multi-touch...looks pretty sweet...you just know someone will come up with some....er.....adult apps to use the 3D multi touch.

yes...YES make it happen :3. But with all this it wont be long till some developer makes something like that :D

i think i messed my self i can't wait for release. every thing new they show us is just so cool. Im glad i decided against getting a gaming laptop this year. this will be more fun and less contrictive as to when i have the net and don't. after seeing this blizzard should make wow for it. i mean they put quake on it and it can do well everything seen above. if rim is smart they would work with blizz and make bukko bucks since the ipad wow thing didn't work out.

During the Dive Into Mobile interview, that so many criticized Mr. Lazaridis for, Mike said that RIM crossed over into the consumer market without ever really targeting them. These few demos from TAT show that RIM might be able to bring the same focus that won them the leadership of enterprise into the consumer world now that they are starting to address consumers. It's going to be great to see more from TAT and how they can inject some more fun into the serious platform.

Agree, looks like TAT was just a brilliant acquisition. You really wonder how RIM pulled it off before other firms did.

After looking at that stuff, I am now looking at an ad on the right hand side of my screen for the Droid Incredible showing HTC sense UI and honestly it looks like crap. The guys and gals at TAT just seem light years ahead of anyone else in design.

Great great acquisition RIM. Can't stop saying that.

Man.... as much as I DON'T want any delay on the drop date for this thing, I'm thinking if they need to in order to get a mind blowing UI like this from TAT it MIGHT be worth it. It's a really hard trade off to think about, but you know when you show the Playbook to your friends you really would like the jaw dropping effect that this stuff from TAT is going to give.

That looked incredible! Hopefully the TAT media player will be able to replace the player that will come preloaded on the Playbook... RIM I am begging you, please set a release date and price!

It's certaintly not a DOA product.

BUT the media and the media-influenced mindshare can kill any good product. Right now, the media is certaintly not favorable to RIM.

Example? Just visit http://www.intomobile.com/ and tell me what you see. (Not to mention the usual suspects, Engadget and Gizmodo.)

Amazing, 42 posts and no bashing from the iBot and Droids yet lol. TAT was a great buy by RIM, now they need to buy Rovio!

This demo was very impressive. The power and capabilities of the PB are amazing to say the least.

However, again lets approach this with cautious optimism. I for one would be much more confident if RIM implement some of the "demo" apps that TAT was just showing off. The scrapbook app is nice, the media player looks incredible. Include those in the final release give all the Blackberry/Crackberry supporters a clear opportunity to tell the haters out there stick it.

C'mon RIM....make it happen

Everytime I see new videos of the PB capabilities, it just gets 50 times better. RIM please stop teasing us and release the damn thing, cuz i'm already turned on by the features and capablities give it to me now!!

I must admit that I was skeptical regarding a company which uses such a self aggrandizing name as "The ASTONISHING Tribe" in much the same way as I am leery of products which incorporate terms like "Miracle", "Amazing", "Best", etc., as they rarely match their proclamations. I expect them to rely on shouting pitchmen (i.e. Vince from Shamwow, Billy Mays, or Ron Popiel) then fall short on real usefulness.

The video demo apps show TAT has some really cool possibilities which not only meet the iPads capability, but surpass it. I agree that RIM should include the media player on future devices so that developers can see the possibilities and get on board.

RIM needs to understand that we are kids and we need our candy!!! GIMME NAWWW!!

This is just superb.. i was BLOWN away, literally, ive been drooling for about half an hour now..

why wouldn't RIM makes that media player the default player???

Because they suck...lol

Half of the people here will get a playbook but everyone has a phone...so the real thing they need to fix is the phone this is a demo, not impressed...fix your clone phone RIM

What's that??? Did I just hear your android phone becoming even more obsolete with yet another batch of 100 "clone phones" announced to replace it???
I personally can't WAIT for my HTC Droid Evo6 5G jellybean, I hear it's coming pre-installed with 24 core processor, 5000GBs of RAM, 46 13 inch screens, all producing 4 dimensions and a battery backpack with mini nuclear core reactor to ensure that you can get through a whole day without having to plug it into a socket; might make you radioactive though but I guess that's the price we put on convenience....

For all we know this is the media player that will be implemented into the upcoming software, in fact, it's more likely than unlikely. They bought TAT for a good reason, I assure you that their main function is not to produce WORKABLE demos, rather implement their ideas into Blackberry's core functionality.

who else got wet while watching this i mean perfect video quality in 3D smooth response and while it was connected to the tv the tablet was able to run another app.......SWEET
best part my Bday is in April so i know what im buying