Tapatalk 2 now ready for BlackBerry 10

By Bla1ze on 1 Apr 2013 10:37 pm EDT

If you're looking for a forums app for your BlackBerry 10 smartphone aside from the CB10 app, then it may interest you to know that Tapatalk 2 is now available in BlackBerry World. Arriving as an Android port, Tapatalk offers up access to over 35,000 of the most popular forums out there including all of the Mobile Nations websites.

If you want to check out Android Central, iMore, WPCentral or even webOS Nation, Tapatalk 2 will help get you to those destinations with ease as they are all Tapatalk enabled. The app is available now for only $2.99 and having tested it out on all the Mobile Nations sites, I'm fine with stating that it's made a great transition to BlackBerry 10.

Logging in to forums, posting and even accessing and sending messages all works quite fantastically. Hopefully, we'll see it transition to a native app eventually but in the meantime, you can hit the link below to grab the download.

Download Tapatalk 2 for BlackBerry 10

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Tapatalk 2 now ready for BlackBerry 10


Yep. Is cheaper and easier. But for a $3 app they should have made a native app. I'm not paying $3 for an Android port. Is just developer trying to be cheap. Problem is that if people DONT buy it they will say BB is a non-event as no sales. But if we DO buy it they will think that an android port is sufficient and acceptable. :(

Exactly the dilemma that I see with having android apps allowed. If we accept crap android apps( dont mind the ones that are tweaked) then why should we expect them to think we want a native app.

Exactly. But when the Android apps potted over don't sell the devs will complain no one is buying BlackBerry apps. Catch 22.

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or you could, you know, buy it and leave a bad review. Showing the developer that there are enough people on BB10, while at the same time showing them that you want a better quality application.

BB/Devs don't allow negative reviews on some apps. They didn't for a 'Built for Blackberry' app I bought.

I'm especially not going to buy it since I've already paid for the Android version. Why pay for the exact same think twice? Would be nice if they let me download it for free if I email letting them know I've already paid for the Android version.

haha.. i bought TT from mobihhand for my 9780. Then MB was closed and new update was a must have. Thay said that I have to buy app again in BBW.

Can someone explain to me why tapatalk 2 is so good for some people? What is wrong with just using the crackberry app? Not trying to be a hater, I just have never used tapatalk before and see that a lot of people use it and I'm wondering what the advantages there are with it? Thanks cb nation

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They use it if they browser multiple forums.  If CrackBerry is the only forum you frequent, then no need to use Tap2.

Huh ? The internet doesnt begin and end with CrackBerry.com ? Ah man. I've been missing out !

It allow access to multiple forums instead of just one like CB10 app. Like some users actually frequent more than 1 forums, having 1 app to access everything is easier.

How much does this app costs on Google Play??? I think we BB10 users are getting robbed by those expensive android ports.. not good.. not good

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Yes. These ports are BS. At least roll 4.1 out. If people think the developers are going to make native apps when they can just port they are wrong.

I will not pay more than. 99 for any Android port ever. Heck I don't even like paying that. I am willing to spend for native apps though ;)

CB is looking and running great on the PlayBook...speaking of I wish you guys would let us know when apps are available for the playbook along with BlackBerry10, better yet how about BlackBerry pick up their feet and unify the OS already. Give us BlackBerry10 for the Playbook.

Why are you people complaining about Android ports? What is wrong with them? For the most part they work just fine! Would you rather have nothing? Geez

................ Played video games on my Big screen tonight using the Z10. This thing is like a mini XBox !!!

Unbelievable !
Kevin .... you should post something on this ...... it's AWESOME !


Sorry all! I have not used Tapatalk in the past, how does this compare to Taptu or are these completely different things?

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It's one thing to download a free app thats an android port but it's a whole other thing to pay for an android port. Eff that noise

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There are a lot of complainers on the forum, this is the best you are going to get for now, as long as the port works then there isnt much to complain about. Its not blackberry's fault its up to the developer especially to create native apps and BB have done more than enough to provide incentive for developers to consider developing. A new platform with a small subscriber base currently would mean many developers may opt just to port for now, most of the core apps i need work fine as if they were on a native android device. Working in the IT industry for 15+ years and have the ability to emulate a platform to fill gaps and do capabilities outside of your core platform is only a benefit not a negative. You have a choice either use it or dont, without the android player to fill some of these gaps there would be a lot of people who like myself would not even bother with a blackberry now as certain apps may NEVER come to the platform otherwise. I love the idea of emulation shows the power of the platform, I still remember seeing the iOS emulator demonstrated would have been nice to emulate all platforms on OS10, then have the best of all the platforms. The emulators are only going to get better and as long as the hardware is suffice to back the emulation no reason you can make it feel just like a native app, in fact we skin windows apps now in the enterprise to look like mobile apps to the relevant platforms.

I would disagree with your opinion, blackberry created the system and allows for android port to continue. I would rather have less access to apps albeit quality and made for bb 10 than have more and more android apps or ports.

Blackberry and most of you keeps saying that their devices are for productivity but so far there's nothing productive about it other than email, linkedin and oh yeah bb balance - that's only if you have a bes 10 server.

those of you who disagree with that are lying.

I think the majority of people would rather see the app in any form that not have the app at all. This app is currently number 2 on the playbook paid apps so people are clearly buying it, android port or not. I think Crackberry should run a poll just to prove the point.

I just downloaded it. I know it's a port but it works ok. Just wish it was native and put BB10 to good use. I also understand that devs will probably not invest their time in developing for new platforms if there is no real demand. Another reason why I don't mind paying for it.

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Bla1ze, you be the man! I really appreciate all the updates on the good apps available, keep these post coming!

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I wish everyone would stop bitching that X App is only an Android app. Wasn't the whole point of BBerry including Android within OS10 so that we could all get access to this kind of thing? To make it easy for X-company who has an Android app, to just convert it for BBWorld with minimal effort?

Here's the thing. I work hard for my money. devs don't deserve my cash if they want to do 1/3 of the work and charge the same price they have for the product elsewhere as native on other platforms.

The argument that they're waiting to see if there's interest in the platform is balderdash. I used to work in construction. Maybe I can go to their homes, do a half a$$ job and charge them the same as the full job I did for their nieghbours. Hey. The product will still work.

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Agree! Devs can absolutely choose to take the easy way and do a quick android port... but they must reflect that in the app price. Don't charge full price for 1/3 of the work like this.

They could at least tweak it a bit for the port over. Like the IM+ port. The cursor is not usable and I had to pay for that.

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Bought the port hoping they'll make a native app. It's worth the time and will draw more customers developers! Everyone wants apps that run smooth on there devices, otherwise they'll start chirping the developers.

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$3:for Android port not thanks... I'd rather not buy it at all. but ill offer $5 for the native version...

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Bought this earlier tonight...not very smooth...can't seem to get the hang of the "back" swipe either...I'd give it a 3/5

I paid for Tapatalk for both my iPad and android device....I don't want this for my Blackberry until they've released a stable version...any way of returning it? Or maybe I can wait for the official update for Tapatalk...

Blackberry should stop with this android, sideloading BS period.

speaking of apps when will actual apps for business use be release I'm talking about WebEx, Citrix, Polycom and etc.? There's nothing on bb world even replaces these.

They shouldn't allow android ports to cost more than 99 cents, if they want to get make money then take the time and make it native. I'm not spending money on android ports. The developers that spend the time to make native ports will get my money.

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Sounds reasonable. Put a cap on android ports .... maybe $2. When it becomes native, take the cap off.

Hi @all,
I think if a dev. Is bringing Out a port from his android Version in the beginning it should be ok, we will have another dev. on Board and an other app to use....but for 2.99 you are right this app has to work "good to perfect" ! But once you buy this app you got the right to write the dev. and ask the support for a better Version... Once the dev See that the BB10 user base is growing he will hang his @ss in and starts making native apps. I think it's better he Start with a Port today than starting a native app in 6 month ?

I don't mind android ports if they're decent quality. The more apps available to use the better IMO.
BlackBerry 10 is so versatile with allowing us to easily port Android apps and sideloading.
Look at Windows Phone, they hardly get anything and when they do, it's because Microsoft has paid a ton of cash for it. Imagine how happy WP customers would be if they could port and sideload android apps. They have maybe 20-30 good apps and the rest is junk.

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I piss away 3 dollars... money talks and dev only care once it starts yappin
For those saying to stop Android ports? I feel you, but remember that most people will be happy to have SOMETHING. Besides, if it wasn't for the ports, BB won't have a pot to piss in as far as eco-system.

It works great for me. Something is better than nothing. And thanks Blaize for your app updates. I really appreciate them.

For all those complaining about Android ports - You all think 3 bucks is a lot of money? LOL Keep up with the complaining so all the developers will just stop developing or porting over apps and all of you will be stuck with a door stop with zero apps.


Actual 3 Euros or similar is very expensive sie for a mobile application. A most applications do not take a lot of work (Games aside).

When you then consider that this can be sold potentially millions of times, this quickly adds up. Given the abundance of good free applications without advertisements as well, one does wonder even more why some simple application have a comparatively high price tag.

(And note, the group of potential customers is bigger for a mobile group than for PC Software and games. )

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The problem here is, that assuming everyone buys the app as a port - even if demand is high enough the developer has your money. Why would they spend time and effort building a native app for you...

I think a nice option would be a kind of kickstarter method where we can pay for a native app upfront but the Dev only gets the money on delivery. Problem solved, since interest is gauged before any work is done.

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Well well well, another port app...so thats it for BlackBerry ??? This is the reason why i still dont know if m going to buy the phone. Native only what they want and port is just not cool to be in the battle. Lame

Why do people buy something like this?

Eben back on my Bold 9900 Forums worked perfectly fine in the browser.
So why does one need an application for it??

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pay for an android port. yeah! No thanks.

When its native then we'll talk.

The best thing about this Crackberry post is that it alerted me to it being android port and to stay clear.

Fnen90 if you don't even have the phone how do you know the port is bad?

To my Crackberrians: If we continue this hate for "ported" apps this will really hurt blackberry 10's chance of survival. If the app works properly then that's a great start. It's up to us to convince the developer to go native, but convince him in a way that is also supportive.

Once the dev sees that his app isn't making money he will give up on blackberry all together, he isn't going to turn around and dedicate time on a native app.

But if this port actually makes them money, then his next app will be native because he sees the value in developing for blackberry. Just make sure to leave a comment regarding this issue in the review after you purchase the app.

Having a port is better than nothing but they should not be lazy and follow it up with a native update or just build it native in the first place. The DROID ports are a poor substitute for a well constructed native app like CB10.

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They did this previously with a version of the tapatalk app for the PlayBook. Then they suddenly pulled the PlayBook version from app world.

Does anyone happen to know if this version also works on the playbook?

I'll tell you why I won't pay that much for the port. I paid over $3 for a port before and up to this day it continues to crash. I even sent support request emails only to be told they are working on it and this was a while back(to name one, photo studio pro). I have a few ports which work fine but I didn't pay so it doesn't bother me that much. Now when it comes to native, I have already spent close to $70 on native apps to support devs who took the time to code native apps.

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If your not happy with what is appearing on blackberry world either deal with it or move to another platform, android is an adopted emulator in BB10 and Playbook whether you like it or not and there will be a lot of Android Apps coming as developers may not want to invest, cant wait to hear the complainers when Skype is released! I've used many android phones and numerous apps crash on the platform itself from phone to phone it varies so you can expect similar behaviour or worse on an emulator, but should improve over time as the emulator is updated.

I do wish that the developers were required to indicate that an app is an Android port prior to purchasing it.

I think the decision to port apps was a bold one. BlackBerry needed to concentrate on the os and the phone. If you fight on two fronts you're going to lose. But that's by the by. Tapatalk is a bit dated anyway, a lot of decent boards now have the ability to switch to mobile mode. One I use has responsive light mode which is optimised for mobile devices. It works perfect and any posts I'm watching get emailed in full so I don't even have to visit the board unless I want to reply. A lot of Tapatalk users on there have limited functionality.

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I have this on my Nexus 7. I can't understand why we have to pay twice for basically the same app. And I simply have no clue as to why there's still no CrackBerry (Native) forum app for playbook. All we have playbook users, ironically, is some android (cr)app. I mean seriously? This is crackberry right?! Not CrapBerry.

This app doesn't work. The navigation bar will not show up at all. I've tried contacting the developer but they've been totally unresponsive. I'd like to have my money refunded.

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