Grab your BlackBerry and rock out with Tap Beats Heavy Metal for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 18 Aug 2013 12:13 pm EDT

Here's one for you rock fans out there. Tap Beats Heavy Metal is a Guitar Hero style game available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones and it's pretty sweet. As you will see from the video - once you start the game you'll only have access to one music track. Unlocking more is done by doing well with the first track and earning enough points to unlock the next.

Just like Guitar Hero you have four colored tabs at the base of the display and as the corresponding notes drop down the frets you need to tap the correct tab just at the right moment. The graphics and colors are bright and crisp and the music tracks available sound great booming out of the BlackBerry speaker. Rig this one up to the TV via HDMI and you could be in for even more fun, although I'm not sure the neighbors will approve!

Up at the top of the screen you'll see your current score and also a 'Streak' counter for when you pull off some nifty riffs. The game isn't quite the same as playing on a games console but for a native BlackBerry 10 app it gets the thumbs up from me.

Clearly, you don't have to me a rock fan to enjoy this one, although It will probably help, but either way the game play is smooth and a bunch of fun.

Tap Beats Heavy Metal falls into the lowest price group in BlackBerry World so it will only cost you £0.75/$0.99 and whether you're a Guitar Hero fan or not I'd say this one is priced just right.

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This should sell well

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I find that font creepy for some reason lol

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The font looks like the electronic equivalent of one of those letters sent by a kidnapper to the victim's family with all the mismatched letters with their ransom demands.

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Did you buy it?

Started from the bottom with my Z10 ...


I feel like this kind of game need a social incentive. Either scoreloop or something. Playing solo is not going to sell well.

Besides in the video review, it is said that there is no real notion of levels.

I hope this gets addresses in an upcoming version.


Did anyone buy this on a Z10? I'd like some opinions.

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I'm not the biggest fan of rock... but I love these games!

Anyone have luck sideloading Tap Tap Revenge?

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Q10 users will have a bit of a problem due to screen size I presume

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Not good didn't like it

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It's so hard to get good free apps on the bb

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It's. 99 cents com'on

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Lol that's the persons point hahaha they want free not 99 cents. Hahah

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I bought my Q10 for other reasons than gaming but there are some nice games available. They all are really smooth even Android ports. I have a lot of fun playing games on BB10. Can't wait to try this one out.

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Please stop with the guy titles for app reviews.

They don't work any better.

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I meant gay.

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Francis CassidyHammel

There is no place is today's society for your homophobic slang. Equating gay with stupid is something you should be ashamed of and you owe us all an apology for.

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Oh snap. +1

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just bought that game for my Q10. This one is rubbish. The whole game is scaled down. The screen width is not used all the way. This results in very small buttons. This game is not playable on a Q10.

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What rock songs does it have? Don't like classic rock. Anyone tried it already?

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It didn't appear in the video that the on-screen "notes" had any correlation to the actual music. Did anyone else notice that?


That was the first thing I noticed...... makes the game kind of blahhh

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Fix it for q10!

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I HATE it when it's not clear it's not optimized for the Q10/5. Devs really need to remove the Q10/5 from the compability list if it isn't optimized for the square screen. Those rubbish games are taking my money with there false marketing.

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How about they come out with the real guitar hero...

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Downloading now. I hope it is actually metal instead of what the pop culture thinks metal is.


it seems that there is no link between the music and the dots.


That looks terrible. No correlation between music notation and no feedback for getting the note on time. Poor graphics, the music sounded terrible too. I love guitar hero and rock band and this isn't fit to be quoted in the same sentence.

Richard I suggest thinking hard about which games you promote. Your reviews seem to skip over obvious flaws. Just because gaming is relatively new to the blackberry world on a large scale does not mean we should settle for poor quality.

If it a crap, tell it like it is.

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Perhaps it's been explained before, but how are games/apps chosen for review?