Tank Recon 3D for the BlackBerry Storm2 Now Available; Features Real-Time 3D Graphics w/ OpenGL ES

By Adam Zeis on 15 Apr 2010 02:48 pm EDT

Leigh let me know he's been hard at work on his latest creation, Tank Recon 3D. This is one of the first games to take advantage of the OpenGL ES support on the Storm2, and features amazing 3D graphics. The game puts you in the drivers seat of a tank through various missions, shooting down planes, AT guns, tanks and more.

You're the Commander of a lone recon tank charged with a mission that will help end the 12 year war with the Hepion. We have developed a new advanced tank, code named Alpha. It seems that the wretched Hepion has also managed to develop their own tank, code named Beta. The race is on to see who can field their tanks first.

In a bold move and in an effort to curve the development of the Hepion tank Beta, our commanders have decided to send out our pearl. Like a raging storm, our Alpha is being rushed into a dangerous tour of duty to save our world.

There are multiple different levels, story mode and instant-action mode, ability to set your own music as the soundtrack, leaderboard and more. Tank Recon 3D really does look great on the Storm2, so if you're a fan of this type of game at all I definitely recommend picking it up. It sells for $7.99 in the CrackBerry App Store (a bit higher than most games, but given the work that went into it totally worth it). 

More information and download of Tank Recon 3D for the Storm2

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Tank Recon 3D for the BlackBerry Storm2 Now Available; Features Real-Time 3D Graphics w/ OpenGL ES


No free trial? $7.99? I don't care how hard you worked or how nice the screenshots may look, but 8 bucks is a bit steep to pay for an app you haven't been able to try. Just some advice: make a free trial or, better, drop your price to $1.99-$3.99 and watch it fly off the digital shelves.

If it's cheaper more people will buy it.

not a video of the game, just someone trying to get extra views on their youtube account :(

link should be removed

Anybody purchase this game yet? I'd like to know how smooth the framerate is. After getting NFS Shift 3D, I've learned that screenshots don't tell the whole story.

This game is super! Runs really fast on your phone and is great to play. Graphics wise its super. Tank controls work good too. Worth the $8!

This is the largest app I have ever installed on my device. Downloading now, hope its worth the 8 bucks. Which is a bit steep. this an need for speed should have been 5 bucks.

I was one of the beta testers as well. You will not be dissapointed. It runs great on the phone, and is it's a lot fun.

I was also one of the beta testers and if u had any ideas how much work the developer put in over the last 4 plus months you would definitely think it is worth the money. Excellent game that really shows what the storm 2 can do and it a lot if fun to play. Also very challenging.

4.6 MB is a lot for a normal game, but considering it is OpenGL with amazing graphics 4.6MB is reasonable. And when you consider iphone games at 400+mb...

this reminds me of a podcast ages ago, where kevin was saying to RIM they should have larger app memory, and they said they dont need to cos apps arent too big, i think these new openGL apps and such are the ones that may finally push RIM to sort that out, as they will soon have a need to do it, also i must say, even at that size it runs just as fast as any other app on my phone, size DOESNT mean slow, just means better quality :)

Looking at that screen shot, I would rather see a posted video on CB about this. High end games on a BB. I need see it. I see the youtube link above but i'm nowhere near a PC. But the screenshot of that tank so far looks lame. whem im able to watch the youtube vid i'll post again. see I can't even watch youtube clearly on a BB. what ashame. lord help RIM.

You can't watch youtube clearly on your BB? Something is wrong with your settings then sir. I'm watching HQ vids on youtube all the time. I'm not taking sides with RIM per say, but fair is fair.

We need a video uploaded showing off the gameplay for this. The few basic looking screenshots are not going to convince me to put $8 into a game I have no idea of what I am purchasing. If the developer were smart, they would upload some UI pictures, videos and gampplay clips. Crackberry can be decieving on how well a game really is (ie Need for Speed Shift 3d) by its always positive reviews, even if the game is actually crap.....

The game uses touch for control. On the left is a green virtual gamepad that you use your thumb on and on the right are your fire buttons that also use touch. There is no clicking.

The game runs between 24-30 frames per second but at times when you have a large explosions it can drag some. There are options that allow you to disable real-time lighting if you want every last bit of speed. Your choice.

Also the game supports just getting in there and blowing units up, which is really cool when you see their parts go flying. If you're more goal oriented, such as myself, there are missions to complete.

The video will be along next week. Maybe some of the people who have purchased the game can share their thoughts.

Res215dg I liked Need for Speed Shift, I just am not good at Drifting yet, an I don't think that Crackberry was in any way deceiving about it.

Lone Dwarf did a pretty good job with this game, as I said though the price will turn people away. Drop it to 5 and I assure you it will sell better.

on a side not there is a stupid Iphone game, all it was was just chucking a wadded up piece of paper into a trash can, and it was fun. We should see some simple games like that which take advantage of OpenGL. would sell like hotcakes for $1.99

and they complain about the price? Developers work hard on these games and they also need to put food on the table to support their families. Storm users spend hundreds of dollars on a hign end device and they can't afford a game that cost $8 bucks. I'm sure many have spent this if not more at Starbucks! I will buy this game, because not only does it look good, but it supports and opens the door for many more titles to be developed. I want to contribute to the Storm community, even if it is in a small way.

Honestly, I was going to buy the Storm2 (Storm is driving me INSANE.. have to restart it ALL The time cuz of memory issues /lag) but I think im going with that new HTC inredible / android phone. I love the BBs that have actual buttons but really want touchscreen and the storm phones don't cut it now.

Did anyone else notice all of the bb device names used in the part "In a 'bold' move and in an effort to 'curve' the development of the Hepion tank Beta, our commanders have decided to send out our 'pearl'. Like a raging 'storm', our Alpha is being rushed into a dangerous 'tour' of duty to save our world."

I was wondering if anyone was going to notice that. That was certainly on purpose. Hepion also has a meaning if you can figure it out :)

I've had Tank Recon 3D for just over a day now and it really is a fun game that you find yourself wanting to get back to. At first I wasn't too keen on the controls, but I got used to them pretty quickly and now I think they're fantastic. Simple. No clicking, just thinking, planning, leading your shot and out-smarting missiles, bullets and shells coming at you that you can see on the radar. If you do get hit, your BB vibrates, so you can run it in silent mode if you're somewhere that wouldn't appreciate the sounds of explosions. It's really a well written program. I was bummed about there not being a trial version, but that quickly faded because I would most certainly have bought it after trying it anyway.