Blast your way to victory with Tank Recon 2 for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 27 Jul 2013 01:16 pm EDT

We've mentioned Tank Recon a few times here on CrackBerry - the last being when it arrived for the PlayBook. Now it's sequel time as Tank Recon 2 hits BlackBerry 10. Tank Recon 2 brings us improved graphics, sounds as well as gameplay and I must say I'm loving it so far.

There are a few different styles of game within Tank Recon 2. First up you need to decide to play 'Instant Action' or 'A New Enemy'. Within 'Instant Action' there are three variants and in 'A New Enemy' there are four but you need to complete the first game to unlock the following three.

Much the same as the original game - you control a tank and your job is destroy all the enemy tanks. You control your tank using a virtual joy pad on the left side of the display and over on the right are your weapons. The big red button is your main gun but above that are two smaller icons which fire different missiles. These are not unlimited but as you destroy the enemy they quite often leave you a treat which you can pick up and these can replenish your armory.

In the center of the screen you are shown a map and the bad guys will appear as small blue triangles so it's nice and easy to track them down and open fire. The game is pretty fast paced and the game play is super smooth. Even the sound effects are very realistic - not that I have ever driven a tank! As things stand currently it is only the BlackBerry Z10 that is supported but that makes sense to me due to the style of game, but you never know - it may crop up for the Q10 and Q5 at some point.

Tank Recon 2 will set you back $3.99/£2.50 which isn't cheap but it is a super game. Is it worth the money? I'd say so, for sure.

Full features of the game include:

  • Real-time 3D graphics.
  • Three instant action missions.
  • One campaign with 4 missions.
  • 14 different enemy units.
  • 8 different pickups.
  • Internet leaderboard.
  • Use your own music for the soundtrack by using a Media Player Playlist.

Hands up who's been playing it already?

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Reader comments

Blast your way to victory with Tank Recon 2 for BlackBerry 10


Article states:

"Is it worth the money? For sure"

Easy to say when they pay your bills! Hahahha

Posted via CB10

Had a couple on rounds with this game (pun intended) and it's great! Go get some tank-tastic action!

Z10-4 .4687 via CB10

You're whinging about the difference of $2 for a good game? Seriously? It's worth far more. Just saying, indeed...

Z10-4 .4687 via CB10

Where did I say the game is not worth the listed price? Where did I complain about the listed price?

Reading and comprehension are evidently completely separate things.

You alleged that the game would have had a greater number of downloads at a cheaper price, inferring it was overpriced, ergo you'd have preferred it at 99 cents.

Without recourse to the number of actual downloads to date (which I don't see, and neither do you), your comment reads like a complaint.

Do I need to fill in more blanks, or did you mean something entirely different?

Z10-4 .4687 via CB10

Downloaded it... opened app and it says "device not registered" wtf? I want my money back!

Posted via CB10...