Tango Messenger comes to BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 27 Feb 2014 05:47 am EST

On the off chance you want another instant messaging client to add to your list - Tango Messenger is now available in BlackBerry World for all touch BlackBerry 10 devices at the time of release. The cross platform messaging app is an Android port and honestly speaking, after testing it isn't great - especially when compared to the likes of BBM and Whatsapp. 

That said, if you have friends that insist on using Tango on other platforms you'll at least now be able to join in with them. I can't say I'd recommend this one, so this post is more of a heads up really. Maybe if Tango mean business and they were to create a native BlackBerry 10 version things would be different, but as it stands at the moment it won't be staying on my BlackBerry. 

I don't want to sound too negative so the good news is that at least BlackBerry 10 users now have the option to use the service if they so desire. It's free to download so if you give it a go and find the experience better than I did feel free to sound off in the comments. 

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Tango Messenger comes to BlackBerry 10


It astounds me how thumbnails of IM apps (BBM, WhatsApp, Tango, ad infinitum) show faces that are ridiculously happy and smiling.

It astounds me how the screenshots for this app aren't even running on a BlackBerry - they are from an Android port. I don't even need to download it to know this is likely a port :\

It's really ridiculous that the shots aren't even from a BlackBerry...

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@ThaMunsta & @SteelGreek It is a BlackBerry, a Z30 to be exact you can see the logo at the bottom, faint, however its there.

@steelgeek you should know this being that you are posting from a z30

If you click on the link at the bottom of the post, which then takes you to the app in BBWorld, you will see that. The screenshots are Infact taken from an Android device.

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It's never too late, if it was then BB should just give up. It's sad to see the BB community acting like the Apple one, bashing someone for making an effort to bring out a product and provide choice, granted it might not be the greatest but it's a start and can only get better from here on.

I agree in principle but this is exactly what they didn't do - to bring a solid produt that gives users more choices - because it's a port

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I agree, I've seen some ports turn native. I'm glad for additions like these because they can turn into natives ;) plus closing the app gap with every new addition. You also won't have to reinstall it after installing the latest leak ;)

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We don't want ports.

I want app built for BlackBerry.

Bringing sexy back on my Q10SQN100-3/

Not available for device. !!!

I'm in Canada, on refers with BlackBerry z10

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I stopped using Android ports, native all the way if not won't use it.

Find that android apps cause many issue to the device

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I don't use Android ports at all, or use them from Snap and the likes. I knew that there were ads in every free Android app, but there were much more than I expected. Seeing the kind of crap that Android users have to trudge through to get their content is a real eye-opener. For me, it's BlackBerry all the way, or nothing at all.

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This is odd. Tango for desktops is Qt based. They could have used that base and Cascades for UI and have a product.
Instead, they just converted APK to BAR and called it done. Lazy.

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Hearing about it for the first time.. but I guess there are people out there using it.. so let them coming.. more the better..

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Apparently Telegram has become an increasingly popular messaging app on ios and Android, especially since the recent Whatsapp outage. Anybody have much experience of it?

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I installed the APK and it works fine. Only issue is that it need to be open for you to receive messages (no headfless).

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My wife's got it on her little Gingerbread. Wants to slurp your contacts / phone book.

No thanks.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Having the ability to video cross platform is quite nice. Not sure why people are knocking this.
Until BBM comes out with cross platform video, you can maybe see what others have is not all that bad. In fact, some things are better.

Well it doesn't run on my Q10; so for my is garbage; and for cross platform video chat I use Skype, which runs perfectly

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its nice to see another big name app come to bb world albeit an android port.. its in bb world, and thats what counts!

I'm sorry but the post is a bit negative considering the android apk installs but shutdown right after opening. At least this will be usable. I don't use or know anyone that uses Tango but I do have a Lotta friends on Android and iOS who might have it and I don't know. Since Tango uses your phone number to search I know I will find ppl who use this.

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This a feature that BBM needs to offer. BlackBerry users need an easier way to add contacts.

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Do we really NEED another chat app? Pretty much every one I know now is on BBM just like the old days, remember those? The only one who isn't is on Android Gingerbread and can't download BBM for some reason so she uses, GASP!, Yahoo.

The point I'm trying to make is why do we have to accept lazy, laggy Android ports? If Tango had any real resolve to make its app a success on BB10 then a much bigger effort is needed. BBM is far superior to what we're getting here in every respect. Is it a BlackBerry thing that we feel we have to settle for second best just because it's a popular app?

Hate adroid ports. BlackBerry world should stick to apps made for bb10 native. Why would one try to use android port rather I'd use a samsung device, cos most of the apps are android ports

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I love how the article is negative as hell (even though an update could easily fix its problems) and then 99% of the comments follow the tone like sheep. Stay classy.

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Apparently the app is extremely slow.

James doesn't care whether an app is an Android port or not, but he does care if the user experience is acceptable or not.

He found the app to have a bad user experience. So it got a bad review -- as it should.

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Stop with the porting... it's ridiculous... make NATIVE apps for BlackBerry devices... they have all the dev kits one needs to create a true experience on BlackBerry...

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BB10 has to improve the marketshare first, then we can talk about NATIVE apps. Hope the situation will improve. I have no complains if its an Android port as long as it works well.

Why was this approved, and who lobbied for this app over more important ones such as Ow My Balls?

I used my Q10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

If it's not good, why the hell is it dumped in BlackBerry World in the first place ? Stop dumping rubbish in BlackBerry World as is the case with Apple store.

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Just get BBM video chat on iPhone and Android already so I can delete Skype and all these other sub par messaging applications.

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BBM is better than tango and Whatsapp I downloaded tango it's useless when I tried to video call my face was coming upside down

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It's not even compatible with the Q10. Not worth my time. Tango can bow down to BBM and suck it.

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The app does not run on my Q10, but I had the APK file from 1 Mobile Market and installed a while ago; have to admit that I don't like it; the only really good feature that it, is the find people nearby, which allows you to see who is using Tango nearby your location

So, if you are traveling, you can look for interesting people to meet on that location; that's nice as long as you don't mind to receive invite from strange people

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Not sure why this is on CrackBerry. The app does not work all that well. Android ports are fine when they work properly. why feature such rubbish?

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Exactly. I have no issues with ports as long as they run well. But I don't want to waste my time downloading laggy ports.

I hope BlackBerry is still putting a lot of work into the Android runtime. It's still extremely slow at certain things.

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Correction, only for the video chat abilities. Ive used it on Android and its a lot better than Skype, but no comparison to BBM Video.

Originally I downloaded it from snap but it crashed and lagged so was surprised to see it in BlackBerry World today. Have downloaded it but haven't had a chance to use it, will try it out later.

Just wish BBM video chat would hurry up and go multi platform. Then I wouldn't have to use android laggy ports.

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it might be late. but tango has video chat, on all platforms including Desktop... i use it more on my laptop so good that im gonna be able to use it on my phone

People saying irs too late.. you are missing something here... for once they at least had the Intent. If all the big name apps could port their apps as android ports running well that would be a massive improvement.

Tango didn't put in 100% effort but they at least acknowledged bb10 fan base enough to put minimal effort

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James, Tango is actually a good cross platform Video chat app. I have been using it for years in Android. I am not sure why BB community has turned into an ANTI - IM community anything other than BBM. We should always welcome healthy competition including WhatsApp. This is just the first release (Android port) this may be to test and see the response in the BBWorld. Hey, Who knows they could very well develop a native app if the response is good. Or, lets just chase away every IM apps other than BBM?

Yeah agreed... we shoudnt be anti or criticising on others... there are always individual preferences... I'm a huge BlackBerry fans but I support all of those famous apps that been using by many...

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A year ago most would be happy to have any and all type of apps come on board. How quickly we forget.
Come on folks let's not be so short sighted...do unto others. remember we want Bbm in other marketplaces.

Don Diego endorses the Zed.

Good or bad apps let's put a side... but if we look at the good side it's showing BlackBerry now is moving aggressively on apps that's catching up on Other OS... there are plenty of bad apps out there... but at least ppl have the choice to choose and able to link with others... its just like how my ios and android's friend all downloaded BBM to link with me....

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I know it's stating the bleeding obvious but within 5 minutes use I could tell it's no BBM It's not terrible but it's feel is more of what's app clone with extortionate gifs and smileys added i prefer bbm greatly failing that viber or skype I just can't use hangouts unless it's on a nexus device because the experience is far too unpleasant...

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I am glad blackberry added it though... and I will keep it for just in case but it could never end up as my staple messaging app...

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Remember when WhatsApp arrived and didn't work properly?

Everybody was too thirsty to care so this whole thing is a mix of bias and people being pressed BBM isn't getting the attention it deserves because ironically it was "too late".

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Thank-you Tango for coming to Blackberry 10. The more who come, the more seriously we will be taken by others. I think it works like the snowball effect. The more that come, the bigger we get, so please keep them coming! The bigger we get, the more that decide to improve ports to native apps. Step 1 check!

In a field dominated by BBM and WhatsApp (and LINE and Skype to some extent), Tango wants to try getting a piece of the cake with a lazy-azz Android port app?? No thanks, won't even try.

I was looking forward to this app but it just isn't ready for prime time. Deleted it. Another messaging option is great...if it works. crashed the first time I used it. Extremely lagging on the second. If this was my only option I would be looking / hoping for something better.

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Yes you can. A lot of my family and friends use it. Lags but it holds pretty okay. BBM video is way superior though.

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Yeah I know, no one other than me (among the people I communicate with) has a bb10 device though. In my perfect world the cross platform version of bbm would include the video calling feature. But for now i will dl this and see how it goes to satisfy my sister

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Glad to see in BlackBerry World. I already have it through Snap. But maybe if enough downloads through BlackBerry World they will make it native.

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Im using z10 and it says unavailable for this device..what the hell is going on..not happy with ur performance...

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Never too late, remember, someone is always getting their *first* BB, so maybe their user experience will be better than ours was. No progress without struggle, right? We had to gripe and complain since 2008 for BlackBerry to start stepping their game up in the app arena, now let them do what it took so long for them to do, we'll gain more users because of it.

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I think they wanna see of people are interested before going native, but if a the ports this is the worst, tried it way back with he tokens and it's never been well suited for the runtime.

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also, the tango android port shows my cam sideways. tried a few things to fix this, couldn't quite figure it out.

then again, I didn't try too hard either, lol. just used skype instead.

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It's an app from android market ask to login Google services....thought BlackBerry has their own tango... so depressed to see this app..

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I clicked the link, it opens BB WORLD and it says is not available for this device, I have a Z10. WTF

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Like it v informative.. bt have couple of questions: y no instagram on Q10 even tango is not available for this device. I only got skype. Y u don't have Viber? Please we need all these apps. Thank u :)

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And no need for messenger when we have whatsapp and bbm. We need to do free phone calls like any other android phone pls.

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THIS COMPANY gave away millions of contact numbers to hackers last year, who stole every user's phone book. I simply cannot trust such TRASH. Keep to BBM.

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