TalkLock™ (BETA) For BlackBerry Storm!

By Bla1ze on 24 Dec 2008 08:20 am EST
TalkLock™ (BETA) For BlackBerry Storm!

All you Storm owners out there who have issues with the fact the Storm does not have a proximity sensor for when you are on calls are gonna dig this. CellAvant has launched a new free application that is gonna help you out with this issue.

TalkLock starts a few seconds after a call is connected, and blocks touch screen actions. This prevents screen presses from launching apps or any other function for that matter while on a call. Once you are done with the call, TalkLock releases the screen and returns your device back to normal function and at any given point you decide you may unlock it manually.

TalkLock features:

  • Automatically runs after installation, and on each reboot
  • Automatically activates after phone calls are connected
  • Automatically hides when phone calls are completed
  • Manual unlock with "slide to unlock" function
  • Menu item to re-engage lock after unlock
  • Customizeable backround image (uses /home/user/TalkLock-Background.png if it exists under Device Memory)
* Note: Read The FAQ If Your Device Utilizes A Password *

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TalkLock™ (BETA) For BlackBerry Storm!


The link is emailed but when I bring it up it wont let me click the link?? What am I doing wrong???

highlight link and then click menu key and select get link. Thats what I did after I experienced what you did and it worked. So far it is working as described. Pretty cool. Merry Christmas!!

I installed it but its said to run after installation but it doesn't and when i look for it it doesn't appear in the menu I have to leave the menu button pressed and there it is but when i try to launch it it stays frozen and i have to press the end button and it exits and i already rebooted like 3 times wth!!!!

I installed it the first day it was available and it has run perfectly on my storm. I have had NOT ONE glitch. Thank you to the developer. My friends are so glad to talk to me without me muting them.

Be very careful with this app. It drains your battery like crazy. It took me a couple of days to figure this out but it was draining my battery to the point where a full charge would be drained while I slept at night.
This was the only app I had installed during the time and when I uninstalled it my battery returned to normal again.
It's a very useful app but this has to be investigated.

When I try to cut and paste the link to the browser it says The server is currently unable to handle your request due to temporary overloading?????

I guesse im the first with this app. Since, I downloaded it to my storm and its realy not worth it. You can definately tell its a betta.Well anyway i tested it out by calling my voicemail to actually see if it would lock the screen up,and it does,but only after about 4 seconds of which any on screen button can be pressed.And the sliding unlock thing used to unlock your phone will slide unlock it if u accidently slide your face in the direction to unlock it......IDK try it out, see if u like it, but it realy doesnt make that big a difference. Im deleting it,but i still love my storm,kinda wondering what life would b like if i decided to get the lg dare.Oh well guesse ill never know. Peace.

Thanks for fixing something so simple which RIM should have done right from the start.

Was it difficult? Makes you wonder how so many clever people at BlackBerry didn't see that flaw with the handset.


This is a great idea. My biggest complaint with the storm was that I would accidentally mute or hang up when I was holding my phone with my shoulder. I'm definitely checking this one out.

This is a great idea. My biggest complaint was muting or hanging up on a call when I was holding the phone with my shoulder. I'm definitely checking this one out.

Will play with it for a few days and see what happens. I hate when I put the phone up to my ears and try to hold it between my ear and shoulder and it hits the mute key. We will see how well this work. Thank you!

Seems like this program always needs to be running in the background. There for takes up some memory in order to have this program working correctly. Great concept, vallent first effort for a Beta, once the program has been tweeked and tuned it would be worth paying $ for.

Just downloaded it and gave it a try. Works pretty well. I'll have to see how the phone handles it (memory, battery, etc). So far, so good.

Just installed it. Not sure about mem leaks or batt issues but I'm glad someone is addressing one of the most annoying issues with this phone. Seriously, I end up with an embarrassing speakerphone/mute issue 2-3x per day. Colleagues are starting to poke fun at me and my "new phone."

just installed it so I will see about battery issues because it is definitely running consistently. I have it working great on one Storm, but on another I get the TalkLock screen, but the Dial Pad comes up right over it and doesn't hide or lock. Anyone have any ideas why?

I just installed it and it seems to work great.. but I put a new background as TalkLock-Background.png under home/user/ and it isn't showing up?? Anyone else put in a custom BG??

same i have a PNG file set to exactlywhere it should be and i cannot get it to change the background to it =(. Why don't they just code it to use the background of your wallpaper.....

Version 1.0.1 posted for download. Reported memory leak seems to be fixed. If you downloaded more than 24 hours ago you will need to request a new link.

You can tell which version you have by looking at the application properties; also this new version snaps the slider back to the beginning if you don't go all the way across the screen, so you can tell the difference pretty easily.

Cheers! I was contemplating uninstalling it since my device, for the first time, started restarting and freezing after its install. Will give it a try.

On another note for those complaining about the background....please learn how to read, please! It is called read the FAQ ~ FFS!!!!!!

Drag and drop is also used by the Krave and the Glyde now. That style touch screen lock makes sense due to the nature of touch screens.

I seem to be the only one having a problem with this but when I install it, it does come up for me but when I am on a call the keyboard also comes up and wont go away. Since the keyboard is running, I cant unlock the keyboard since its running behind the keyboard. Any ideas what I did wrong?

really good program.. one of the problem i notice is that the arrow slides to unlock even in the wrong direction.

since I always manage to hit the speaker phone, mute, or contact list with my cheek, this is a good fix for the meantime.

don't look a gift horse in the mouth.. you can't complain about free...
how much would you pay for no name? Maybe make 2 versions..

I installed this last week on my Storm and it works great. The annoying accidental activation of Speaker or Mute during a call is now a thing of the pass.

I'm not gonna say "it's about time". I'll just say thanks for fixing an ongoing problem. It was pretty bad for me. I guess its cause I've got these crabapple cheeks.

Seriously, can't agree more w/ the person that said how did the developers/testers overlook this. i used to go to the home screen to stop putting people on speaker mid way thru my calls.

Anyone noticing that the screen doesnt ever dim out? I wish it would only to help conserve battery but hey then again, my screen dims like 10% of the time w/o this app given another flaw from RIM but who's complainin right?


Yes it should be standard...

but could someone please PLEASE add this same functionality to the lock key.

I have hit mute a few times on a call before this... but its even more annoying to be calling people from my pocket.

you can change background image by doing the following

1. open DM
2. click on device memory
at this point you should see all the folders
3. copy your image to this area
4. image should be TalkLock-Background.png
5. re-start device

one issue i have with this app. is when ever i do a hard reset by removing battery i get an error (! media card inserted and the Verizon logo when i try to turn phone off) the fix for this is to connect device to PC and do a hard reset. other than that no other issues to report. well be keeping an eye out for more. I LOVE MY STORM!

Tried talk-lock and it kept freezing my phone or putting it in call mode every time I took it out of the case. I uninstalled it.

I just downloaded this app but after reading the comment about draining the battery life I'm a little concerned....

Dude that wrote that comment has your phone been working back to normal since?

It's a great app. I got it to work on my wifes storm no problem but can't get it to work on mine. I sent for 3 other (different) links. After deleting the old one and starting new, it still didn't work. The mistake I made was when it asked for permission to access my phone or whatever. I accidentally said no the first time. How do I remedy this? otherwise, great idea!

I admit this is a wonderful program to have. My only issue is that I keep unlocking it somehow. Once I realize this happens, I lock it again...but it seems like a constant battle with me.