Talking to the first Verizon BlackBerry Z10 owner!

By Kevin Michaluk on 28 Mar 2013 03:05 pm EDT

We spoke to the first AT&T Z10 owner and the first T-Mobile USA Z10 owner, so it's only fitting on Verizon BlackBerry Z10 launch day that we spend a couple minutes with the first official Z10 owner on Big Red.

After Thursday's BBRY earnings call, we headed down to NYC's Verizon store at Bryant Park. When we got there, displays for the Z10 we're being setup and the buzz was building (photo gallery and observations to come). In store there was considerable promotion for the Z10, which was great to see. It was clear everybody on staff in the store was well-versed on the Z10.

As we walked into the store we found Oliver completing his upgrade to the Z10, and he was happy to spend a couple minutes chatting with us. Oliver had the date marked on his calendar for a couple weeks now and was happy to finally have a new big touchscreen BlackBerry phone to upgrade to. Hit the video above. Props to Oliver for being numero uno!

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Talking to the first Verizon BlackBerry Z10 owner!


I'm curious to hear the reaction to the crazy branding. CB was very specific about the "tasteful" branding from AT&T and T-Mobile.

That doesn't make sense... how are you trying to view it? CB10 app, web browser, etc.?   Just tested on my Z10s and can watch it every which way I can think of...


Z10s (Plural)...Now that's just rubbing it in.

I'm not due for an upgrade till 2014 and I've spent all day on the phone with Verizon trying to wiggle out a deal.


Makes me wish I never had that stupid accident with my curve (9650).

just pull the trigger outright. You-can-do-it! LOL.

UPDATE: I came from the Bold with the trackpad. I was very skeptical about the on-screen keyboard and how the text editing going to work, especially move the cursor around text area. That concern went away today when I figured out how to do it the right way and it's very effortless.
1. Tap on the area where I want to make a correction. I don't have to be exact. This will trigger/form a bubble with the cursor being the center.
2. Tap to the right of the cursor within the bubble to move right one character. Applying the same principle to all other directions.

Thank you for the tip. I did not know you could tap the bubble to move the cursor left and right. This tip should be posted on Crackberry's main page. Before reading this comment it was a pain for me to edit text. I find new tricks every day. THIS PHONE IS AMAZING!

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I feel your pain. Do you have kids? Maybe it's time to pass your old phone to them and get yourself a new one. That's my plan, but I am waiting to check out the Q10 before making my final decision.

I have 4 kids.

So...Funny story time.

Last fall I was eligible to upgrade and I was saving it waiting patiently for the BB10 phone to be released. One Saturday, my wife took the kids out (why, I don't remember) and I decided to take care of the leaves. Being responsible I took my phone with me in case of an emergency. Being a redneck, I decided to use my lawn mower on the leaves.

Nothing happened to my phone while picking up the leaves (I know you were thinking it!). Instead I circled around and was putting the mower up when I decided to see if I got any messages. I was just doing a routine task. I've put this mower in the shed a 100 times. But this time the ramp pulled away from the shed right as my mower got to it. The jolt of my mower hitting the shed sent my BB flying out of my hands and directly into my axe. Being fall, and me having a wood stove, I had just sharpened the axe and put it up for storage.

Yea, BB bits went everywhere, my mower crashed to the ground, and I wept like a little girl. Now I was forced to upgrade. My boss, my IT, friends, family. Everyone "encouraged" me to pick up the iPhone. I was weak and caved. I picked up the 32G 4S and I've been miserable ever since.

I could probably swing the upgrade price, but flat out. Yea, that's a no go. So I've spent the last several weeks trying every which way I could to talk some Verizon rep into letting me purchase the Z10 for the upgrade price.

Sad part is, my phone is paid for by work. Normally I don't offer my own money up for phones since work covers them, but I want this one so bad I'm willing to bite that bullet but they won't let me.

"Being responsible I took my phone with me in case of an emergency. Being a redneck, I decided to use my lawn mower on the leaves."


Sell your 4S and then you can just pay the difference to get the new phone. These days, you can probably still get $400 for that 4S. Meet your buyer at a VZW store, so they can verify you have a clean ESN, then take their money, add some of your own, and walk out with a new phone.

If you can swing the upgrade price. possibly a little more I know you could sell that apple phone for about 350-400 bucks :) there you go NEW PHONE!!

On my 9810, there is sometimes a blank white space where a video should be. I was sure CB was aware of this. This does not seem to happen on the Z10 from my experience with it, anyway. Essentially, there is no image to tap. Just white then the text of the article. This was not the case until the recent marvelous CB upgrade. I have a screenshot of said problem as well as others have mentioned this in the comment section before.

It used to give me this weird scrambled Web page when I clicked on the you tube link but I just tried it again and it's working fine now..

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Yeah. From what I saw in that video, when Oliver showed his white Z10 in front of the camera, I saw a pretty big Verizon logo on the back near the bottom of the battery door. I'm glad the Z10s sold here in Canada don't have any carrier branding at all on either the white or black versions of the phone because nobody likes carrier branding on any smartphone. I got my white Z10 from Bell and I'm glad it doesn't have carrier branding on the phone itself nor does it have the carrier branding when the phone boots up and that's great.

Yea, it's looks like Graffiti. LoL FYI, I have T-Mobile & rubbed my branding off with my finger. Scratched a little to hard so it wore away a tad bit of the rubber, which you can only see at certain angles, but the logo is GONE! If I had been more patient & just used more strokes it would be flawless.

Coz of Z10, I met a long lost friend in San Diego, CA. Z10 rocks! Help us to reconnect. Haven't ask though what BlackBerry he is using at present.

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No carrier branding in Indonesia too. We launched since March 15th, on Telkomsel. Then other carriers follow

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After a three year absence, MOM21, delivers a well used Z10 to walabe16. The only words out of MOM21's mouth are, "Sorry, I was playing with the Z10 and my how time flies when you're having fun!"

I got my Z10 In white about an hour ago. Love the keyboard and the size of the phone. The Video here loaded so quickly. I am in love!

I heard mentioned about all the banners that were up at the Verizon store. I was in the AT&T store in NMB Fl last night and unless you asked where the BB was you would not have found it very easily. Very back right corner of the store. Lets not forget that AT&T is very biased towards apple. Every rep has an iPad and knows nothing really about the new BB system or phones.

OMG i have to wait 2 more weeks to get mine here in Colombia, i cant wait any more! i dream about it! hahaha

You think two weeks is bad, I have to wait till May to upgrade! Oh, the torture of "Come let me clutch thee. I have thee not but I see thee still!" (My apologies to William Shakespeare. I really butchered that soliloquy.

I stopped by too. Missed the CB team but they did have a nice setup and a BlackBerry associate was on hand to answer questions.

It was an article on CrackBerry. Click on your contacts application, pull down and select settings. From there you can select what accounts will be in your list.

go to the contact app, slide down from the top of the screen and go to settings, then switch off whatever you want to there...your welcome

Can people please get over the branding and quit beating it to death! I find all the whining about branding ten times more annoying than the branding itself; a couple months from now it will be rubbed dull and you'll probably forget its there. Get over it already. . . . /rant

We have our unboxing video coming. The branding isn't that bad. I mean, it's there. But it's not a deterrent.  We'll try and get some battery doors in stock people can buy if they really, really care. Or, just slap a case on that baby.


Speaking of branding, I'm purposely not having a case for my Z10 yet because for one it's beautiful and two I want people to see it's a BlackBerry. General consensus are BlackBerry is slow, not up-to-par, and is a dying breed. This stopped when I showed them what the Z10 is all about. Then what followed were "Oh", "cool", "wow", "that's neat", and so on. :-)

If you get some battery doors with no branding consider me to be your first customer! Maybe you guys can get the top piece on the front of the phone as well? :D

Just a heads up that several retailers including Wirefly, Fry's, LetsTalk, and Walmart are offering the Verizon Z10 for $149.99 (Wirefly and Fry's) or $139.99 (LetsTalk and Walmart) w/ 2-yr contract.

I was just at the VZ store checking out the Z10. I asked the sales guy several questions, regarding the device apps...and abt the browser. I was told that it's not HTML5 compatible yet, but there is an update coming out soon. I asked him that I thought the browser was written in HTML5, and that i have read that its one of the best HTML5 supporting mobile browser. I didn't get a straight answer from him. Any thoughts on this any one...
oh yea on top of that he told me that i should wait and get the S4.

Not only was the Browser built in HTML5 it is THE #1 Browser PERIOD (smartphone, laptop & desktop)! He's CLUELESS.

Kevin- this has happened twice now...whenever I click the picture in CB10 to watch the video, I get linked to the browser and YouTube and the video, and then it plays with sound but no visual?! I tried reloading a few times last time when I tried to watch the first tmobile z10 owner and eventually it worked, but why is this happening? Thanks, just a heads up...

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Hey Kevin a little tangent here, back in Canada just heard that at least two @CBCDragon are sporting the #Z10 Kevin O'Leary @KevinOlearyTV and David Chilton @wealthy_barber. Kevin was on @JohnToryShow on News Talk 1010 in Toronto

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Verizon has great advertising going on in the store. They have a dedicated man right at the front door when you come in and asks you have you seen the Blackberry Z10. They also have a blackberry advertisement announcing that the Z10 is here on the stores outside window display.

Too bad the Verizon BlackBerry z10 is crippled in the side load department. Android apps fail while on lte. So annoying my international z10 is fine. And what's with the older firmware on the Verizon model?

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Why does BB allow verizon to put their logo on the front? Oh yea, because Verizon pays BB for that right. Just like all those PC machines with that ugly intel, Nvidia crap on the case.

I've the branding from my carrier M1 I'm Singapore on my Z10 cover too. On every BlackBerry I got from them. Has it ever stopped me from getting new BlackBerry?

Very smooth transiting from CB to the video. Love it!

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Got my white Z10 today and it's crazy sweet. First blackberry and Coming from android. I even used it to control my PlayBook while I gave a presentation today in a securities analysis class. Used the micro HDMI out from the PlayBook and my class was speechless that it was all blackberry. It allowed me to be mobile during the presentation which is always a good thing.

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Technically, he is not the first VZW Z10 owner as other stores got their stock before the Bryant Park location. Plus there were a few members that posted they got their Z10's early, but who's counting.

I stopped in that store earlier that morning before they got their shipment of Z10's and all they had was 1 dummy unit in the back corner with a smaller Z10 poster. Glad to see they stepped up the promo for it.

I thought the VZW branding was going to bother me but honestly I barely notice it. I'm too excited with what is going on the screen to pay too much attention to the VZW logos. I am pissed that we are missing the latest software update so we cannot get What's App yet.

It's too bad that the local AT&T stores haven't been promoting the release as well. Zero exterior advertisement and the Z10 shoved in the back corner with a 9900 and some random flip phone.

I did manage to get mine for the upgrade price 7 months early by dialing 611 and asking nice. :) Loving the Zed!

Z10 Baby!

Awesome stuff. All the major carriers now carry Z10s. But can someone please tell me where I can purchase the battery charger bundle? Its out of stock on CrackBerry, Amazon, BlackBerry Shop, ATT... etc.

BlackBerry I paid full retail price in your behalf, so there for I want a new phone to come out every year like apple and Samsung do. I gave up my Samsung G3 for you bless don't fall back to sleep and think people won't leave again

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I have the new Z10, the problem I'm having now is all my friends are using Imessage now I have BBM with no one to communicate with

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