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Talking to the first T-Mobile Z10 owner: "I'm going to make love to this!"

By Kevin Michaluk on 26 Mar 2013 12:57 pm EDT

As promised, Bla1ze and I showed up at NYC's 34th and 6th T-Mobile Store this morning to witness the sale of the first T-Mobile USA BlackBerry Z10.

We'll be posting up a full photo gallery and more thoughts on the T-Mobile rollout soon, but first wanted to get up the quick interview we recorded with Keagan Aaron (member 07thking on CrackBerry).

Keagan was the first customer out of the door this morning with a Z10 in hand. And man, was he excited!

In addition to picking up his new phone, Keagan also received a free pair of tickets to the Alicia Keys concert on April 5th for being among the first ten customers to purchase a Z10.

Hit the video above for the quick interview. Congrats on being #1 Keagan!!

(PS. Don't mind the little zooming issue with the video... Bla1ze isn't used to being up that early in the morning and accidentally turned on the camera's auto focus.)



T-Mobile just announced I phone crap on love for BlackBerry...

Posted via my epic Z10 and CB10


Also the Galaxy S4. They talked about everything but the Z10...


yes and they did not wait on the pre-orders but hey it is an iphone after all.


awesome!!! BlackBerry10 all the way!


Nice! the first buyer reminded me of "Rico" from the Washington Heights series that MTV aired.


Congrats on your new tool. I love mine and I know you will love your Z10 too!

Posted via CB10


Z10 is awesome!

Posted via CB10


Wish we could get the cool box like the European folks.

Posted via CB10


Congratulation! You're the man...


That's me :)!

Posted via CB10

Kevin Michaluk

Hahaha. Yes it is. How's the first few hours on your Z10 treating you?

Nice to see you found the CB 10 app right away too! :)


Sweet, my girl just keeps shaking her head lol. Loving it so far.

Posted via CB10


You mean you're actually looking away from your phone and at your girl?? :P


What in the world are you doing leaving your girlfriend alone for a phone?? Oh is that the Z10? ;)

Posted via CB10


Ha! I know the feeling my wife asked if I needed a ride home last night from work and I said phone will bring me does everything...she was unable to do anything but laugh ;0)


i was fortunate enough o get mine on the 5th being in canada but my wife let me be for 3 days before she demanded i stop and give her more attention lol


Hahaha exactly the situation when i first bought the phone!!

Posted via CB10


Kevin have you forgotten that we've spent countless hours reading CB and video demos before we even get to hold a Z10?? ;p

Posted via CB10


Hey Kev,
When Verizon Wireless launch the Z10, what store are you going to be at?


So Kevin, I won the CrackBerry Birthday contest. When will my T-Mobile Z10 be shipped?


Congratulations! Hopefully you can handle the speed ;)


Congrats on the new phone man ... I know you will love this as much as I love mine.


Congratulations Keagan!! Definitely one of my only partners in crime when it comes to arguing with people on how awesome Blackberry Devices are!!!

R Field

Congrats on the phone its as awesome as you thought it would be.

CB10- BlackBerry Z10


Whoa, keep it in the bedroom...


Lmao! I'm a wild one so I will try my best.

Posted via CB10


Hehe, enjoy your phone. Your girl may be jealous the first few days because you won't be able to keep your hands off!


Great quotes coming from BlackBerry Nation!
This one made me LOL in a quiet public place.

Proud to be BlackBerry!


Thanks guys! Those who are waiting hang in there, soon you'll feel this joy :)

Posted via CB10


So here I am still waiting for VZW to get off it's mighty red @$$ (so to speak). Everyone getting theirs before me is TERRIBLE, but 07thking gave me an idea w/his "make love to it" comment. I tried to "peek and flow" the woman and...suffice to say, there were mixed feelings about it. Z10 gestures are not universally loved (I did correct before being banished to the dog house). It did, however, buy me time to meddle w/said phone uninterrupted for a couple days when mine does arrive! She's on an iPoo so she'll never find out my master plan! Mwa-ha-ha-ha! Kudos to all who are rockin' their ZED TENS!


Grats. It's an awesome phone indeed.

Posted via CB10


You guys do realize that they are not pushing the Z10 because the iSheep and Androids are afraid of the BB10 because it is just that superior and the iSheep probably paid off these companies to bash it as well. We know it kicks ass. Woo

Posted via CB10


Dude I'm sitting in Starbucks now just gigging and laughing with my new Z10, because of all the iSheep that have no idea what they're missing! BlackBerry has leapt ahead!

Posted via CB10



J/K Enjoy your phone man. Looked fairly busy in there. Hopefully a lot of BBRY sales.


dejected. I walked to the San Francisco T-mobile store today ready to purchase the Z10. They don't know about it. They don't have it. They don't know when they are getting it. I've never had a blackberry and was excited to get it but all the press and media about the U.S. openings haven been nibbling at my excitement and i'm feeling uneasy about buying the phone now. Just doesn't feel like it will succeed from how it looks in the stores.. sucks..


Don't worry about it for right now friend, "Great things have small beginnings."

Posted via CB10


"I've never had a blackberry" that would be your fear factor IMO.

I'm confused cause when I see an iphone or Android I think "Sucks" hmm must be cause "I've never had a" crappy iphone or Android.

Jus sayin


I've had an iphone and android but was never satisfied with the UI experience on either. The iphone felt to restricted and I didn't like constantly going in and out of applications with the push button. My thumb would get kind of sore pushing that button. The android UI never made sense to me and I never liked any of the hardware and bloated UI layers hardware makers put on top of it. It felt so fragmented and sloppy. Blackberry seems to hit the sweet spot for me - the interface makes perfect sense. I love that it is based on the impressive qnx operating system. The hardware is really beautiful and the size is just about perfect. Batteries get old and lose charge over time - hell yes I want a removable battery. I didn't pay $600 bucks for a phone just to have the battery lose it's efficiency after 6 months. Can the U.S. not make me feel stupid for wanting to buy the blackberry? Maybe i'll try berkeley next..


Man at least you live in a country where ypu can get the Z10, so no worries for you ;) here in Colombia we are still waiting for any real launch dates


April 11th is the launch date for Colombia.


I haven't seen anything official that states that. Merely yesterday started presales but with no price and no date, so no much of a presales (even though that they are calling it that) it is more of just a registration so you will be the first to know when the device is actually available. Sucks!


BS aside and I'm not drinking the BlackBerry kool-aid this phone cannot be appreciated to its fullest in a day or two. I've had mine since day one (Feb 5, 13) and as each day passes I am in awe. It truly feels surreal. BlackBerry has risen from the ashes and let's not forget this is NEW to all previous BlackBerry users. We are all in the same boat. 10 is the sh!t. Haters be hatin'. They are afraid, very afraid. We have a good thing. Follow your gut!


Nobody should be able to make you feel stupid, when you want this phone. Your list of reasons make total sence to me.


Just wait for it. You will not be happy with anything else from what you say. I traded in my S3 on Feb 10th for Z10 and never looked back. Now whenever I use my ipod touch or Nexus 7, I swipe up from the bottom. It just seems like the natural way to do things now.
Also its nice to be the only one carrying around a Z10. It just seems a little special. Many people stop me and ask me about it when they see me using it.


With regards to the LPhone and Hackdroid, my thoughts exactly! (It should be noted that the upcoming "BlackBerry Aristo" will have a non-removable 2800 mAh battery.)
Proud owner of a Bold 9900 (soon Z10) and a PlayBook

"Where's the back button? Where's the home key?"
- BlackBerry 10 naysayers


Okay..funny news. So After the T-mobile person told me he was positive they don't have and I had to walk all the way back home - he calls me up and says the blackberry is in. I asked him to check and everything while I was there too. Is this a precursor to how customer service is going to be - clueless :D


Go back and get it. It's a sign :)


I got it. I love it :) T-mobile guy helping was nice and thought the phone was cool. He said blackberry was his first phone. The manager behind him was sneering saying he didn't like the blackberry phone and didn't understand how to use it. I kind of wish I could have given them all a tutorial considering they are the ones selling. Anyway - love the phone... feels great!


Good for you. Enjoy.

Posted via CB10


Don't even know you and you made my day :D

Think you're happy now? Wait until tomorrow and the day after and the follow day and the next and... your "Mind will be Blown".

"Keep Moving" and enjoy the ride. Congratulations.


You made a very good decision rishio. Screw the sneering ignorance of the sheep. :>)


Congratulations! What a great story. I tip my hat to you, and I hope you enjoy the phone! I've got to wait for the Verizon release. It's so painful!


Once you have the hang of it, go back and show them! Tomorrow is my day!!! Verizon, White Z10!


Was it a small store that you went to? Just go to another TMobile store!


Don't let that get to you! Trust me, you won't regret it!

Posted via CB10

Dave Bourque

Z10 users have been making love with it everyday now lol.

Posted via CB10


Fidel has just bought his new detonator. Gonna spend the whole day playin'.


It's going to take time to get the word out there. Read the reviews at any store, real people talking about how awesome it really is. I swiched from an iPhone 4S and this phone is miles ahead of that one. Messaging alone is crazy good but it multitasks 100 times better than a PC. I wish I could hook this up and use the hardware to drive my every day life versus a PC, Heins!?!?!?!?!?!?!? In the past, I used to use my PC during the day, switch to my tablets at night, now .......................... I use the Z10 for 90% of my day, it does it all.

If everyone that likes their purchase showed 5 others, the world would only be using Z10 phones!!


That's exactly what they're working on.... Making these devices plug and play with monitors and screens so that you can treat them almost like computers. It's going to be an awesome future with Blackberry.


I have had mine since Feb. 05 (i was the first to buy at the my local best buy) and I love this phone more every day. Blackberry hit a homerun with Blackberry 10. Can't wait until the old blackberry faithfull all see that and come back from apple and android.


Congrats on the new phone bro.

Welcome to the team


Posted via CB10

Alicia Erlich

Congrats 07th on your new BlackBerry Z10

Posted via CB10


Congrats, Keagan! You are a very lucky guy indeed! :-)

EDIT: Just called the Boca Park store. They have the Z10 in stock! Hopefully they have enough units once I stop by there after work. Yay! :-D


+10000! I have waited so patiently for this day. SO excited!!! :-D

Stefan Blum

God Kevin, I own like 0 blackberry Z10's and you have like probably 30 now.

Winston Loh

Ya...Kevin seems to be collecting

Posted via CB10


He'll probably be giving them away in an upcoming Z10 giveaway contest, maybe autographed...
Proud owner of a Bold 9900 (soon Z10) and a PlayBook

"Where's the back button? Where's the home key?"
- BlackBerry 10 naysayers


Picked mine up from T-Mobile this morning too! Love the phone!

Posted via CB10


Sweet!! I've been in this game since the Dynatac of the mid 90s and I have never been as excited about a device as I was about the Z10. Once the "others" get their head out of their ass and try it out - they will switch. Congrats on the phone ... you'll love it!!

Stephen C.

Welcome BlackBerry to NYC!


Hey Kevin, how many Z10 do you need? I´m not sure but don´t you already have one??

Luke Barrie

filmed with a Z10? the video quality is lower then i would expect based on my own Z10's video camera


Rebel T4i.. watch it in HD.


Where will you guys be for the Verizon Launch?!


Nice end to your interview Kevin! 'chooooo'.. ha ha!


Now now leave Kevin alone with his multiple Z10s and Q10s. He's got a lot of mind blowing contests to give away: ) Let that man has his Z10s and Q10s and give away will ya!


Congrats on the purchase, I'm sure I'll be feeling your joy around 4:15pm when my tmobile connect arrives at the kiosk to serve me up one hot off the press!


yes. bb10 has a top browser that allows you to watch porn online or make love with it.

Posted via CB10


Lol. Or use the Z10's video camera to make your own porn- but don't show us. ;-)


Make sure you've got plenty of gingerbread handy! ;-)


I went to tmobile to get my z10 (which I couldn't get it right away, since the rep didn't tell me once you pay the remaining balance of the epi or how ever they call it, it takes 24 hours to refresh I was gonna end up paying 350 in total.. so I rather wait a few more hours maybe it will refresh and show up on my account) but in those 30 min ... a total of like 7 people were waiting o get there hands on the z10. that's good. more people better go and buy it


That's bull cap, I got it before the price even show up on the T-Mobile site in queens!

Posted via CB10


same here, from brooklyn.

Mr Gill

Aha, I like this guy


congratz ....07thking !!!


Congrats to 07thking!!
Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows to all who will pick up their "Precious" Z10 today!
Feel the love. Know the power.
Keep Moving...



How odd that iPhone planned the pre-order date for today. Well, I think someone said 'Sell like hell?' Word of mouth > brain dead fanboy sales clerks and clueless mobile providers.


Congrats Keegan. You are one cool dude. Now get a white Z10 for your lady. LoL

Enjoy the Z10 Experience man. It is awesome.

Posted from my Z10 via C10


She is waiting for the Q10 :)

Posted via CB10


AWESOME DUDE!! Your face showed that you really were excited to have that bad boy. Enjoy it!


Sounds like the was a good crowd there! It also sounds like a much better launch than AT&T had. How many people were in line before the store opened?


How was the advertising? lots of displays? were the phones up front and centre? How were the staff? knowledgable?and excited?


2 more days until I can get it on Verizon...

Brian Scheirer

I'm on T-Mobile and have had the phone since Feb 5th, so what's that make me the negative 500th owner? And what about all the "business" people who have had it since March 12th? Silly articles are silly...


Another happy camper... iDon't sit. We BB users "keep moving". How 07thking moves with his phone is now public record LOL... yes we're that different. Perhaps he's just auditioning for what the BlackBerry doesn't do commercial pt2.. Sell like hell...


Finally!! Got my Z10, a BB rep was in the store and she gave me some BB headphones I was the first one to buy the phone today!


Congrats! A new Z10 and a free gift from BB. That makes one hell of a good day.


I just bought mine Z10 around noon today too.


I just popped into a small T-mobile in DC, and was told they've sold 8 of the 15 they started with. Seemed solid, though hardly impressive.


Awesome Keagan! Well at least you're sticking it in action new one, cause you have no idea where my Z10 has been. I'd wear a condom anyway...if I were you.

Posted via CB10

Khanhye East

Make gingerbread, not love Keagan!


just a question...Kevin. HOW MANY Z10 do you already have??? :D


question 2, Kevin. Would you donate one? ^^ we are in the middle of a crisis... just sayin' :D


I got my z10!!!!!!!! I'm really excited I'm loving this phone

Charles K

I picked up two today at lunch. The store did not have it on display and said they did not have any. The girl went and checked and found them. One that she tried to sell me was the demo model, had not even opened it yet. Once we opened one the staff got excited and put the demo on display. We had a good talk and I told them some of the features and about CrackBerry and mobile nations.

Posted via CB10


Kevin and Bla1ze, thank you for blessing us with your presence today at the T-mo launch and enjoy the remainder of your stay in NYC!
It was nice meeting part of the CB team =D


Wish T-Mobile would sell a special version with all the cool extras BlackBerry was giving away at the conference. You know the one with the big box Kevin got...


Awww the firsts guy looks tremendously happy. I need a z10 so bad, April 22nd pls hurry the fack up


Can't wait til its in store at verizon. I will be there to check it out for sure while I wait for mine to get here. Congrats 07thking. Did you have Kevin sign the box? Lol.


Été le 1er à deux reprises moi pour Telus à Laval...Pour le BlackBerry 9800 et le Z10...Eu droit à rien..sob..

Posted via CB10


All I can say is, I love my phone!!!!!!

Posted via CB10


Hello everyone...after the long wait for the T-Mobile z10, it finally arrived in the mail today..I had to order next day delivery from customer service because my company is rolling out BES10 and I need Enterprise Server and the T-Mobile sales rep in the store had no clue how to set me up with Enterprise Server and constantly tried to talk me into a Galaxy...not interested dude!!! I must say, the BES10 setup was a snap and transferring all my data with Link was a breeze. Now on to the customization and sideloading some good apps only. I am very proud to have the z10 and my co-workers will be wanting to check it out for sure, The phone is awesome as described and showcased in all the demos and videos I have been following.


Congrats man! Enjoy that blackberry like there is no tomorrow and for the next 10 years to come! :D


deleted post. problem solved.