Talking news this week and lunch w/ BlackBerry CEO John Chen, at #CESlive

By Kevin Michaluk on 9 Jan 2014 06:35 pm EST

Be sure to hit play on the video above for a special edition CrackBerry Podcast, recorded this morning from our #CESlive stage. We'll pull the audio later today and get it updated on the podcast feeds, but for now you'll just have to watch it on youtube.

Joining me for this one is Adam Zeis, Simon Sage, and Marcus Adolfsson. We were limited in time as we had our #CESlive show starting up immediately after, but we manage to pack a lot into 16 minutes. 

Marcus and I talk about our experience having lunch with BlackBerry CEO, John Chen, earlier this week. We'll have the full written interview up tomorrow, but you can watch now for an early preview. We also talk about QNX and their cars on display at CES, my new P'9982 and the Typo keyboard debacle. Enjoy the show!



Kevin, does QNX have potentials that BlackBerry can leverage and monetize? There has been too much talk, with no clear path yet.

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Everything QNX does is monetized

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Literally just watched the podcast on YouTube. Good stuff. Interested to read about the interview tomorrow.



Outstanfing podcast guys


Funny about the fake noises. Silly eco car drivers... :-P

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Ron Swanson

MegaMoneyMan: Try Googling QNX. You'll see they have plenty of monetized products, most notably as supplier of embedded operating systems to most of the world’s largest auto makers.

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Dave Bourque

They don't make 60% of their revenue with QNX.


Dave Bourque

Don't they?



How is the battery life on your Porsche 9982 Z10?

Ron Swanson

MegaMoneyMan - Here's a link to ONE of the QNX business lines:

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Great avatar

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Thanks Ron. My question was geared towards the significance of the income that would be attributable to QNX. To the best of my knowledge, it's currently peanuts and if there are truly potentials, we should already have started seeing its effect on their bottom line, but maybe time will tell.

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Is that Marcus from Slovakia? He sounds like my guy, Marian Hossa, from our "World Champion Chicago Blackhawks"...


With a name like that and the accent, he's gotta be from Norway or Sweden....Scandinavian in any case!


There you go - keep up the great work Marcus!


Right on, Marcus....Good show today.

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The one and only one Marcus that put together the CB app in two weeks. Impressive!!!

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That "QNX Sound Thing" is weird.... you know what sounds "good"... when I step on it in my Audi A6 - not sure that "fake sound" would replace that for me....


Umm, BMW has "augmented" engine sounds for the past couple years in some models. It may be that your audi does too.

The awesome thing about this tech is that ,when tuned, you can't tell the engine sounds aren't genuine. Complete with seat shaking sub-harmonics.

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Just don't get confused if your sound system breaks down that there is something wrong with your engine. Love that natural sound.

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No new announcements by BlackBerry so far? Not like the CES of yesteryear :(

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Great job you guys, can't wait to see more.

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BMW 5 series uses QNX for their onboard systems so I am guessing the M5 noise simulation they refer to is also QNX based.

Pretty integration with my BB10 btw. Potential for so much more though.

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JamesA Winsteadjr

Kevin, could you ask Mr. Chen what are BlackBerry's plans for the US? Can we get BB10 updates faster and will they sell all of their phones on the BlackBerry website? I'm on AT&T and I want to replace my Z10 (great phone with terrible battery life). Will they give us a status update on the AT&T version of the Z30?

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I was getting great battery life a month ago just before I switched to the 30. Wait for the latest update...... or get the leak....

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I also recall poor battery life on older OS versions for z10. Updates definitely improved that significantly, my battery life is great today on 10.2. Patiently waiting for 10.2.1!

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Marcus looks like he does not want to be there!

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Battery life with the Z10 should be no problem with the 1925 leak and a charger bundle. Leak is free and charger bundle about 25 euro :) It's worth it, believe me

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If the car displays "powered by Blackberry QNX" and then has BBM, and other feature that pair with BB10 devices, I will be a very happy shareholder! Another thing they should address with their emerging market line, is paygo services. Getting a partnership with prepaid services will help to sell their low end, and possibly high end devices. Tracfone, Republic Wireless...partner with low cost cell phone services and consumers will be more in tune to purchase high end smart phones outright. Buy the phone directly from Blackberry's website, and have the option during checkout to order a free sim from your choice of paygo services.

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Adam's averaging how many words per minute? Lol! He really talks fast wow.

Proudly tweeted the first #IChooseBlackberry10 tweet.


What did you guys eat with Hokage Chen!

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Blackberries with touch screens and iphone's with keypads...that part was funny but great show guys

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Great job guys...enjoyed that.

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Way cool updates for BlackBerry fanatics...woo-hoo

Rocking the Z30 Regina SK Canada


Love what Adam said in the end, "a typo for Typo!" lol

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I hate being middle in my exams right now ;/

C0038297E Quote of the Day (BBM Channel)


Nice summary, thanks guys !


Ahh, I love you guys!! hugs!!


4 divisions? Easier to monitor, measure, and ultimately sell if needed.

No corporate sales team? Are you kidding me! BB is now creating a sales team focused on corporate, regulatory? Geez, no wonder it's such a mess.

Observation Junkie

Awesome podcast

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