Talk2Watch PRO integration, improved BBM LED support, new icons and more comes to Power Tools v4

By Alicia Erlich on 30 Jun 2014 11:30 am EDT

Toysoft has been hard at work lately adding even more capabilities to their popular application Power Tools. This latest update not only adds new icons, improves BBM LED Contacts support, but adds Talk2Watch PRO support as well. Now users will be able to get an array of features from this application sent to their Pebble smartwatch. Although you must have Talk2Watch PRO installed in order for it to function, having Pebble support is certainly something BlackBerry owners will appreciate.

Be sure to check out the change log and all of the fixes and changes that go along with it.

Power Tools v4 Change log

  • New application icon
  • New color icon user interface
  • New LED BBM Contacts. Better support in this version. You will get Hub message for a new BBM contact. Open the Hub message and follow the instructions to setup the LED. If you End the Chat for the Contact then you will have to Link to the Contact instead of the creating a new LED
  • New Talk2Watch PRO support. You can send text and email messages, application such as BBM, WhatsUp, Facebook etc. notification only, Low and full Battery status, Alarm with Note, Incoming call Notification, Geofencing enter and leave location, No cell signal notification, WiFi connect and disconnect to Pebble Watch. Go to the Application Settings screen to configure Pebble Watch
  • Alarm will now sound no matter what the Sound Notification is set to
  • You can now disable individual Geofencing
  • Added additional ringtones for LED messages
  • Added Call Block and Theme icons for BlackBerry OS 10.3. Currently these two icons are not functional until next release
  • Whenever the device is restart Power Tools now displays a Hub message. The last version the Hub message disappears after 3 seconds

This well constructed application supports BlackBerry 10 for $3.99. I must say with each iteration it just keeps better and better. If are you looking for an excellent all-in-one productivity application then be sure to give this a try.

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Reader comments

Talk2Watch PRO integration, improved BBM LED support, new icons and more comes to Power Tools v4


Nice app, I've been using my Pebble with my Android but I will try this app since it already seems far in its development *

Posted via CB10

I purchased a while back but have deleted because of the hassle and undertaking to set up the app. I guess this is a time to try again. I hope it's easier.

Posted via CB10

You only need to setup the features that you wan to use. You do not need to setup every feature. eg: for LED just setup the LED part or wallpaper just that part. You do not need to setup every single feature.

The important part is goto the Application Settings screen in Power Tools and configure that.

I loved this app until I upgraded to 10.3. I can't wait for it to be fully updated to be 10.3 compatible!

Posted with a Verizon Z30 running and CB10. [URL="bbmc:C0004F9BB"] My channel with zero subscribers but has Frenchie pics :) [/URL]

Does anyone know if there is a good video tutorial for this app? I have it and want to like it, but it is frustrating to set up.
Also, with this update you can't easily add an email to the email blocker like you could before. Before this update you could open a spam message, click overflow button, click share with Power Tools and it would fill all the relevant items in automatically. Now you have to fill the items in manually.

Posted via CB10

With the recent update it no longer does least for me. it worked before though.

Posted via CB10

This app is one of the best available in the entire BB10 universe. Dev is super-responsive and clearly is committed to building the brand. It's really not that complicated to set it up, like he says above, just use the features that you want. I love the custom LED's and sounds, and Message Blocker, so those are the features I use the most. The geofencing and Holster profile changer (I dont even own a holster) aren't really impt to me, so I just ignore those items. It truly is like 10 different app all rolled up into one awesome package.

Still running version., couldn't give up the individual BBM contact LED colours. Does this new version work well and in a similar fashion as the version I'm running?

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I really like it. Nice features, such as GeoFencing, that for example remember to turn on wifi on saved GPS locations. Custom LED for individual apps / contacts, and other "gadgets".

Takes some time to setup, and to get to learn all the settings, but it’s not rocket science...

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