Talk2Watch connects your BlackBerry 10 device to your Pebble watch

By Adam Zeis on 1 Nov 2013 11:00 am EDT

We've seen a few Pebble apps for BlackBerry 10 already, but Talk2Watch looks to be one of the most full-featured apps yet. It's a simple free app that connects your Pebble watch to your BlackBerry 10 device complete with notifications and music controls. It only works with OS 10.2 at the moment which is the one downside, but if you are running and older OS and really want to give this a whirl you can always load up a leaked OS.

Features of Talk2Watch include:

Music Control

  • increase/decrease volume, play/pause (single button press)
  • previous/next track, start/stop (double button press)


  • Phone calls (limitation: cannot display information about the callers id and number)
  • Emails
  • SMS
  • Calendar events
  • TCP/UDP messages Social Media
  • Facebook: receive chat messages (with optional friend filter)
  • Twitter: receive direct messages and tweets

Talk2Watch is free, easy to use and has a great UI, so if you're at all a Pebble user and looking to rock out with your BlackBerry - this is where it's at.

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Reader comments

Talk2Watch connects your BlackBerry 10 device to your Pebble watch


Waiting for an app that has full (BBM) functionality before I purchase a pebble.

Posted via CB10

Wish we could get caller ID working. Now with the majority of my friends using BBM versus Sms, I loose that feature anyhow.

Posted via CB10

The music control is the only feature I want. Are there any headphones or devices with a next / previous track option?

Nothing like sitting in front of a person who keeps checking there phone or watch.'s rude.

Posted via CB10

So they can integrate all those features into a device the size of a watch but not into a playbook. I would not be caught dead wearing that thing but props to whoever would/does.

Posted via CB10

I love my Pebble, it's a fantastic product. I can do the 'finger dance' for what ever notifications I want, when ever I want.

I work in a noisy environment and very rarely hear my phone ring/vibrate as it's in a jacket pocket. But with a quick vibrate from the Pebble on my wrist, I never miss a notification of a call/message again.

All I will say about smartphone accessories, is don't judge the technology until you have actually tried it.

You can buy a pebble watch at any at&t store. I'm. Manager of one and might try one out soon. I think we are selling them for around $150. They are pricey but it's not as expensive as some of the other ones out there.

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Wow, this is great news actually!!!

I was hoping that BlackBerry would add Bluetooth support to its BB10 Android player, which would mean that devices like Sony's SmartWatch would work with BB10.

Nice app. Downloaded and set up what can. Pebble is enroute. Can't wait.

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OK. I used Pbbl prior to this and it paired just fine with my watch. This seems to have more functionality but how do I pair my phone with this app? It says no devices found..

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Great to see more support, but smart watches aren't for me.. I wear a watch for fashion reasons, but each his/her own.

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