Talk Up A Storm #4 - Heat Up The Storm!

By Kevin Michaluk on 8 Oct 2008 08:03 pm EDT

Talk Up A STORM!

October 8th will go down as a HUGE day for the BlackBerry Storm... even I'm *almost* getting sick of reading about it (mission accomplished RIM et al!!). But in case you're one of those CrackBerry Addicts still longing for more, after the jump you can read the contents of this week's edition of Talk Up a Storm. This is the internal mailer that is going out every Wednesday to Verizon employees to get them hyped up about the Storm's hopefully-soon release.

Talk Up A Storm #4 - VZ Navigator & Visual Voice Mail Heat Up The Storm

Related: (links don't work as they point to VZW's intranet, but will leave them for authenticity's sake)

Our BlackBerry Storm will come loaded with VZ Navigator and Visual Voice Mail, which means the Storm will not only deliver all of the dependable functions BlackBerry is known for, it will also connect customers to the popular services and applications they have come to expect from us.

VZ Navigator With Traffic Integration

Customers will enjoy the following features when using VZ Navigator on the BlackBerry Storm:

  • Routes Calculated Using Historical And Real Time Traffic - Historical information allows customers to see on average whether the traffic is impacted by traffic lights, heavy traffic or school zones. Incident and flow information tells customers how traffic is flowing and includes details about reported accidents, disabled vehicles and congestion. VZ Navigator's historical data covers over 750,000 miles of roads in 48 states.
  • Traffic Alerts Allow Users To Choose Whether Or Not To Request Re-Route - The traffic tracking center continually monitors conditions along the customers' routes, sending proactive alerts to drivers about conditions ahead of them on their chosen routes. Detour options allow users to compare estimated times of arrival and conditions before selecting a new route.
  • Local Movies And Events - Customers can now search for show times, critics' ratings and other details for movies, concerts, plays, sporting events, and other social events based on the physical location of their phones.
  • Gas Finder - Provides customers with information on the location of gas stations close to their physical locations and even provides gas prices as reported by many gas stations in the area. Once a customer selects a station, VZ Navigator can also provide turn-by-turn directions to the selected gas station.
  • Weather - Provides current weather conditions and forecasts based on the physical location of the customer's phone without manually inputting an address.

VZ Navigator is available for $9.99 for unlimited monthly access.

Visual Voice Mail

Visual Voice Mail is an application that lets customers manage their voice mail on their phones. With Visual Voice Mail:

  • Customers can manage and check their voice mail messages on screen. - Visual Voice Mail provides an easy-to-use display screen with one-touch access to listen to voice mail messages.
  • Customers can scroll through messages, pick the ones they want to listen to, erase messages or archive messages. Customers can also call back, text and add to contacts directly from the Visual Voice Mail application. - Customers can delete, reply and forward their voice mail messages without having to listen to prior messages or voice instructions. From the phone display, customers can select from a number of options, including call back, reply, forward, add to contacts and archive message (to internal or external memory).
  • Customers can view a list of voice mails and manage them in order of preference, allowing customers to get to the messages that are most important, quicker than ever. Visual Voice Mail also gives customers an alternate, discrete way to reply. - Visual Voice Mail allows customers to see a list of all of their voice mail messages with important information, such as date and time of receipt, as well as message duration, in order to prioritize and efficiently manage their voice mail messages directly from their phones.
Customers can purchase Visual Voice Mail for $2.99 monthly access.

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Talk Up A Storm #4 - Heat Up The Storm!


Doesn't surprise me that it cost's extra! I don't get but maybe one VM a month so it really doesn't matter to me, but it sucks for everyone else. And the GPS doesn't surprise me either as its like that on the other VZW phones.

I got a GPS that I am trying out, I will get rid of that but man the visual voice mail is a suprise but I got to have it, I just wish they tell us a price for the phone I guess it doesn't matter because I still am going to get it with or without the visual voicemail/

Windows Mobile doesnt have an extra cost. What is the point of paying for data (which doesn't include texting) and texting only to pay more for they rest. this will be an expensive package compared to a windows mobile device.

I'm really sick of all the whining about a) data plans and the cost there of and b) lack of wi-fi c) this GPS business etc. . .

- If you have a BlackBerry you need the data plan, plane and simple. How else would you expect to receive the full benefits of BlackBerrys? I get my corporate and personal e-mail pushed directly to the device and have unlimited web browsing! This is one of the main differentiators! If you don't want the data plan, go get a Samsung Knack

- I understand that wi-fi is a faster connection, but what the hell are you doing with your phone you need wi-fi for? I mean, how long does it really take to load up a web page or get your e-mail - its a difference of seconds?!

- Lastly, you do realize that the prices between VzW and ATT are exactly the same!!!! The voice rates - SAME. iPhone vs. Berry Data Plans - SAME ($29.99 personal / $44.99 corp). Wow, VzW charges you for navigator - last time I checked google maps on the iPhone doesn't offer anywhere near the features that VzNav has. Oh yeah, VzW is a business - they are in business to make money!

this service in free on the sprint instinct, becasue they dont host the msges they are on the phone.
1st GPS now this verizon is taking all off the progress fomr manufactures putting good thigns on the phones and completely screwing the customer with them. Verizon shold be ashamed that they take the manufactures new upgrades and make customers pay for them! GARBAGE!

Then go get an instinct on Sprint - VzW is a premium wireless carrier and charges accordingly, hence their superior network.

Please explain to me how this impedes the progress of manufactures? Also, tell me who provides you turn-by-turn nav for free? Google Maps and BlackBerry Maps are not turn-by-turn and they don't provide all the features of VzNav.

Visual Voicemail is a cool feature, but please tell me you really really need it. Unless you are getting tons of messages a day, whats the difference from pressing and holding 1 to get into your voicemail.

If you actually know anything about vzw's visual vm, you would know that it does NOT store the messages on the phone like ATT or Sprint.... hence the charge, this also includes the same features as premium vm that they currently charge 1.99 for, so the visual vm really only costs $1 per month....

I think it's pretty pathetic that we're arguing over 3 dollars a month. Really, if you're in the market for what I'm sure is going to be a ~$400 phone, then I think you can spring for the extra 3 dollars a month if that feature really matters to you.

Honestly i don't think that 2.99 monthly is that bad at all considering im with alltel right now and i think they charge something like 3.99 or whatever... doesnt really matter i think that it is a pointless feature.. for me atleast like someone above said i dont get many voicemail and if i do so what i have to go through and listen to them but they have a skip button atleast alltel does you can skip through to listen to the one that you want! i think VZW's voice to text price is actually really reasonable!!

also i dont understand the whole wi-fi hoop-la then again where im at there really isnt a lot of wi-fi around anyways to draw off of! (and dont get me wrong i know what wi-fi is and the benefits) IMO the browser that came on my pearl loads plenty fast enough... for what i would expect out of a phone!! now if my pc were that slow... and honestly its not that slow, that would be a different story! but also im sure that the storm will be faster than what i have now seeing as im on alltel cdma like verizon but no 3G and im still running 4.3 because alltel is so slow they have yet to release 4.5(not to mention they have yet to fix it so we can mms on our pearls)

They had to try and nickel and dime you, they could not resist; 9.99 for the gps, 2.99 for the visual voice mail, and what other hidden charges are coming... and you know the phone is going to be be least $300.

There is only one reason why the IPhone has just not completely destroyed every other phone out there, and thats that people just dont trust the ATT network.

This phone is the last hope verizon has to keep me, if it doesnt work out, im going to ATT for the Iphone.

Data is data...

Maps, or VM info...just make it a package deal already! They know it's going there the first!

Sprint already offers their Blackberry services with unlimited texting and navigation (which does do the turn by turn spoken directions, cheapest gas search, etc), as well as their music and TV features, which is why I went with their Curve over the VZ one (and I get a great deal on my plan through work)....but you would think that with Verizon's superior network AND customer service, they would have done that. Maybe they'll surprise us by the actual release of the Storm.

Please tell me that Tmobile is going to or at least consider the bold or this I mean I don't want to change my carrier but for the blackberry I just might I love these phones. I really prefer the Blackberry Bold 9000 because I'm more of a keys person. Yet, I only question because I know Tmobile has the whole G1 fever going on right now and they have this other Blackberry flip phone which I'm so not interested in.

I've had VZ Navigator on a couple of phones, and it works well. The $10/month prices is normal for that app. Until and unless a competitor comes along that gives turn-by-turn audio navigation, I'll stick with it. Google maps is great and all, but when I'm driving I don't want to be looking at the screen for directions.

Visual voicemail is another story. I already get a call log and can see who my missed calls were. I'm not about to pay another $3/month to add the ability to add/delete voicemails without listening to them. That's just silly.

I think Garmin has one that you can load on the phone. I think it's 99 bucks, it's for the life of the phone. So if you switch your phone out like most crack addicts or if your phone breaks, then you probably wouldn't benefit. If you hold it for 2 years then you'd be saving a Benjamin.

there has been no official pricing for the storm, no official release, all were going by is rumors.... and one other thing screw all the storm haters go get your BIG BAD IPHONE and stick it where the sun dont shine... im so sick of hearing iphone this iphone that...blackberry is the shit......

I agree that 3 bucks is kinda ridiculous for the service. It seems like they are nickle and diming us a bit. But They way I am, I probably need something like that. I hardly every listen to my voicemail. I see someone call me and I call them back. If I could just delete them without listening and calling that would be great. I'll try it out for a few months and see if it's worth it. I really hope this thing comes out soon.

Man, I hope Sprint gets this phone before long. Their service might not be as great as VZW, but at least their BIS pricing rocks! For $30 a month, you get unlimited data, unlimited turn-by-turn voice navigation, and unlimited texting.

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so, please come back to me immediately.

This phone is going to be the same price as any other blackberry. $30 a month for E-mail and Web only and $45 a month for enterprise. The price of the nav is the same. The visual voicemail is new but it is not that much money. Plus the nav and visual voicemail are optional. But, if you want a blackberry you have to pay for the services!!!!!

Does anyone, and I mean ANYONE care about these Verizon documents anymore?

We know almost everything they are telling us before these documents are coming out!!!

What's the point anymore?

that sucks. As a past verizon customer, I know they rip you off on prices. But how oh so tempting to go back to them just because of the storm! Not enough to sway me to that carrier. All I can do is wait for the file editing Bold! and maybe pray that for newer generations of the storm, it'll get marketed to other carriers later....