Hey you, the one playing games on your phone at work... read this!

A Talk Mobile 2013 Infographic

Mobile Gaming
By Kevin Michaluk on 5 Aug 2013 05:02 pm EDT

We're between weeks in our busy and all-encompassing Talk Mobile 2013 schedule, but we still have something fun to share today.

We kicked off Talk Mobile with "Mobile Gaming" as our subject of focus, covering all of the hot topics: mobile gaming vs. consoles, the dark side of mobile gaming, multiplayer mobile gaming, and we finished talking off about how mobile gaming could get better and what the future of mobile gaming looks like.

We also surveyed the community with a bunch of questions related to mobile gaming and got some pretty awesome results - including the fact 30% of you are playing games on your phone at work, 38% at school, 62% in bed and 73% while taking care of business on the toilet (seriously.. what the?!). Click on the image below for a full look at the infographic, and be sure to share it! I also love infographics... I always walk away learning something new. Enjoy!

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Hey you, the one playing games on your phone at work... read this!


Why are you surprised about the toilet one it's not like you don't do it.

Posted via CB10

I don't. Seriously. Nothing against those who do, but I really don't risk water damaging my Z10.

Oh yeah, I don't play games on it either. o.o

That brings us to another big topic for TM13: Hygiene! Which platform houses the most bacteria? How do you clean them properly? And how often? :D

At the Office and in Bed - yes, guilty of that. The Toilet, haven't gone to those heights, yet!!!

Posted via CB10

I'd say people using their smartphone while on the toilet probably suffer from frequent bouts of diarrhoea giving rise to excessive time on the toilet. Hardly my definition of productive people.

Posted via CB10 from the BlackBerry Z10

The bathroom usage survey needs to be more specific......an icon of a bathtub!

BlackBerry for leaders, not followers.

So funny that i was just about to open up a game here at work and I say, "Let's check crackberry first." This is what I see lol.

Posted via CB10

Mobile gaming just doesn't do it for me. Its either PC or console for me! Hence my love for the BB! All about takin care of business not playing around.. I don't usually have enough time sitting around the office to play games anyway. My lunch is for crackberry haha


Very interesting. I can see how paymium is annoying as heck in games (because quite frankly, it annoys the heck out of me). If I paid for a game (most of the time $3-4) and then I am presented with constant "purchase this to improve" or "purchase this costume" or whatever it may be I feel like I was ripped off... If I PAY for it, I want everything inside to be FREE!

I'd be VERY curious to know what people prefer in an app sense. I'd assume freemium is probably the best model because you get in a sense a trial before you choose to buy it or not, but I don't know. I think that statistic would greatly help out other devs just as the one above helps out game developers.

Thanks for this, very enjoyable to read!

- Developer of "Web Design Cheat Sheet" for BB10 (Posted via CB10)

I despise the "pay to win" game model and will actively avoid software that operates as such. If I have to pay an initial purchase price for game software, that should be it, there should be nothing more to pay in order to use it to it's full potential.

There are plenty of games around that describe themselves as free but require in game purchases to enabe any chance of success or progression. While the use of the word "free" in such a case is somewhat a misrepresentation, I don't have a problem with them so long as the publisher is honest about it.

Hey, I'm not at work playing games. I'm just up late, which will definitely negatively impact my job performance tomorrow.