Talk Mobile Hangout: Talking Security, Privacy, Enterprise and More!

By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Aug 2013 12:32 pm EDT

Summer is in full swing so for Talk Mobile Security week we're only having one hangout this week. Be sure to join us! And if you missed any of this week's features, hit them up at the links below. 

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Talk Mobile Hangout: Talking Security, Privacy, Enterprise and More!


BYOD security backlash imminent. BlackBerry has always been there and will still be there to welcome back the less mindful IT departments who chose the BYOD route as a result of whining end users. Never have I ever seen such a loss of control over corporate security around mobile computing since before security was even an issue because consumers didn't have this dangerous level of access via personal gadgetry. BlackBerry has a proven track record of security, being security is at the foundation of their business. Levels of security have gone up everywhere else, but in mobile computing, it's the opposite - except with BlackBerry. They have stayed true to their game as well as adapted to BlackBerry 10, which is amazing.

Another thing - BlackBerry 10 is now fun too. The BlackBerry 10 smartphones have everything anybody could possibly want from a mobile computing system (side load stuff you lazy ****), plus it remains the leader in overall security and easy, centralized, multi-platform device management, obviously, with BES for businesses.

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Kevin I have a question about BES10. When an iPhone or Android are added on the BYOD BES10 do those phones still have access to those platform app stores? Also does BES10 let BB10 phones in the app world still? Or can the employer allow that option in the work side of the balance?

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BlackBerry released BBM betan today ...

BlackBerry missed the schedule and a golden launch windows (back to school).

Now I can only hope BB doesn't miss the quality.

"Half baked and Buggy" has gradually become the icon of BlackBerry since 2007, partly as a result of the big and unfair anti-BlackBerry movement that culminated in 2006 in U.S.

I hope the cross platform BBM has high quality and is fully baked. By "fully baked" I don't mean it has all the features. It is perfectly OK not to have voice and video for now. But for what it does provide it must provide them in complete. This is an opportunity for BlackBerry to get rid of the "Half baked and Buggy" badge; This is an opportunity for RIM to fairly fight back against the anti-BB movement. Yet, it could be a big flaw that permanently sink BB.

One month for Beta (usually means Alpha quality in today's BB vocabulary) is definitely NOT enough for a reliable real-time messaging system. So, to this point, BB lovers need to have patience to allow BB to take extra 2 to 3 months to fully bake it and achieve the highest quality of all - even higher than the original BBM despite the difficulties.

Let's make a loud and clear voice here:

BlackBerry can afford no mistake on cross platform BBM!!!

When mobile and enterprise collide?? If anything enterprise has embraced mobile throughout the years - this is why BlackBerry entered and rules that space.

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My first BlackBerry was a curve 8320 with a trackball, then Storm 9550, then Bold 9930, and now with Z10. I must say that from my first BlackBerry experience, it has improved the phone quality and the OS 10 now feels like I'm not left out anymore from iOS and Android. I'd have to agree with the 'anti-Blackberry movement' in the US, that BEFORE it was really half-baked and buggy. BUT BB10 is really as GOOD or BETTER OS out there in the market now, (were not talking about apps). For me, BlackBerry 10 is a TOTAL revelation that BlackBerry really is working hard to deliver GREAT stuff to their Loyalists and to their future consumers. They wanna rise up again and fight back, take what they've had lost to Apple. Let's just hope that BBM can really take back BlackBerry's Glory name to the TOP again!

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loven the hangouts guys, keep it up. I worked 12 hours today and cant get myself to read the whole talk mobile article, but lounge back with a beer and I can listen to you guys talk.