Talk Mobile Daily Hangout: Privacy and what you put online...

By Kevin Michaluk on 3 Jul 2013 01:01 pm EDT

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Talk Mobile Daily Hangout: Privacy and what you put online...


Yeah I don't post any names and only g-rated pics on social media as you never know! Well as for employers, I think they should not be involved with people's private lives in social media but why are there no borders, guidelines, limits to say as to which degree of disclosure is acceptable!?

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A friend warned me about this today. My FB is set to private and I only accept people I know or people with mutual friends in common. I agree with you, but you never know who could be monitoring what you do online.

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I would prefer my mom not to read things I post, but it's nothing bad so it wouldn't matter that much. I just don't want her to get her nose into my business of how I spend my time and money because she wouldn't share my opinion. But if she reads any, oh well. Same goes for pictures.

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Dunt wait for 10.1 cuz it's still missing a lot, I hope u we can get something new and better in 10.2


I agree it's a genie out of the box world right now. So your better off if you post stuff you can live with 5,10,20 years down the line. If your going to regret an opinion picture,video,blog whatever. It's better to use common sense & Don't post while angry or hurt unless your prepared. Either way that's my 2cents.

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Every once and a while I try and dig deep into whatever I can find on myself and just start deleting things. Even just a quick name and email search. Think how many forums you've signed up on in the past and never use them anymore. You can keep up to your facebook with once a month delete marathons.

I do this with absolutely nothing to hide.

Hey guys, just to let you guys know, I made a mistake of my Twitter feed name, it's @Speedygi81. With the 81 at the end.

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