Talk Mobile Daily Hangout: Come chat about wanting EVERY APP on BlackBerry 10!

By Kevin Michaluk on 19 Jun 2013 12:59 pm EDT

Be sure to read about today's Talk Mobile Feature: What will it take to get every app on every platform? and participate in the discussion there! Remember, awesome contributions will be recognized and rewarded!

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On my way.

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I read the article, regarding html5..

Take a Facebook app for example.. isn't just writing the interface code, and putting the resources locally?

Then keeping the links for where the dynamic data is stored? Pics and posts..
Then the app only loads the content "text + picture" instead of loading the whole interface..

Which is basically how native apps work i believe..

Isn't it possible to package the Facebook mobile site for example just by putting in the interface elements into the app and putting it on all platforms?

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I want a Scrobbler!

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Nice to see the host using Z10 and Q10, smart idea.

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More banking apps and Audible. Com app! At work so can't join the conversation...

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Who is the girl on the image ; )

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RP Singh


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She kind of looks like that actress from the Green Lantern. Lol.

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I really hope you're not talking about Blake Lively, because... no.

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Searched up Blake Lively and yes that's who I meant. She kept popping up as a blonde and I couldn't see where I saw a resemblance. But then I searched her up as a brunette and yeah...i stand by it lol. Not identical of course, but kinda sort of :)

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She looks like a younger Vera Farmiga.

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RP Singh

Yeah I can see that.

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dan d

That was way to cool Guys do this more often forget Tv ill be watchin this lol


ok, i no this is unrelated. but im looking for a way to get to the crackberry team especially kevin. i made a video and this is the most complete blackberry 10 review you will ever least till when i do another *wink* anyway this is the link pls watch and share.
here is the link


It must be pure baboonery politics preventing apps from being made available in a timely fashion. It is certainly not anything BlackBerry is doing, they've been so gung ho about being open and available for anybody to develop anything they want. They're basically like, "here's a platform, build apps, let us help you with that", meaning, it has to be some kind of Bobo Le Clune show, behind the scenes.

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I don't want every app on every platform. I want apps unique to BlackBerry!!

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Apps should be unique based on the UI experience.

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Make a concerted effort to contact companies and developers directly to find out when the will have a BlackBerry 10 app. If they do jot heat your gripes, they will not do anything.

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Can't even watch the video. What's the point in posting a video if you can't watch it

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kevins always smiling when marcus is talking. Man crush


Eh. Useless in many ways. The UI paradigms are way too different between all of them.

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I have tried waiting patiently, reading posts, searching converted apps, and today I have tried converting my own apps with debug tokens.

Where ate the text to speech apps? I couldn't possibly be the only one wishing to hear my messages while driving, biking, excersizing, could I?

Is there an app I am missing? Is there an app that works after conversion from Google play. Where is the answer to this problem hiding?

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Maybe there is too much of a focus on applications for things that should be browser based. Every website wants to have us use their "app" for some weird reason. It is overwhelming and completely unnecessary.


Completely content-free, at least for like the first four minutes. Didn't watch beyond that.

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I would like to see Life360 come to ZoS10

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Life360 is a family locator app that works very well.

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