Talk Mobile App Week begins tomorrow; join us for daily Talk Mobile hangouts!

Talk Mobile App Week begins tomorrow; join us for daily Talk Mobile hangouts!
By Derek Kessler on 16 Jun 2013 09:01 pm EDT

The second week of Talk Mobile 2013 kicks off tomorrow, and the discussion is going to center around mobile apps. With five days of awesome content lined up and sure to be some great conversations in the comments, we really want to expand your interaction with the whole Talk Mobile crew.

Starting tomorrow after fresh Talk Mobile content goes live we're going to do something we wanted to do for the last week of Talk Mobile, but couldn't thanks to everybody traveling for the awesome Talk Mobile launch party: we'll be holding a live video hangout with a rotating cast of Talk Mobile editors, developers, designers, our special guests, and everybody else involved in making Talk Mobile happen. You can expect the hangouts to go live a little bit after we publish the Talk Mobile articles. After all, they're pretty big hunks of text and video, we want you to have some time to digest it all first!

So tune back in to your favorite Mobile Nations site(s) tomorrow for more great Talk Mobile content. It's time to get the conversation about apps started!

p.s. We want to give you (just you, because you're special) a look at the full schedule of what you can expect from Talk Mobile 2013 in the coming months. Here's how the weeks ahead look...

  • July 1: Mobile Social
  • July 15: Mobile Platforms
  • July 29: Mobile Security
  • August 12: Mobile Carriers
  • August 26: Mobile Life
  • September 9: Mobile Creativity
  • September 23: Mobile Cloud
  • October 7: Mobile You
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Talk Mobile App Week begins tomorrow; join us for daily Talk Mobile hangouts!


There's SO much a person can create with BlackBerry 10. Caustic 2, Animoog, Pacemaker, etc... for "on the go" beat making and mixing. A person can then take creations made that way and use them in Story Maker, simple music videos. There's a TON of stuff to do on BlackBerry 10. I love all the cool editing tools for photos, videos, etc... makes me happy!

Posted via CB10 on a Q10 or a Z10, either way it's golden.

I'm excited for what's to come too!!  :)

The regular hangouts are going to be fun... especially as we change up who joins us on the shows, etc.  I'm really eager to bring on some our most active community members!


There you are man..... Kevin. Where have you been, haven't seen many posts from you. Your like the supplier of everything BlackBerry. I come to you for my fix... lol


Posted from my Z10 running OTA 10.1

Seriously. I know. Last two weeks have been POOR for me publishing content.

And I'm super, super pissed off right now... I wrote my From The Editor's Desk tonight, and just as I was about to hit save Chrome glitched out and I lost my post. So livid. So I skipped re-writing it.

But don't worry.... I'll catch up this week on posts. Lots on my to do list to catch up on. Stay tuned!

All I'm saying is when are you having another party, got to the last event late and they wouldn't let anyone else in because they were at "capacity". Smh, you better believe that won't happen to me again, lol. Met a couple of BlackBerry fans like me on the line so it wasn't a total waste.

Loving my awesome Z10 baby!

hey, what system are you using, win or mac?

Well, there's image editing software named PhotoStudio have both versions for win and mac. rich in functions and handy in price.It's a beauty photo editor that beautify portraits and enhance your photos in an inspiring way.

I don't wanna be a party pooper but wondering if anyone else is thinking this. Am I alone in thinking that I don't care much about this while I'm still waiting for the Q10 to release on my network, Sprint?? Not saying that I couldn't care about it or be interested but that a Sprint release is my top concern right now.