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Talk Mobile 2013: The State of Mobile Gaming Survey
By Derek Kessler on 11 Jun 2013 05:20 pm EDT

We're fans of numbers and quantifiable data here at Mobile Nations, and so following after the first week of Talk Mobile 2013, we're turning to our good friend the survey to help compile some data. We looked at mobile gaming and consoles, the dark underbelly of mobile gaming, multiplayer mobile gaming, why our current games aren't better, and what the future of mobile gaming might look like. And now it's time to put some numbers behind all that, thus the survey.

Before you head off for the survey, however, we wanted to tell you that later this week we will be posting a Talk Mobile 2013 Week 1 wrap-up podcast, as well as highlighting the best comments from the week - and recognizing the very best among those. But back to the survey - you'll find that here. And notice that putting in your email address while you complete the survey enters you for a chance to win a $100 gift card to Best Buy. Is it a blatant incentive? Perhaps, but at least it's not an in-app purchase beckoning for you to hit the buy button to make this level that much easier.

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Reader comments

Take our Mobile Gaming Survey for a chance to win a $100 Best Buy gift card!


It'll just negate that question for you making it pointless. As long as everyone who takes the survey answers the two questions the same, then the data will not be affected, they just have to cut the results in half for that question. Those who answer them both differently will just be as if they never answered that question.

Indeed they are! I double checked it twice because I thought my eyes were deceiving me...

Cracked it out with the amazing Z

I took to long doing the servey... love me some mobile gaming since owning the Z! But when it comes to hardcore gaming I still sport the X.. I wonder if I can hold off buying the X1 when it comes out... the better ones always come out within a year or two and mostly for a far better price. Microsoft is no BlackBerry (which of course we sport since day one) so I think my console strategy is still okey for now. Don't care for all the new stuff, just love gaming.

Cracked it out with the amazing Z

I went from nes to snes to ps1 ps2 x360... why you wonder? I immediately fell in love with the controller. Even though ps has some great exclusive games coming this year, I can't go back to the ps controller. If they were to improve vastly on their controller, I would definitely prefer to go back to ps. Plus, the kinect integration of the x1 I think is ridiculously cool.

But like I said, I don't think I will be buying either of them untill late next year as the price will drop immensely and I don't want to pay the full new price. I did so with the Z while I still had three months left on contract but I wanted it so bad and contribute to BlackBerry staying alive. Perhaps a double standard, but microsoft is no BlackBerry... and I am still very much content with my x360 for now

Will you go for the ps4? Why and when?

Cracked it out with the amazing Z

Completed the survey ;)

As a PC and Handheld console Gamer, I'm not in smartphone gaming at all, that's definitely not the experience I'm looking for. I find myself downloading games and leaving them here without even launching them once...
That being said, I'm really looking forward to Shield and hoping it will make me change my mind about it :)

Ecrit depuis mon Z10 ;D

Us it just me ir does mobile talk come across as robotic or forced? When I watch a Crackberry pocas it's engaging and personable but mobile talk has seemed forced and scripted to me.

Posted via CB10

Why would CareerBuilder.com talk about the launch party last week..? :D (I kid) they really need to just buy CB.com.. Would only cost them a few hundred thousand, but it'd be TOTALLY worth it. :P

I sense spamforce in you..maybe I am a jedi. Wait, no. I'm a stormtrooper. I mean blackberry storm2owner. I mean, blackberrytrooper. Oh well.

Posted via CB10

Definitely not forced or scripted... but I kinda what you mean. I think the big difference you're seeing is that you get out what you put in. The Talk Mobile featured articles have super high production value... more than we've ever done before. High end video, well polished writing and templates, etc. I think that maybe makes them appear a little on the formal side (which I don't think is a bad thing), and what I've noticed is that the comments are really, really, on point and high quality too. I think there's an appreciation happening there.. you post high quality content, you get high quality engagement.  Doesn't mean we do a half assed job normally and get half assed comments... I think with Talk Mobile content it's just going above and beyond. That said... Talk Mobile is still young.. lots to come, and lots of ways to participate. So think you'll see it very. The end of topic podcasts we'll be recording live are more of our normal style... bada bing, bada boom. I think you'll like!

I won't give up on it just yet. I'm interested in the topics and I'm sure it will get better ad it goes. I'm just stating that even with the mobile nations podcasts it was real and engaging. Almost like we were there chit chatting with you guys. Just don't want you guys to lose that personal touch. It's what keeps Crackberry on my main list of apps

Posted via CB10

I loved the video because it seemed more on the casual side. I don't ever watch videos like this and I'm not sure how I ran across it, but it caught my attention. I would love for my 7 year old to SWITCH to mobile gaming on his tablet rather than spend the thousands we spend on Nintendo products. He plays on his tablet, but not as much as his 3DS. We have purchased EVERY Nintendo console and handheld since he was 4 along with over a hundred games....all because of Mario. If Mario was on other consoles, we wouldn't own Nintendo. I'm sure he will grow out of Mario, but I do think he will stick to consoles/handhelds. The biggest advantage in my opinion is the quality time that friends/family members share while sitting next to one another playing games such as.... pushing each other out of their seat when someone's Yoshi eats you, the determination to beat that next level and/or game, talking mom into staying up past bed time because she's just as into it as you are, and jokes and laughter (while playing Just Dance especially). My son LOVES going to Gamestop, that promise of a new game is what drives him to make all A's.

So asking me where I play mobile games then giving me the option to add other..... great so of course I added to other as well :D. during sex. Lol never give someone that option. Some wisecrack will find a sillier place to add :D

Posted via CB10